To Do – Art Auction at ABC No Rio in NYC

Art donated by Swoon and Kelly Savage to the 2001 ABC No Rio Art Auction.

Left: Huahuapan de Leon (2007) - 8" x 12" 2-color screenprint with hand staining on book board, edition of 250, by Swoon. Right: The Rabbit's Dinner (2011) - 11" x 14" Hand cut paper and acrylic, by Kelly Savage. Both pieces are donated to the ABC No Rio Art Auction.

It’s Gala season in the art world and that means there are art auctions everywhere. Auctions! Now’s the time to get some fine art from some fine artists while benefiting a great cause to boot. In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring auctions of all sorts. For starters, ABC No Rio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is having their 2011 Gala & Benefit Auction this coming Tuesday, May 3rd

Jane Borock in Brooklyn

Jane Plantain

Ladies and Gentlemen, heeeeeere's Jane!

Meet Jane Borock, fisherwoman, creative director, photographer, director of marketing, comedienne, stylist, life-long New Yorker, and did we say fisherwoman? One of Krrb’s pioneer members, Jane continually amazes us with the constant stream of  irresistible items on her corner, her spectacularly decorated yet super comfy apartment, and her tear-inducing sense of humor. So take a minute and come with us to check out Jane’s world… You won’t be sorry!

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How To – Have the Best Stoop Sale, Yard Sale or Garage Sale

Major garage sale - this could be you!

Major garage sale - this could be you!

So you think you can sell. We created this step-by-step process to make sure you are doing it like a pro and aren’t carrying any of your unwanted stuff back into the house at the end of the day. Below is a handy timeline; clip it like a coupon and show the world you’re the best dang seller around!

Some of San Francisco’s Best

Awesome cat mural on Divisadero and Hayes in San Francisco.

Awesome cat mural on Divisadero and Hayes in San Francisco, in The Panhandle, aka NOPA, or if you feel it, Alamo Square Park.

Being the diverse, liberal, and green-conscious city it is, San Francisco is home to many amazing vintage, thrift, and unique shops. The Bay Area has an exciting history full of grassroots movements, collective spiritual awareness, and an appreciation for back-to-the-land living. Add to that this city’s nurturing environment for art and creativity and you can begin to understand why we want to have more San Fransisco in our Krrbin’ lives. A city that hosts a hippy love fest during The Summer of Love, energizes dot com entrepreneurs, fosters musicians like Janis Jopiln and Tupac, amplifies spokesmen like Harvey Milk, and offers a hearth to food pioneer, Alice Waters? Oh yes please!

“San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth.” – William Saroyan Author

Combing through the nets and working with a couple Krrbmeisters on the SF ground, we’re highlighting just some of our favorites, which turned out to be a hard feat what with so much superness happening. So sit back and check out what this artwork of a city has to offer.

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Owl Necklace from loveheylola

I Want This – Vintage Globe in Jamestown, Rhode Island


A 3-D map of a now forgotten world.

Do you remember Czechoslovakia? Or the USSR? Or when China’s #1 city was called Peking? Kind of crazy to think of how much the world has changed in such a short time.

My plan, should I ever build the shelving, is to keep a physical record of all of these changes with the aid of maps and globes, like this one from, from years past.

Because it’s so important to remember that nothing lasts forever. And that we can keep working on building a better world, one step at a time. Even if it feels like it takes forever.

To Do – Celebrate Earth Day 2011

Earth Day in Portland, Oregon

Today marks the 41st annual Earth Day, a day when folks from New York City to Oklahoma City and beyond take a minute out of their busy lives to celebrate just how amazing the Earth is, and to learn how to become better stewards of it’s future

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Get On The Road Again – It’s time to start biking!

Maybe you're into tandem riding?

Maybe you're into tandem riding?

It’s bike season and there are so many reasons to jump on a bike this summer. It’s good for your health, it’s good for the earth, it’s good for your wallet (have you seen these gas prices??). It’s also fun and convenient!

If you’re an old hand, keep on with the keepin’ on! But if you’re new to the game, there are a few things to figure out. Do you go fixie, single gear or multi-speed? Are you a roadster or a mountain biker? Used or new? Or maybe from a non-profit? Accouterments or simple? When you do get your bike, can you fix it and tune it when it inevitably needs the love? And after you have answered all these questions, what do your answers say about you?

From vintage to designer chic, discover just who your inner biker is…

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I Want This – Reclaimed Glass Bottle Torch in Brooklyn

reclaimed_glass_bottle_flame_torchThis handmade glass bottle torch is just waiting to liberate me.


Tax Day is never a happy time for me. Surrounded by tiny scraps of paper, trying to create some sense of order out of it all, what I really want to do is torch everything and hop a plane to Buenos Aires.

Did somebody say… torch?

Well here it is, right in front of my eyes. The perfect instrument of destruction. The agent of my freedom. Made out of recycled materials, to boot. And, in my fantasy world, after the deed is done, it’ll make the perfect outdoor light for my Argentinian garden., here I come!


To Do List – The Austin Art Yards

Austin Art Yards

Two trees, one embellished with bottle tops, the other constructed from golf clubs, both by yardist Scott Stevens, will be on view this weekend in Austin, TX.

Hanging around Austin, Texas this weekend with nothing to do? Download a map, put on your walking shoes and enjoy the second annual Austin Art Yards Tour. Where dozens (that’s right, dozens) of artists have transformed their yards into sculptural paradises and are inviting the public in for a weekend-long look see.

From the mountainous Cathedral of Junk (banned last year due to code violations, but back in line for this go round) to Bobby’s Bone Tree Sculpture Garden (that tells the story of the artist’s grandmother’s escape from the pogroms of Russia) you are in for a mind blowing walk that will give you a first hand look at one of the world’s weirdest cities.

Thanks for the tip from the Bounty Huntress.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s… Art!

When we saw the words “The Dumpster Project” flash across our screen yesterday, we had to stop and check out what artist Mac Premo (whose work we love) was doing.

Turns out he is in the midst of a very Krrb-like purging experience.

But rather than selling everything off like Will Ferrell, he’s making a sculptural collage piece out of the detritus and housing it in a 30 foot dumpster after he photographs the individual pieces and records “a few words about its history.” Genius.

Makes us want to go home, set up a seamless and photograph all of those ticket stubs, wine labels and cell phones (oh no wait, not the electronics… we’re recycling that stuff now) magically turning our storage spaces into art projects.

And then, because we’re not brilliant collagists over here, we can happily unload aforementioned stuff on Krrb.

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I Want This – Old Skool Pram in Berlin


The perfect accessory for a springtime stroll... for someone...

Or, to be honest, my kid wants this. Because yesterday, on a quiet flight up the east coast of the US coast full of somber adults, she announced, in a voice loud enough to wake the dead, “Mommy, you need to get pregnant!” I laughed (trying to make the best of it, but wondering if my parents had put her up to this) and asked her why. To which she replied, matter of factly, “Because I want a baby.”

Well that makes one of us.

But this pram does look awfully cute. If only motherhood was as simple as jetting over to Berlin to pick up this lovely vehicle, loading up a giggling cherub and then strolling around the park with him or her in tow. Though adding a bit of fun via a stylish buggy might make those sleepless nights fell a bit less oppressive.


Jessi Arrington and Her Unicorn and Rainbow Loving Hole Sale in DUMBO

Jessi Arrington and her color-loving outfits, see more on her blog,

Jessi Arrington and her color-loving outfits, see more on her blog,

You know how it is when you stumble upon something that is so bright and happy and alive that you find yourself reading or watching with the doe-eyed interest of your yesteryear’s? Well, that’s what happened when we were sent a link to Jessi Arrington’s Hole Sale, part community stoop sale, part fundraiser, part parade, part Birthday Party for the host, Jessi herself

Workshop in Brooklyn – Using the Internet for Local Commerce

Krrb Meetups.

Welcome to Krrb... wanna do some business?

Join Krrb and Greenpoint Coworking at 7pm on Thursday April 28th for a networking and local business development workshop!

OK the Internet is great, we all get it … the whole world at our fingertips. But what if you’re a local business, vendor or service provider looking to simply connect with your neighbors? There is a lot of buzz around how the Internet is getting hyper-local, but what does that mean and how can it benefit local commerce?

It Was a Taco-eating, Hat-swapping, Vinyl-selling, Book-giving, T-shirt-buying, Handmade-showcasing kind of Sunday

Krrb Swap and Communty Yard Sale at Mission Dolores Bar in Brooklyn

Krrb Swap and Community Yard Sale at Mission Dolores Bar in Brooklyn.

This past Sunday was our first Krrb Swap and Community Yard Sale which was held in Brooklyn’s Mission Dolores Bar in Park Slope. We had over

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