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Party-Maske "The Nun" von Mamelok Press by entsorgungskalender

Party-Maske "The Nun" von Mamelok Press by entsorgungskalender

On Krrb, a photograph is most often the first way that we encounter any given item that is up for grabs. And many of these pictures are quite striking in and of themselves. Which is what makes scrolling through Krrb listings so compelling, and why we wanted to give props to the images that catch our eye and keep us looking long after we’ve decided whether or not we need another, say, nun mask in our lives. We will post these often, so check back and watch the collection grow.

I Want This — Patent Leather Lanvin Pumps in Manhattan

Lanvin pumps

I do not, for the life of me, understand what these shoes are doing still up on Krrb, ’cause they are slamming. Though I must admit that I’ve been seeing a good number of stilettos in NYC corners lately… Are the women of the big apple suddenly becoming sensible and wearing—gasp!—flats? Oh say it isn’t so! As for me, an admitted style-over-substance devotee of the high heel, if it weren’t for a promise I made to my husband (about hogging up all the space in our closet, blah blah blah…) these babies would be headed straight to my place. But they are not, so please somebody – go to krrb.com/jms and rescue them from their box!

Krrb Meetups – Here, There and Everywhere

Krrb Brooklyn Meetup

Krrb Meetup in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thanks to all the wonderful people who came to the Brooklyn and Paris Krrb Meetups with interest, questions and stories about how they have come to use Krrb. With a packed house, armed with cheese, bread, beers and wine, the mood was fun, friendly and casual with a mixed bag of independent business owners, techies, non-techies, interested locals and press

We’re Here!

Welcome to the world of the Krrb blog. You’ve found us right at the beginning of our existence here in the online universe, so we hope you’ll check us out, let us know what you think and keep coming back for more. Because as the days and weeks go by, these pages are going to fill up with all sorts of goodies that we’re really excited to share with you… like cool Krrb corners to check out, neighborhood shopping guides, the stories behind the people who are creating, collecting and Krrbing the secondhand and one-of-a-kind treasures we all love so much, and loads more.

This blog is all about people who love to scavenge, who would rather check out a stoop sale than hang out at the mall, who are curious about what’s happening both around the corner and around the world. In other words, this blog is about all of us, so come on in — the water’s fine!

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