Q&A with All-Star Seller — Vera and Tanya of Circa 60


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As we focus on becoming better local sellers, our top independent sellers share their tips and tricks of the trade. Hats off to our All Star Sellers! Last but not least in this series are Vera and Tanya of Circa 60, located in Weehawken, New Jersey where they sell out of their home.

Hi Vera and Tanya! How long have you been selling? And how did you get started?
We have been selling for a little over seven years. We got our start when we moved from Greenwich Village, Manhattan to Weehawken—this was the first time we were in a house rather than an apartment and we were overwhelmed with furnishing our new HUGE (in comparison to our small NYC apartment) space. We weren’t quite sure the look we were going for but when we stumbled upon the world of Mid-century modern, we fell in love. Of course, not all the pieces we acquired worked for our space. We had to sell some of our great finds because we failed to measure properly or a piece didn’t quite look right in the space we had in mind. When we saw how much interest there was, we decided to keep our love of seeking great MCM furniture alive by starting Circa 60. We get to keep hunting for great pieces, even if they don’t end up in our home.


What is your process for choosing inventory?
We search for vintage and antique pieces that have clear potential but may need some work. The needs vary for each piece, but we do everything from basic cleaning and polishing to complete refinishing. To us, the most important reasons for having this business are to save furniture and provide a better alternative to buying new. Improving and extending the life of something that already exists is not only eco-friendly but helps put a wrench in the cycle of consumerism that wastes money on lower quality, disposable furniture.


Who would you say is your target buyer?
Our target buyer is everyone that appreciates and has a love for Mid-century modern. We try to cover the reasonable price point which is easier to find in American pieces but we are in love with great Danish design, which is more difficult to find at a budget price and therefore the resale price is on the higher end as well.

In 10 words or less, what is your business model?
Source unique and quality MCM pieces and refinish to perfection.


How do you keep your overhead costs down?
We have recently started importing pieces from Denmark. We find amazing teak pieces increasingly difficult to source locally and decided to order them direct from the source to alleviate this issue. Several times each year, we receive a 40-foot container containing amazing Danish storage and seating pieces.

How much inventory do you keep on hand?
We usually have from 80-200 pieces on hand.


Tell us about the best sale you’ve ever had.
We have so many memorable sales—meaning the buyers were great and super fun to talk with. It’s always great to sell to a set designer and then await as your piece is part of the background on a tv or movie set. One pretty cool sale was to a celebrity who purchased several storage and seating pieces from us. His home was featured in the NY Times Home & Gardens section a few weeks later and it was great to see the pieces in his home!


Do you ship? If so, tell us your process.
We do ship nationwide and offer local delivery. Due to the size of many pieces, shipping must be done via white glove delivery. We arrange the delivery for all purchases to make it is simple as possible for buyers. We offer UPS, freight and white glove delivery nationwide and ship internationally as well.


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