I Want This — Yellow Sideboard

I Want This — Yellow Sideboard

I admit it; I’m a little mustard crazy. Any yellow decor that isn’t fluorescent usually catches my eye. Lately, I’ve been cutting back on obnoxious overuse of color in my home and leaning towards a few bright accent details. I can picture this sunny sideboard popping in my all white bedroom; the drawers would be perfect for storing lingerie and my oodles of accessories could live in the cabinets.

I Want This — Yellow Sideboard

Clockwise from left: ablognamedscout.com; middlechildcomplex.tumblr.com; urbanoutfitters.com; ditao/flickr; etsy.com

The unit could be propped in so many ways, but I think it’d look lovely with a simple vase and a few knickknacks. If only I lived in Illinois, spring might come sooner with this piece.

Purchase this shabby chic sideboard on Krrb from user Krrbie in Naperville, IL. $340.

In Search of — Posters

In Search of — Posters

Photo: Grandma-p-ramblings.blogspot.com

Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for posters.

You’ve come a long way from the college dorm room plastered in posters. These prints have the cool factor of street posters with a little more grown-up style

I Want This — Fernando Chair

It’s no secret that I have a love affair with chairs. If I could have a home big enough to house all my favorite chairs, well, then I’d be one happy weirdo. I fell in love with the Fernando Chair at first sight. The sculptural brass throne is really a work of art and deserves to be on display. While the original is valued at $10,000, this stainless steel version from Anthropologie is a little more doable.

Find the Fernando Chair on Krrbie’s corner for $5,000.

In Search Of — Wrought Iron

In Search Of — Wrought Iron

Photo: commons.wikipedia.org

Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for wrought iron!

Gorgeous wrought iron in unexpected and beautiful places. This one round up you don’t want to miss

In Search Of — Flowers

In Search Of — Flowers

Photo: fanpop.com

Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for flowers!

Spring is almost here! Get all the beauty of these floral-inspired finds with none of the pollen allergies

In Search Of — Clocks

In Search Of — Clocks

Photo: Stanford.edu

Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for clocks!

Just in time for you to spring forward. Set your new-to-you clock to the right time

SXSW — Check Out Krrb’s Panel at Interactive 2014

SXSW — Check Out Krrbs Panel at Interactive 2014

At South by Southwest in Austin this week? Be sure to check out Krrb on the “User-Generated Content: Who Owns What?” panel. Wrapping up the Interactive 2014 conference will be Krrb CEO George Eid discussing the ramifications of legal ownership over user-generated content. The event will be Tuesday, March 11 from 3:30 to 4:30pm at the Driskill Hotel.

Ownership of user-generated online content is a hot topic with companies from Twitter to Craigslist claiming ownership over words and images provided by users. George Eid, along with CEO of Spinn3r and co-founder of the Open Access Coalition, Kevin Burton; CEO/Founder of 3Taps, Greg Kidd; and co-founder of reader-created magazines JPG and Everywhere, Paul Cloutier discuss what the future holds for user-generated content and the adverse effects on Internet Law.

Last year Craigslist threatened Krrb with legal action, claiming its users did not have the right to copy their own information from Craigslist to other platforms using tools such as the Krrb It button. In doing so, users were subject to up to a $25,000 fine. This threat of litigation from Craigslist resulted in Krrb reluctantly dismantling the Krrb It button as it applies to Craigslist.

Don’t Miss the Panel

Tuesday, March 11, from 3:30-4:30PM in the Driskill Ballroom at Driskill Hotel, 604 Brazos Street in Austin. For more details, visit the SXSW schedule.

You Do You — How to Redefine Your Personal Style

You Do You — How to Redefine Your Personal Style

Even though we hate to admit it, our personal style says a lot about us. From the intricacies of our outfit, to the size of our wardrobe, to the labels we support, clothing creates the opportunity for us to share a story before we even open our mouths. Just think about the last political tee, designer bag, or colorful pair of socks you came across and how it affected your perception of a person’s character. But how do we even begin to build a better wardrobe? The key here is to make choices at the checkout counter that will promote a better you and a better world

I Want This — Vintage Globe Pendant

I remember my first globe. It was my first real sense of the world and I loved it. I would spend hours running my finger across the bright multi-colored countries imaging how it would be to travel across the earth. From mapping coordinates to understanding climates to studying plate tectonics, the globe was greatest tool for 3D exploration of our planet (Clear sign I was a 1990’s kid!). But for those of us who have left science class behind and yet still crave the old school look of the globe, Krrb member California Rediscovered has got you covered. They have transformed an old globe into a stunning vintage light fixture. Chockful of nostalgia and classroom charm, the vintage globe pendant will surely bring capture some of that childhood wonderment.

Light up your wanderlust with this Vintage Globe Pendant, shipped and sold by California Rediscovered. $165.

Chicago Magazine Curator — Auctioneer Leslie Hindman

Chicago Magazine Curator — Auctioneer Leslie Hindman

Krrb is excited to continue our local tastemakers feature with our partner site, Chicago Magazine Classifieds. Every month we will feature local tastemakers and their favorite vintage and secondhand finds from Chicagoland. This month our guest curator is Leslie Hindman.

Renown in the interior design community for hosting two HGTV shows, Leslie Hindman began her career with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in 1982, one of the largest fine art auction houses in America. Leslie has also written a weekly syndicated column for the Chicago Tribune and published a book— Adventures at the Auction House. She regularly conducts auctions for charitable organizations including the Joffrey Ballet, UNICEF and many others. Most recently, Leslie received the Legacy Landmark for her contributions to Chicago’s civic and cultural legacy in 2013

Kid-Centric — Dream Bedrooms According to Kids

Kid Centric — Dream Bedrooms According to Kids

A tiger-themed decorated bedroom, according to 3-year old Zain Corey.

When it comes to our homes, we have a lot of opinions. Curious to hear their viewpoints, we turned to the residents of children’s bedrooms youngsters to find out how they would furnish their bedrooms. What would they use for a bed? Where would they store their toys? The answers from these children may have you thinking twice about your own bedroom and scanning the Krrb Classifieds for new furniture

In Search Of — Blankets

In Search Of — Blankets

Photo: www.github.com

Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for blankets!

It seems like most of the United States has felt polar vortex storm after polar vortex storm. Winter is on its way out, but just in case the season puts up a fight, these cozy blankets will keep you warm

How to Create Children’s Spaces With Thrift Store Finds

How to Create Children’s Spaces With Thrift Store Finds

Known for her ability to add style to any place with just a few bucks, Krista Byers of Goodwill Glam shares some inexpensive ways to decorate your children’s spaces. Children’s bedrooms are transitional as their needs change every couple of years, all the more reason to decorate with budget-friendly finds.

Your local thrift store is teeming with usable items at fantastic prices for virtually any project and any room. It may take a bit of patience, vision and some imagination but you can create something that works for you. Children’s spaces are no exception

Local Finds — Fox & Fawn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Local Finds — Fox & Fawn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

A colorful look into Fox & Fawn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Residents of Greenpoint, Brooklyn might not remember a time when buy-sell-trade vintage boutique Fox & Fawn wasn’t a retailer on Manhattan Avenue, or its original location eight years ago in the Lower East Side of New York City. Both the store and its curators feel like a permanent staple of the neighborhood

Not Just for Kids — Vintage Themed Children’s Rooms

Not Just for Kids — Vintage Themed Childrens Rooms

Photo: kristenaderrick/Flickr

No matter your living situation, space is always a hot commodity. I’ve lived in spaces hardly large enough for a full-sized bed, let alone a second bedroom. As I’ve gotten older, my space-related priorities have changed; I need a home office, covet kitchen counter-top space and (in the not-for-a-long-time-so-calm-down kind of way) anticipate making room for a baby.

As shared living spaces and communal dwellings become more popular for those on a budget, we find ourselves giving up privacy and getting creative to maximize the potential of our homes. Whether your child shares a space with your home office, a guest room, with another sibling or is lucky enough to have his or her own room, the inevitable day will come when he or she flees the nest. In (perhaps premature) anticipation of this day, I’ve always wondered why parents spend so much on baby-centric decor. Sure, it’s fun to have a new reason to shop and you might be able to pass some of it on as hand-me-down goods, but why buy products that have an expiration date in your apartment? These vintage child-friendly decor themes will make the adults in the room happy too with decor that will remain relevant even into the empty nest phase of life

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