Photo Gallery — Furniture to Make Your Garden a Retreat


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Care for some tea darling? Photo:, Slim Aarons's photography.

Care for some tea darling? Photo:, Slim Aarons/Getty Images.

All the work you put in to tending to your plants, pulling the weeds and regular watering results in a garden that must be enjoyed vicerally. Whether you want to have a brunch, lunch or cocktail party, or maybe you want to sit back with a lavender lemonade and a good book, you’re going to need the proper furnishings. We’ve pulled together vintage, recycled and handmade outdoor furniture to make your garden the backyard paradise it should be with as much unique flavor as each flower petal. So flip through this collection of garden furniture and start planning your own oasis. We’re sure our picks will make you want to sit back and smell the flowers!

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