Repurpose This! 20 Things You Can Make into a Coffee Table


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Stuff is cool but stuff that used to be other stuff is even cooler! We’re not sure why repurposing objects are so impressive. Maybe it gives you a way to showcase the many creative ways your brain sees the world. Maybe it’s the way to see the potential in each and every object to be more than what it appears. Whatever the reason, we’re excited to bring you this random assortment of objects you can repurpose as a coffee table!

1. Milk crates.



Set ’em up next to each other and you’re good to go! Pick them up from Unearthed‘s Krrb Corner.

2. Trunks.

Great for extra storage in your living room.

3. Vintage suitcases.



Now the case that used to help you travel can visit you at home. Adding legs from an old stool or picking up some lumber from your local hardware store can turn this lovely suitcase into a conversation piece. Pick it up from Pam‘s Krrb Corner.

4. Doors.

Take the hinges and knob off. Place a coaster over the hole to prevent glass breakage.

5. Records.

Stack them up and add a glass cover. Great way to repurpose those old 45’s you never actually listen to.

6. Mirrors.



Mirror, mirror on the wall…you’d make a better table. This would make a great coffee table an reflect your creative side! Pick it up from SMane‘s Krrb Corner.

7. A cot.

Sans mattress, of course. Add a pane of glass to put some spring in your step.

8. A countertop.

Scour flea markets and your local salvage yard for a slab of granite.

9. Windows.



When life closes a door, it opens a window coffee table. Ready to go, this one has done the work for you and already turned it into a coffee table! Leaves you more time to enjoy it. Pick it up from Krrbie‘s Krrb Corner.

10. A hood of a car.

Parking in front of the television has never been so easy.

11.A vintage Radio Flyer wagon.

Turn up the fun with a pop of red to your living room.

12. Chalkboard



A perfect way to integrate tic tac toe games into your entertaining. Also, you can label whose drink is where for your cocktail hour. Pick it up from Nadia Tarr‘s Krrb Corner.

13. Firewood.

Stack them up in a beautiful design to add an organic element.

14. Baskets.

Organize all your favorite magazines and coffee books within reach.

15. A sleigh.



You could leave this lovely sleigh as is, or just use the main body as boards for your coffee table. Pick it up from Brainworks Home‘s Krrb Corner.

16. A stretched canvas in a frame

Paint over with varnish to give it extra strength.

17. Books.

Who reads anymore? Repurpose those old encyclopedias and put them to work!

18. Tree stumps.

Make sure you get one without termites! You may want to get a professional to help you move it from the forest floor to your floor.

19. Planters.

A great way to integrate greenery for the indoors.

20. Cat



Presented without comment. (He loves this, we swear).

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