Pop Up Museums — Temporary Exhibits to See this Winter


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Photo: Facebook.com/Museumofhappiness

Photo: Facebook.com/Museumofhappiness

By only one day, I missed paying a visit to the Museum of Feelings, a pop up museum in New York City that took the temperature of New Yorkers and displayed their mood with color on the exterior of the building. This massive mood-ring-type building connected mood to a sensory experience—and what an experience it would have been! Having lost my chance to participate, I started looking around at pop up museums around the world. These exhibits offer up an opportunity to engage with a topic for a limited time. So check these exhibits out as soon as possible!

Museum of Happiness in London, England

Fight the January doldrums with a visit to the Museum of Happiness, open from January 16-18 in Spitalfields Market. With free admission, this pop-up museum has exhibits on creativity and mindfulness. Participate in “playshops”, activities include blowing bubbles, laughter yoga and dancing. Learn what scientifically proven activities help people feel happier over time and make connections to build out your dreams. And bring more happiness into the world by joining in acts of kindness! Don’t miss this mood-elevating experience, grab a ticket now.

Museum of Food and Drink Lab in Brooklyn, New York

Pop Up Museums — Temporary Exhibits to See this Winter

Photo: Facebook.com/MOFADinfo

Come hungry to New York City’s first food museum. With edible exhibits, visitors can learn about the science and production of food. MoFaD first tested the waters with a pop up exhibition about cereal in the summer of 2013. Their Brooklyn Lab location, while not quite a full museum, is a more long-lasting version of a pop up since it’s big enough to show one exhibit at a time. The current exhibition about flavor is only available at the Lab location until February 28.

Science Center of Saint Louis, Missouri

One of the best parts of a pop-up museum is the community aspect, passionate people coming together over a topic. The Saint Louis Science Center caught my eye with their monthly temporary exhibit made up of objects brought in by local residents on the first Friday of the month. Think of show and tell from grade school but on a larger scale. Participants bring their items, create a label, discuss with others and take home their items at the end of the night. In January, the theme was games. Keep an eye on SLSC’s social media for details on their next pop up event.


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