Everything Must Go

Will Farrell in Everything Must Go.

Will Farrell in Everything Must Go.

On May 13th, Lionsgate will release “Everything Must Go,” a dark comedy about an alcoholic who loses his job, then his wife, and soon thereafter, his house. With no where to go, the main character Nick Halsey, played by Will Ferrell, sets up yard sale on his front lawn with everything he owns (apparently the only legal way to have that much stuff on your front lawn is if it’s for sale). But as he begins to let his stuff get sold off, he gradually becomes more free and happy (and sober, we assume).

A coincidence? We think not

Get Rid Of It – Recycling Your Old Electronics

Mysterious computer cords just desperate to be recycled. Photo: Pablo Fehlauer

In the mad rush to get the newest fastest slickest version of every type of digital device out there, we humans have amassed a gigantic pile of electronic waste. And it’s growing at an alarming rate. Most of us have gotten accustomed to leaving our bottles and newspapers out front for curbside pick up and recycling, but what are we supposed to be doing with our outdated phones

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Paolo Soprani professionale Accordion 92 bass

I Want This – A trip to DC and Paris

Paris, DC and a free apartment swap.

A cafe in Paris, a Paris apartment ready for swapping, and an outdoor in market in DC.

Not only do I want a weekend away in DC, I want one in Paris, too. Is that so much to ask for?

In DC, I would hit up the abundance at the Georgetown Market, then pop over to the

The Garage Sale Trail in Australia

The Garage Sale Trail in Australia.

The Garage Sale Trail in Australia.

Have you heard about the awesomeness happening this weekend? No, not talking about our swap, though that’s gonna be awesome, too. We’re talking about the Garage Sale Trail in Australia. Imagine thousands of homes across the country all having a garage sale on the same sunny day. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening this Sunday April 10th down under

It’s a Twofer! – Brookyln Flea and Artists & Fleas, on the Williamsburg Waterfront

Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg on Sundays in the summer of 2011.

Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg on Sundays in the summer of 2011.

With the recent addition of the Brooklyn Flea to Williamsburg and Artists & Fleas’ semi- new location at North 7th at Kent, this corner of Brooklyn is quite the busy little hub for vintage, secondhand, handmade, and locally-made delicious food

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Outside my window in Paris

I Want This – Surge protector in Chicago

phillips surge protector

The sleek surge protector from Philips.

Whaaaaaaaaaa??? A surge protector that is actually attractive? Has the sky begun to fill up with flying pigs?

I am so into this little piece of under-the-desk tech that I am temped to fly to Chicago and scoop it up myself. But instead I am letting you windy city residents in on this little secret. Because it’s been hanging out on Krrb for awhile now. At a good price. If you haven’t noticed this brand-new-in-the-box baby, check it out on gavinr’s corner and then hop on over and pick it up.

I, for one, am always on the lookout for good looking, streamlined electronics– anyone else have any gems they care to share with us?

Marge Simpson is a Krrbie


Marge, finally relaxing.

Meet Marge, a tireless mom, wife, crafter and active community member. Because of her bubbly energy and seemingly unending list of skills, we are introducing her to you!

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Saving the Planet One Movie at a Time

    Eva Radke of Film Biz Recycling. Photo by Wendy Goodman for New York Magazine.

Eva Radke of Film Biz Recycling. Photo by Wendy Goodman for New York Magazine.

Film Biz Recycling is every green-minded thrifter’s dream. If Mad Men or Gossip Girl is also your thing, get ready to go. Started by Eva Radke in 2008 as a googlegroup for environmentally conscious people in the film and commercial industry, the not-for-profit Film Biz Recycling has exploded into a thrift store, waste management resource, small business employer and warm and welcoming do-gooder

Rebekah Brooks of Brooklyn

Rebekah Brooks and her daughter Hazelle

Rebekah Brooks and her daughter Hazelle.

Meet Rebekah Brooks, who is one of the most talented and original jewelers working out there these days. And she’s wise, too… because she actually left the bustle of NYC and decamped to Western Massachusetts where she now lives with her husband and daughter, selling her wares (and vintage pieces as well!) out of a lovely storefront in Northampton

Spotted – Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things, the most interesting stores in NY City.

Olde Good Things spotted

I Want This – Homemade Sourdough Bread

Homemade sourdough bread in Greece.

Homemade sourdough bread in Greece.

I not only want this homemade sourdough bread from Greece, I also want some gruyere, cheddar, and a fried egg to make a delicious grilled cheese. Or maybe a bit of skirt steak with caramelized onions on some sourdough toast? Yes please! In fact, just hand me a bowl of olive oil with salt and red pepper flakes so I can do some proper dunkin’ because this bread looks good enough to eat straight. You’ve heard of farm-to-table? I’m talking about oven-to-mouth.

Mmm. If you want a taste and you’re in Greece, make sure you check out the sweetest baker in the country for a mouthful of this wonderful sourdough.


Secret Spot – The Flamingo Plaza in Miami

Flamingo Plaza

When you're outside of Miami in Hialea, FL, and you see this sign, you know you've struck gold!

Thrifters take note: There is a goldmine near the Miami airport that makes bringing (and paying for) an extra bag worthwhile. It’s called The Flamingo Plaza and it is home to what is arguably the best Red White & Blue Thrift Store in the continental US. I have never gone to Miami without making a pilgrimage to this spot and it has never never let me down

Meet. Swap. Krrb. A Community Swap and Yard Sale in Brooklyn

Meet.Swap.Krrb - A Swap Meet and Community Yard Sale in Brooklyn, April 10th

Meet.Swap.Krrb. A Swap Meet and Community Yard Sale in Brooklyn, April 10th.

Spring is almost here and you probably need to unload some of your stuff, right? Maybe you even entered our Winter ‘Garage Sale’ Contest? Well, let’s get fresh together!

Join us for a swap meet and community yard sale on April 10th at the gorgeous Mission Dolores Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We’ll have drink specials and tacos for munchin!

Swappers, sellers, buyers and browsers, come on down! Bring your clothes, books, technology, music, or any handmade crafts, foods and goods to sell or swap. Expect treats to be unveiled.

We’ll even take care of the unloved, unclaimed and unwanted items at the end of the day by donating them for you. Your closets, drawers, and ample storage space (yeah right) will thank you.

Free to sell. Free to come. Join us!

Sunday, April 10th ~ 12-3pm

Mission Dolores Bar
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Please RSVP
And mention your role: seller, buyer, browser.

Sellers! Make sure to post to Krrb and share your corner on the Meetup page so that others know what you’ll be bringing to the party!

I Want This — Kids Sweater Vest from Paris

white sweater vest

Cute white sweater vest from Paris... size 3!

Why is it that the French have it so much more together when it comes to kids’ fashion? Even the low end stuff looks great– it’s as though they just pay more attention to how things are constructed. Especially clothes

How To — Buying Records from a Thrift Shop

While we fully admit that BBC Radio DJ Gilles Peterson has a natural talent in identifying the best, boogiest and grooviest in music, there are still tips anyone can employ in guessing which records could become instant classics in our home collections. Helping us skew the guessing game in our favor, here is Gilles sharing those tidbits as he sifts through a record store in Cuba.

How do you decide the good from the bad from the ugly?

I Want This — A Stylish St. Paddy’s Day

St Patrick's Day outfit

Found these suitably green items for celebrating St Patrick's day on Krrb!

The mere mention of St Patrick’s Day gives me a hangover. Not (of course) from personal experience of excessive March 17th partying, but from surveying the wreckage the following morning, which also happens to be my birthday. Turns out

Meet Vanessa of Thrift Core and Hear Five Reasons to Curbside Shop

Van of Thrift Core.

Van of Thrift Core.

Vanessa writes, crafts, takes pictures, grows vegetables in her garden and befriends the world wide web in the utmost genuine and friendly of ways. In addition to her copy-writing job by day, she also has a booth at the Southern Crossing Antique Mall in Jacksonville, FL (go check her out!). On her blog, Thrift Core (you know, like “hard core”), she brings to light the people and treasures she comes across in her on- and offline travels.  Luckily, we were able to nab her for a quick guest appearance on the Krrb blog and if you treat her real nice-like, she just might come back! For a start, learn some basics on curbside shopping from a pro