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Nathan Hescock opened Furnish Green almost nine years ago out of his ballroom dancing studio.

Nathan Hescock opened Furnish Green almost nine years ago out of his ballroom dancing studio.

Time for another Q&A filled with tips and tricks from one of our All Star Sellers! Today’s featured seller is Furnish Green, a shop in Midtown Manhattan. This shop began as a side project for ballroom dance instructor Nathan Hescock. Since it’s humble beginnings, it’s grown in scale and inventory but they still continue to practice their eco-friendly methods cleaning, restoring and repairing secondhand furnishings.

Hey Furnish Green team! How long have you been selling? And how did you get started?
We’ve been selling for 8.6 years now. We started when we were dirtbag dumpster divers.

Who would you say is your target buyer?
Our target buyer is the guy ordering a latte at Gregorys coffee shop and then going to Jacks 99 cent store for hummus and chips.

How do you create a repeat buyer?
Good service sprinkled in with good deals.


How do you keep your overhead costs down?
Pricing furniture so it moves fast.

We photo our inventory from various angles, exhibiting any special details or flaws.

How much inventory do you keep on hand?
Over 500 items at will.

What do your listings on Krrb need to have in order to sell?
A unique piece for a reasonable price.

How do you factor your price?
It’s done by committee, we all decide.

Do you ship? If so, tell us your process.
We do not like to ship. We encourage people to buy local.

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Photographing an item to sell is tricky. How do you best show off your inventory in photos?
We photo from various angles and exhibit any special details or flaws.

How reliant on social media are you when it comes to selling?
We use social media to feature special pieces and to connect with customers.


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