Q&A with All-Star Seller — Rose


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As we focus on becoming better local sellers, our top independent sellers share their tips and tricks of the trade. Hats off to our All Star Sellers! Next up in this series is Rose, a seller from Brooklyn, New York who sells out of her home! With minimal overhead, Rose keeps her prices down for quick and easy sales.

Hi Rose! How long have you been selling? And how did you get started?
I started selling five or six years ago. I’ve been thrifting for 20 years but I wasn’t really actively selling. By the time I started, I already had a bunch of Mid-century furniture.


Who would you say is your target buyer?
Regular people, I keep my prices are low and my inventory is quality finds but not high end pieces, so it’s not for serious collectors. It’s really for regular young hip people looking for something nice.

In 10 words or less, what is your business model?
Find stuff cheap enough that I can quickly turnaround by selling locally.

How do you keep your overhead low?
I move everything myself in my Volvo station wagon. I’m a one-woman machine. If anything needs fixing, I fix it. I also only sell locally, I don’t offer shipping.


How do you create a repeat buyer?
People come back again because of the low prices. I have repeat buyers who email me, looking for specific items. That part can be difficult because my inventory can be random at time and I don’t have a large inventory.

I’m not afraid to drop the price. I don’t have much space so I prefer to try to sell something quickly even if I have to knock down the price a bit.


How much inventory do you keep on hand?
Usually less than 10 pieces, including a couple of small things. I sell out of home so I don’t have much room to spare. I try to sell as quickly as possible.

What do your listings on Krrb need to have in order to sell?
The pricing has to be right. I also try to be available for the customer. I work from home so I’m super available. I respond quickly and let buyers stop by whenever to see the item. I also offer cheap delivery. I just make it as easy for people to buy as possible.


What are your guidelines for purchases?
I don’t have any except being honest. Usually people are happy. It’s rare that it happens but I have accepted a return.

How do you factor your price?
From experience, I generally have an idea what to list something because I’ve sold so many. When I buy something, I factor how much work, time, effort and maintenance it will take me to sell something. Do I have to drive hours to get it, if I need help moving the piece and how much work it requires. I do like to make a certain amount in a day.

I’m not afraid to drop the price. I don’t have much space so I prefer to try to sell something quickly even if I have to knock down the price a bit. I do it incrementally, $50 or $20 off if it’s still up after a few weeks. I see other sellers selling the same listings for much higher prices but it doesn’t bother me. They don’t move and can be up on the classifieds for months. I don’t get too caught up on what others are doing.


How reliant on social media are you when it comes to selling?
I don’t rely on social media. I don’t really market my business. I just rely on the local classifieds to get customers and it works pretty well.

What is the bread and butter of your business?
It’s pretty much a mix of stuff but specifically Mid-century. I don’t veer off much, people like credenzas.


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