Scavenger Hunt — Scandal’s Mood Lighting and Wooden Ladders


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Scavenger Hunt

On ABC’s drama Scandal, Jake Ballard requires soft mood lighting for his B613 missions.

In the series Scavenger Hunt we take your cries for help (via email) and try our best to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We like a good hunt.

I saw you did a Critical Decor piece on Scandal, Olivia Pope’s home decor. I saw a fixture in Jake Ballard’s apartment on Scandal that I want. Any ideas where I can find a similar fixture?

Hey there,

I’ve done some searching on Krrb and came back with a couple of options for you! They might not be exactly identical to what you are looking for but I think you’ll like what you see!

First, we’ve got this West Elm Bentwood Pendants. It’s got a nice that modern feel that still feels organic and warm. There is also this David Trubridge Designer pendant light. This might be a little closer to what you’re looking for. It hangs from the ceiling and has a nice, classy feel to it. My favorite of the bunch is this Vintage Mid-Century Swag Pendant Lamp. I think these would look perfect in any modern home and offer that warm glow you want.

258184-d365fd2c65f01fd17af377e7f9e224d81e4f9700-vintage_ladder (1)

I’m actually on a big old hunt for an antique wooden ladder. (See attached image for my inspiration). So far, no luck anywhere. Is there a way to set an alert for your classifieds if it ever pops up in the Boston area?


Hey Erin,

I’ve searched far and wide on Krrb for a ladder just like this and come back with a few options. They may not be exactly identical to what you’re looking for but hopefully one of them wins you over! Is this ladder for decoration or to functionally use? Don’t forget to reinforce the ladder with screws and bolts if you’re planning on climbing it!

First off we’ve got a Vintage 1940’s Library Ladder. It stands nearly 5 feet tall and is in great condition. I also found two Vintage Industrial Ladders that may interest you. One stands 6 feet tall while the other stands 8 feet and are made of nice toned fir wood.

Finally, I found an 11-foot Vintage Wooden Ladder. It might be just what you need!

Readers, do you have what our friends here are looking for? Let us know in the comments so we can put the two of you in touch.


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