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Photo credits

Photos, we love photos. They allow us to dream and explore our own imagination. That is why on photos play such an important role and it is also why we’ve put photos in our Blog header.

Special thanks to the following people for letting us use their photography.


Paris, France — Mahayana is a Parisian blogger documenting the scene around fashion thrifting in Paris. She has a weekly column called “Vide-Dressing” which is a mashup between “vide grenier” which means “flea market” and “dressing” which means “closet”.

Arnaud Mercier

Paris, France — Arnaud is cofounder of AREA 17, the interactive agency that created Krrb and is also the art director behind Krrb. Some of the vintage photos you see in the header were shot by Arnaud’s grandfather.

Kemp Attwood

New York City — Kemp is a partner and creative director at AREA 17.

Martin Rettenbacher

Paris, France — Martin is an art director at AREA 17.