Secret Spot – The Flamingo Plaza in Miami


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Flamingo Plaza

When you're outside of Miami in Hialea, FL, and you see this sign, you know you've struck gold!

Thrifters take note: There is a goldmine near the Miami airport that makes bringing (and paying for) an extra bag worthwhile. It’s called The Flamingo Plaza and it is home to what is arguably the best Red White & Blue Thrift Store in the continental US. I have never gone to Miami without making a pilgrimage to this spot and it has never never let me down

Best. Thrift. Store. Ever. The Red White & Blue in Hialea, FL

The Red White & Blue, for the uninitiated, is a chain of gigantic thrift stores not unlike your Salvation Army, but with a generally better selection of merch, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. And this particular outpost benefits from being in southern Florida, where there are all kinds of treasures being unloaded by the minute. It is also GIGANTIC, and beautifully organized not only by category (men’s sweaters, women’s pant suits, etc) but by color, which makes for an esthetically pleasing shopping experience – not always the case when frequenting these establishments.

silver shoes

Looking for silver shoes?

gold shoes

Or would gold be more appropriate?

I had an extremely limited amount of time this visit, and was barely able to scratch the surface, yet I emerged victorious with a pair of smart blue pumps, a linen sundress and a wool houndstooth skirt, plus a cute, handmade summer dress for a certain little girl we at Krrb hold near and dear. All for about $30 total!

My husband might have purchased an entire collection of Architectural Digest magazines from the 70’s and 80’s had we any easy way of getting them home to NYC. And I didn’t even go near the vinyl records, for fear of what I may have found.

This is a spot not to be missed, and what with Spring Break in full swing, there is a good chance that you all may find yourselves down in that neck of the woods with a little time on your hands. So go check it out, tell ’em Krrb sent you, and then hit us back and share your prize early springtime finds with us!

The spoils

The spoils from this year's trek.

The Red White & Blue Thrift Store
(at The Flamingo Plaza)

Hours: Mon-Sat from 9am-6pm
901 E 10th Ave Hialeah, Florida
(305) 887-5351

  • on
    March 28th, 2011 at
    10:43 am

  • Nareszcie coś fajnego i przejrzyście ujętego. Będę tutaj częściej zaglądać, jeszcze niejednoktornie. Pozdrawiam

  • Let your friend’s wife buy new so she can donate and then we can buy it secondhand. ha!

  • Liberal BeachDad

    We have two kids, and every other week we visit this place …
    To say we love it is not enough… Its a life saver ..
    A friend of my wife ( nouveau riche fresh off the boat… ) said she’ll never go there…
    That she cannot use “used” stuff ….    
    I wonder if she brings her own forks & spoons to restaurants…?

  • Kary

    Love, love, love this place. A few months ago at the Flamingo plaza location, there was a BOGO on books including hardcover. It made my day. To top it all off, instead of placing all 20 books into several shopping bags, the cashier used a reusable bag. Just awesome.

  • Thanks, Donna. glad you like the post! I have been a fan of your store (and Red White & Blue shops all over!) for years and years and try never to miss an opportunity to check one out when I travel to a new place.

    And that’s a great point about the suitcases… I’ll have to take you up on that next time!

  • Donna

    Great blog. Thanks for writing about us. But people don’t need to bring an empty suitcase, we will be happy to sell them 1 or 2! When you come, it is recommended to allocate plenty of time for browsing, you will need it. We also have a store in Lake Worth, Fl. for the Palm Beach spring breakers and a store in North Miami too! Happy thrifting!