Parisian Palate — Maison Pos, Where to Go for Fresh, Organic and the Unexpected


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If you’re around the gorgeous Place de La Bastille, and craving fresh goods like sweet blueberries or juicy tomatoes, we’ve got just the spot. Maison Pos is also the essential outpost for picnicking by the Seine with red wine and charcuterie. And if you’re just in the mood to peruse, don’t be surprised when owner Pierre-Olivier insists on offering it to you on a piece of fresh baked baguette. Read on to find out why this local shop is a must for Parisians and tourists alike.

You’ll find fruit and vegetables still in their wooden crates crowding the floor of this tiny store. A chalkboard on the wall with hand-written prices change daily. You never know what you’re going to find, simply because Pierre-Olivier goes to his favorite producers every day and picks up the best of what he sees. “You come here with no expectations. You come here and based on what I have, you make your dinner,” he likes to say. “I want my clients to use their imagination!”

Before starting Maison Pos, Pierre-Olivier was a journalist for ten years. Having focused his writing on the food industry, he understood the need for making high-quality food accessible. In his store you’ll find organic, as well as quality, non-chemically-treated food from small local producers who can’t necessarily afford the organic label. “They don’t always look good but I can assure you they are tasty!” Pierre-Olivier has a waste-not attitude about the fresh goods he stocks in his little shop. Nothing is thrown away at la Maison Pos. If a product doesn’t sell out, it’s used for sauces or soups. Like the students in the area, you’ll want to take advantage of the daily special; a soup for one euro, a sausage for 90 cents and a piece of fresh bread.

Check it Out

If you’re around, be sure to stop by and chat with Pierre-Olivier. He just might have suggestions on what to make for dinner! Visit the store at 90, rue de Charonne, 75011 in Paris.

  • yummy! sounds like a delicious town!

  • Ainee Beland

    The Parisian palate is a most selective one and justly deserved. I recently visited Rota Spring Farm in my newly hometown and was happy to view their livestock and freshly displayed vegetables. They sell their own: Grass Fed Beef, Shepperd’s pie, Hot & Sweet Italian Sausages; Jams and Jellies and plenty more. And I must not forget their homemade ice-cream. They are worth a visit and probably does not need a mentioning from me. Thank you.