Routines — The Landing Strip Essentials that Build Good Habits


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It’s the last place you see before you leave your home and the first place you’ll unload when you arrive. Building an efficient and effective entry way is key to keeping organized in other parts of your life. Create good habits by making the most out of your space. A landing strip will remain tidy and inviting by adding a few essential pieces of furniture. If you establish a space where you’re able to find things quickly, get out of the house faster and most importantly give a good first impression to guests, this is one routine you’ll have no problem sticking to! Start by finding a home for your keys, shoes and jackets, solving 90 percent of your problems. Here are our favorite ideas to get you started with your entryway redesign:

1. Get Hooked


This chalkboard system on Etsy organizes your keys while also managing your mail. Looks like a win-win to me.

2. Store your shoes


Having a shoe storage is key to perfecting your entryway. The biggest challenge? finding shoe storage that accommodates your running shoes and your boots. Otherwise you will have a pile of shoes. This vintage storage bench (available on Krrb) is also pretty great.

3. Avoid Hang-ups


Even if you have a coat closet, everyone knows that you’ll go straight for the couch or a chair instead. Preempt this desire by having ample space to hang coats when you first walk through the door. Add color and intrigue with this vintage factory coat rack available on Krrb.

What are some of your tips? What else would you add to keep your landing strip spiffy? Tell us in the comments


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