Purging — Services To Help You Start the Year with a Clean Slate

Photo: Randomthoughts-kristy.blogspot.com

Photo: Randomthoughts-kristy.blogspot.com

Alas, it’s still January. That means there’s still time to conquer your many New Years Resolutions, one of those big ones being to clean out your space. Let’s be honest, life gets in the way— work, family, kids— and priorities shift. However, if you can’t find the time, we at Krrb have you covered!

There are a ton of services out there to help you get a jump start and we have a few right here on Krrb. Some will help you clean, some will help you organize, all without having to lift a finger. Pretty cool, huh?

Cleaning Services

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Cleaning services are a perfect way to tackle your post holiday messes. Olivia Lane of OliviaCleansGreen advises “Don’t be afraid to use professional help because it’s so much easier to have someone do it for you. Don’t feel guilty to have someone do it for you. A lot of people need help to get started.”

If you’re on a budget, using a cleaning service is still quite plausible. In Somerville, MA, ProActive Cleaning offers competitive flat rates for their services. They work in all kinds of spaces and set ups and no assignment (regardless of space or time) costs more that $130.

Check out their rates at Krrb.com/10628

Green Cleaning Services

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Some of you may not only want to clean your space, you may also want to be more environmentally friendly as well. It can also benefit your health. “If someone cleans with chemicals, the chemicals stay inside your house. So cleaning with eco-friendly products not only protects you, it protects your pets, too” says Olivia. Spot will thank you kindly.

Apple Eco-Friendly Cleaning is a team of ladies hailing from Queens, NY. They pride themselves on using eco-friendly, sustainable products that are non-toxic. Going with these gals allow you to clean your home while reducing your carbon foot print all in one go.

Get to planet friendly cleaning at Krrb.com/21081

Everyone has different needs. That’s why another phenomenal green service option is the CleanGreenMaids of Brooklyn, NY. Not only are they and eco-friendly service, they actually tailor their cleaning dynamic to suit your unique needs.

Cleaning made custom at Krrb.com/CleanGreenMaids.

Junk Removal

Photo: Gallaghersjunkremoval.com

Photo: Gallaghersjunkremoval.com

If you have a slight (or even full blown) hoarding problem, it might be overwhelming to even figure out where to dump all these things. To your benefit, Cleanout Express of Brooklyn, NY removes an indiscriminate variety of junk from your home and yard and dumps it all for you. You can exhale now.

Kiss it goodbye at Krrb.com/12591


Photo: Kirnaconsulting.com

Photo: Kirnaconsulting.com

So you’ve cleaned your house, you’ve removed the garbage and now you want everything to look pretty. Brooklyn-based Skeleton Key Interiors will not only organize and stylize your space for you, Clark, the founder of SkeletonKeyInteriors, will “try to leave anything that’s not useful or decorative unseen.” That way, you can truly maximize your cramped New York City quarters.

Get organized at Krrb.com/skeletonkeyinteriors