In The News! — Brooke Williams, Making 40 and a Whole Bunch of Other Stuff Fantastic

Brooke Williams with her daughter

Brooke Williams with her three year old daughter. Photo courtesy of, shot by Kava Gorner,

Our lovely Executive Editor, Brooke Williams was recently honored as one of four woman doing so many things right on everyone’s favorite fashion blog, Refinery29. Work it, Brooke!

Check out the article and on your way, have a read on her blog, This Is Authentic and check out her Krrb corner at for an often changing selection of gently-used kids stuff and fashion finds she hesitates to part with.

The Earthquake In Japan – How to help out

Kesennuma city, March 2011

Collapsed houses and debris remain on a field in Kesennuma city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan on March 12, 2011. PHOTO: STR/AFP/Getty Images

We at Krrb are all devastated by the recent earthquakes and tsunami that have pummeled northern Japan and wreaked such havoc on the people living there, not to mention others all over the Pacific. It’s next to impossible to imagine, even with the vivid photos all over the news and the internet, what it must be like for the folks that are struggling in the aftermath of this epic natural disaster.

Read on to learn how you can help

Skyturtle of Barcelona, Spain

Meet Ina—known as Skyturtle?auto=format—who sews, cooks, designs and writes in Barcelona, Spain. For her restless productivity, super cute designs and awesomely generous nature, we are introducing her to you

You Are a Supporter, You Just Haven’t Been Assigned a Number

Supporters at Colette in Paris, France

Supporters milling around at Colette in Paris, France.

As noted yesterday, Colors Magazine is celebrating collectors this winter and we’d like to highlight one of our own – a Parisian graphic designer-cum-artist who is collecting supporters. Not on Twitter, Facebook or other, but in the good ol’ fashioned real world.

Supporters of what you may ask? Read on

A Good Read — The Scavengers’ Manifesto

The Scavengers Manifesto by Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson.

The Scavengers Manifesto by Anneli Rufus and Kristan Lawson.

Scavenger. This word means different things to different people, but it’s most often negative: dirty, cheap, bottom-feeder or even un-American.  Enter Anneli Rufus and her partner and husband Kristan Lawson, who chose to emphasize the word’s more positive definitions and associations in their book, The Scavengers’ Manifesto

Spotted – Wreckless Eric in NYC

Josselin of Paris (France) finds Wreckless Eric in NYC.

Josselin of Paris (France) finds Wreckless Eric in NYC.

What: Wreckless Eric compilation LP
Where: Chelsea, NYC
When: Roaming around on vacation (timeless!)
Who: Josselin, fan for life
Trash or Treasure? TREASURE!

Fact n°1: I am in NYC and it’s not every day that I am in NYC (average: one time every six years).

Fact n°2: I am walking in Chelsea with my wife (with no other purpose than

Celebrating Collectors — Colors Magazine Winter 2010/2011

Becky Martz' banana peel collection

Just a sampling of Becky Martz' banana label collection photographed for Colors

When we heard that Colors Magazine’s current issue was all about collectors (a whole magazine! About our people!) we jumped off the couch and headed straight to the newsstand to check it out. And it did not disappoint

A Shout Out – International Women’s Day 2011

Alice Waters, Majora Carter and Sarah Cihat

Left to right: Alice Waters, Majora Carter and Sarah Cihat.

Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, and while it may not be a national holiday here in the US, we just wanted to raise a virtual glass to three women who are helping to make the world a better place

I Want This — Fat Tuesday Round-Up

Fat Tuesday Selections

Clockwise from top left: "Look Ka Py Py" LP by The Meters, red party dress, purple sandals by Castaner, white feather hairpiece, set of six vintage glasses and ice bucket, sprout wellness lip balm

In reality, I’ll be spending most of my mardi gras sitting in front of my computer or wrangling my three year old kid, but in my fantasy life I have hopped a plane down to the Big Easy and am going to enjoy the party New Orleans style, with lots of goodies that I have scored from the people and pages of Krrb. I’ll be rocking out to the sounds of this Meters record, while wearing my new red party dress and purple platform shoes. The sparkle will come in the form of a feather hairpiece and a bit of gold glimmering from my ever-refilled vintage glass of some exotic cocktail. And then, of course, the trusty lip balm— because I’m thinking my lips might get a bit dry from all that drinking and dancing…

What are you guys doing tomorrow?

Spotted — Table-top Roulette in Brooklyn

Table-top roulette

Found: Table-top roulette with pal, The Lamp

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

What: Table-top roulette
Where: Driggs Avenue – Brooklyn, USA
When: After work
Who: Jessica, gambler
Trash or Treasure? TREASURE!

It’s my nightly walk out of the office, on my way to the train, clad in ear buds streaming This American Life. I have an eye out for the goods to be got because I just can’t help myself. Then, this. I know this table-top roulette would be so awesome on game night. I want it. But perhaps

I Want This – Harley Davidson Fatboy

2004 Harley Davidson Fatboy

2004 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

I can see it now, cruising cross country, stopping only for amazing BBQ and the get-down of a honky-tonk bar. Mechanical bulls, line dancing and cowboy hats big enough to tip me over. Ahh, if only I could be Debra Winger for a moment…

2004 Harley Davidson Fatboy for sale.

I Want This — Vintage 1930s/40s Gilded Age Couch in Brooklyn

Vintage gold 3-piece couch from the 1930s/40s?auto=format

Vintage gold 3-piece couch from the 1930s/40s?auto=format

Whoa this couch. Imagine sitting with friends, sipping on post-Prohibition style cocktails, while they remark on your amazing find. Krrber, jpbjpb has got it right: nothing coming out of Ikea these days is given the lovely attention that has been bestowed on to this piece.

But alas, this ain’t fittin in my Brooklyn apartment. Oh, won’t someone take this couch and love this couch, so that I can live vicariously through them and their cocktail parties? Until then, I’ll wear my shiny gold everything in honor of this piece, dreaming of a day when we’re reunited.

Vintage 1930s/40s?auto=format Gilded Age 3-pc L-couch seats 9

Spotted — A Box Full of… Awesome?

Plain Cardboard box... probably full of Awesome...I go to thrift stores after a tough day at work like some people go for a martini. I never know exactly what it is that I’ll find that will make the stress of the day disappear, but the important part is, I always find something.

It doesn’t even need to be something that I want or that I’ll even buy – something that I would never in a million years let anywhere near my home can still turn my whole day around.

Like an assuming cardboard box, innocently wedged between a bin of old forks and several spools of holiday ribbon

Moving Sale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!


Spacecraft is at 355 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

For those of you who’ve been around Williamsburg for a while, you may know Stella Metzner and Cristina Dodd of Spacecraft on Bedford Avenue. This weekend (and Monday), Spacecraft is having a moving sale with tons of stuff they need to get rid of such as tables, chairs, toys, clothes, fabric, books, etc… some of it is free, all of it is very cheap!

The Big Deal – Golden Calf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (and 6 things to do nearby)

Natalie in her Williamsburg furniture shop Golden Calf

Natalie in her Williamsburg furniture shop Golden Calf.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you, the shining light of Williamsburg’s southside – Natalie Vichnevsky and her jewel of a store Golden Calf. And then let us instruct you to run, don’t walk to aforementioned store, because she’s having a monster sale starting Wednesday, Feb 23 (that’s today!) and running through Monday the 28th

Spotted — Couch on the Street in Paris

Spotted! Couch in Belleville, Paris

Rue du Liban – Belleville, Paris

What: A dirty old green couch
Where: Rue de Liban – Belleville, Paris
When: Early morning
Who: George, bike rider and garbage enthusiast
Trash or Treasure? TRASH!

Each morning I ride my bike to work. Over the years I’ve tried various routes. It’s not the shortest path that I’ve settled into, but one that reminds me why I love living in Paris

On The Web – Man Blogs

One of the reasons why we love Thriftcore so much is because they’re always highlighting the awesome blogs we should be reading. Recently they focused on men doing their thrift thing. Since we like their selections so much, we’re spreading the gospel

Outside My Window

Outside my window in Stockholm on Feb 3 by Jean-Baptiste Sinniger

Outside my window in Stockholm on Feb 3 by Jean-Baptiste Sinniger

A photography project has emerged amidst the grid of vintage clothes, fully functioning vending machines and second-hand camera equipment. A collaborative effort titled, Outside My Window, is a collection of pictures from all over the world of what people look at each day outside their window

In The News! Brooklyn member Sprout Wellness gets love on Daily Candy

Sprout Wellness

Organic and handmade — good enough to eat, and with items like vegan peppermint lip balm, sugar and coconut body scrub, and a face cleanser with an aroma of rosewater, it’s almost hard not to (the office’s favorite 3 year old actually did chomp her way through a cocoa-flavored lip balm).

From home-kitchen development and word-of-mouth marketing to features on Daily Candy and selling at a selection of the best shops in Brooklyn, Sproutwellness is growing organically — just how they like it.

Looking for a holistic approach? The founder is also offering nutrition and personal training in and around Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Check out and treat yourself well.

UPDATED! Your Business on Krrb

Golden Calf Brooklyn

Golden Calf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Krrb was created for people-to-people commerce and it is our belief that local shop owners are people too! If you have a local shop for secondhand, vintage, handmade, art, design, craft, artisanal foodmaking or similar, then Krrb is for you