Photos – Marché de Belleville in Paris and Its Piled High Edibles


Want produce? This is where to go. With 90 percent of stalls selling mounds of fresh, local and ripe fruit and veggies, the competition guarantees a great bang for your Euro. For less than 10 euros, I picked up one kilo of spinach, a couple mangos, peaches, cantaloupes, avocados and more tomatoes than I could hold. By the less-than excited reactions from vendors, I could tell they were used to selling by the kilo. But hey, a girl’s gotta save room for the wine and cheese!

The other 10 percent of merch includes plastic wrapped cheap men’s button down shirts, jilbabs for the ladies, and your fair share of Croc knock-offs (which I lovingly refer to as Croc-offs), if that’s your thing. Perhaps not the fashion capital most associate with Paris, but the market serves its purpose for those in need of functional clothes. But let’s be real. You’re not even going to see the imported plastic flip flops over those mounds of melons.


Boulevard Belleville from rue Jean Pierre Timbaud/rue de Menilmontant to rue du Faubourg du Temple/rue de Belleville
11th Arrondissement
Metro to Menilmontant, Couronnes, Belleville
Tuesday and Friday, 7am-230pm


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