Resolution 2016 — My Goal for a Tranquil Apartment in NYC


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Before I moved to New York City, the idea of applying feng shui principles to home decor was too self-indulgent for my tastes. I grew up in the woods, so to speak, and never experienced the problem of noise pollution during the night. In the midst of rushed taxis and constant construction, my apartment is no longer a quiet, tranquil place to call home. Because I can’t change the city itself, I’m going to change my personal space this year. Using feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, and rearranging or replacing a few pieces of furniture is my only hope of creating a little serenity of my own. To promote better rest and relaxation, read on to learn about a few principles of feng shui that I’m applying to my bedroom decor.

1. Add Pops of Blues and Greens



Welcoming and calming colors make a huge difference in the feel of a room. As the English translation of feng shui is ‘wind’ and ‘water,’ it’s appropriate to incorporate colors that signify the two forces. Think of the leaves of trees rustling in the wind when you see the soft green color of this spindle bookshelf. The beautiful blue color of this ceramic buddha reminds me of the ocean, an ancient symbol of movement and continuity.

2. Replace Corners with Curves



Any sharp angle is considered a slippery slope, directing negative energy to anyone sleeping in the room. Rather than creating a ‘sharp’ environment, opt for softer, curvier pieces of furniture like this nightstand. If a new piece of furniture isn’t an option, consider draping pieces of cloth like this silk coverlet over the edges.

3. Keep Your Bed Sacred



Your bed should not hover within a second office space like mine does. It’s healthy to go home at night and leave the paperwork at work, turning off both mind and television as well. If your apartment is tiny and this break is nearly impossible, experts suggest using a room divider to create a degree of separation between workspace and tranquil space.

4. Make It Symmetrical



An easy way to create order amongst chaos is to accessorize in pairs. Two candle holders create a sense of balance and rest in a room while two lamps framing the bed offer a sense of peace and security.

Have you had the chance to feng shui your bedroom? Share your tips in the comments below!

  • Jars

    Creating a peaceful environment is important in all homes regardless of size and location. Having a good idea of what brings you peace is the first step and here are great tips to incorporate feng shui into your surroundings.

  • Vanessa Londono

    What a great goal! Any ideas for how to reduce screen time? I try to keep my laptop out of my bedroom as much as possible.