Cass & Merlune in Portland, Oregon


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Owl mobiles are popular items for baby showers.

Lisa’s handmade owl mobiles are popular items for baby showers.

A series featuring new Krrbies in new towns across the globe who are breaking unexplored territory. Find out what they have to sell, trade or give away.

Scattered across Lisa Becker‘s dinner table are feathers, owl figurines, hand-molded foam mushrooms and pieces of driftwood she’s collected from the Willamette River in Oregon. Lisa of Cass & Merlune regularly takes over her dining room with natural pieces that will become the earthy, delightful mobiles she handcrafts. A Krrb pioneer in Portland, Lisa only sells items she would want in her own home. Read on to find out more about her tasteful mix of vintage picks and handcrafted pieces, a sure sign her store is filled with personal charm.

A breezy driftwood and starfish mobile.

A breezy driftwood and starfish mobile.

Lisa who loves collecting natural materials, makes mobiles for both adults and children. As her business began to grow, she realized she wanted to sell more of the pieces she found while thrifting and flea-marketing.

A meat-grinder-turned-vase.

A meat-grinder-turned-vase.

“I kept going back and forth between making baby decor and selling vintage pieces, and finally decided to just do both,” she says. “I am incredibly passionate about both areas, and it really helps me to avoid burnout – after a day of estate sales and antique shops, I can come home and mold mushrooms for awhile, which allows me to take a break while still being productive.”

Mushrooms and birds dangle on this nature mobile.

Mushrooms and birds dangle on this nature mobile.

Lisa says she only purchases items that she herself would display in her home. This sharp editing style narrows her focus and she finds that customers appreciate her particular taste. “I have always found myself gravitating towards imperfect and unique design,” she says. “I love when items are a little rusted or dented, and I have always had a quirky, somewhat temperamental personal style.”

A nautical floor lamp with huge search light attached.

A nautical floor lamp with huge search light attached.

Catch this pioneer on Krrb at Cass & Merlune where she’s blazing new trails in the Northwest.

  • Megan Starr

    I received one of Lisa’s mobiles when my daughter was born. Everyone admires it and I love that it is grown up but whimsical enough to be part of her room for a really long time! And I love how it looks with the fairy house we just got from Cass & Merlune

  • Luke

    Hey Lisa, great work! Your sense of style really strikes a chord with the spirit of whimsy and fantasy that so many of us desire to live in. Keep it up!

  • CJ Lotz

    I really respect how she combines her interests too. I think all of us are hoping to do more of that. That milk paint sounds like the perfect paint for projects involving kids. I like the creamy, soft finish it gives too.

  • Louay Khraish

    I love how she is able to combine two passions of hers in one career. It is evident from the posted photos of the beautiful and creative mobiles that she loves what she does. The owl would make a great gift for someone expecting and it is eco-friendly, too.
    It says on the “Cass & Merlune’s Corner” on Krrb that the owl is painted with milk paint, a non-toxic paint made from purified milk protein, lime, natural fillers and pigment.

  • Vanessa Londono

    I agree! Forget the babies, I want an owl mobile for my bedroom.

  • Michael

    Her mobiles are awesome! You hit it right on the head – they’re great for both children AND adults. I don’t have any kids, but I wouldn’t mind hanging one in my house as a piece of art. Such a unique and beautiful take on an old tradition.