A Scavenger’s Tale – Lima, Peru


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Vacide Erda Zimic

At the studio of Vacide Erda Zimic

It’s estimated that there are nearly 100,000 professional scavengers in Peru’s capital of Lima. While many of these individuals are straight up dumpster divers scraping by on five to ten dollars a day earned from their finds, the last ten years has seen a remarkable refinement in this ancient activity. A broader understanding of upcycling, pioneered by Brazil’s Campana Brothers, has led to a new crop of Peruvian artists and designers utilizing what there is simply far too much of: trash.

Felt Scrap Handbag

Handbag fashioned from felt scraps by Vacide Erda Zimic

Krrb jumped into the fray during a recent visit to Lima and over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing some of our finds. Aided by Cristyane Marusiak—a partner in Cuatro En Un Baúl, a team of furniture finders and refurbishers of the highest order—we toured some of the city’s best kept secrets and the studios of many of Lima’s celebrated upcyclers. Here’s a quick sneak peak of things to come. Check back here often for detailed updates on this and many other scavengers’ tales. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be clued in effortlessly. Till then, enjoy!

Witches Workshop

On the roof of the Witches' Workshop, Taller Huaringa

refurbished finds

One of the many refurbished finds of Cuatro En Un Baúl

Living Room Maricruz Arribas

The living room of artist Maricruz Arribas

coffee table and set of six stools

Coffee table/set of six stools made from recycled rags by designer Meche Correa

  • The bag is great! All of Vacide Erda Zimic’s work is super interesting. Here is the site with the direct link to the bag: http://www.vacideerdazimic.pe/nuevo/151/ There will be a bigger piece on Vacide and more of her work very soon! Keep an eye out! Thanks for reading…

  • Guest

    How do we buy that great multi-colored handbag?  I can’t find the artist’s store online.