Salsa and Secondhand Photos – Furnish Green and Krrb Get Down


Are you sitting in your office, wondering what kind of red wine is responsible for the swirl in your head? Maybe your feet are a bit sore from the salsa? Or is it possible that you’re staring at the ceramic (cocaine–smuggling – long story…) bird you were sent home with because Nathan Hescock of Furnish Green picked up so many that he generously handed them out to guests? If so, then we probably hung out last night at Salsa and Secondhand – our flash sale and salsa lesson party with Furnish Green, which is, hands down, the coolest vintage shop / dance studio in all of New York City.

What we do hope is that you aren’t regretting not getting that gold cocktail set. You know, the blingy one that was so cheap – especially with the one-night-only discount – that now you feel dumb for thinking about throughout the party and then leaving empty handed. Oops.


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