Routines — Make Decluttering Part of Your Daily Life


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Make Decluttering Part of Your Daily Life


We love a good clean space as much as the next one. It’s keeping those closets, desks and pantries clean that’s the issue. If you’re resolve to not leave your home in shambles until “Spring Cleaning” (or “Fall Cleaning”, for that matter), we’re here to help with three fast and easy rules to add to your daily life.

Only Put It Down Once

Make Decluttering Part of Your Daily Life


If your desk is buried under bills and letter you “temporarily” set down to sort at a later date, commit this rule to memory. There are no temporary homes for your belongings. If you set out to only put something down once, you’ll never leave shoes by the front door, junk mail on top of your laptop or coats hanging out the dining chairs. It’s easy rule to follow and will leaving you living in the moment as you go through your day. Before you start a task, you’ll be in the mindset of finishing said task and that will make the whole process easier and more manageable.

One In, One Out

Make Decluttering Part of Your Daily Life


The quickest way to less clutter is less belongings. There’s no other way around it. Before you bring something into your home, take something out. Recycle it, give it away, sell it on Krrb or throw it away, just get it out of your space. Stick to this rule and you’ll never find yourself with 1,493 tote bags.

Embrace the Junk Drawer

Make Decluttering Part of Your Daily Life


Having everything in your life organized can be overwhelming and at times, even unlivable. So aim for middle ground and you’ll be more likely to keep your mind and space clear of clutter. Your spice rack doesn’t have to be color-coded and alphabetized but your bills do. After all, what good is it to have all your hangers facing the same way if your laundry is still in the basket. Don’t let the great be the enemy of the good. Focus on organizing your top priorities and you’ll be in better shape overall.

Tell Us

What rules do you follow to keep clutter out of your life?

  • Luke

    Great tips on decluttering, and just a thought, but I found that taking some stuff out an putting it into storage for a while helped me figure out what I really needed and what I could get rid of after spring cleaning, without having to make an immediate decision. Personally, I used Closetbox ( which was convenient for pick up when I was ready to store some stuff and dropping that stuff back off when I needed it again. I was also able to keep track online of what I had put into storage earlier!

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  • marstinia

    This great advice. I especially need to work on the put everything down once rule. A couple organizing tricks that I use are opening all my mail right away in the pantry where our recycling bin and our shredder is, so I can dispose of all the junk and sensitive stuff right away instead of letting it pile up. I’m also a fan of using decorative baskets to corral stuff on shelves in the pantry and in our closets. I also use wall mounted shoe bags for organizing lots of little things other than shoes. I have one that holds skeins of yarn for my knitting projects and another for bulk spices.