5 Freezer Friendly Foods to Help Save Money in the Kitchen


Guest Blog contributed by Beth Moncel of Budget Bytes.

Freezers have increasingly become dedicated storage space for ice cream, frozen pizzas, and other convenience foods, but they can actually be one of the most useful tools for saving money in the kitchen. Not only is your freezer good for saving leftovers of cooked meals, but its fantastic for storing individual leftover ingredients that usually end up in the trash. Not sure which food items you can and can’t freeze? Here are five freezer friendly items that changed the game by helping me reduce waste and save money in the kitchen.

Keep Your Grill Session All Natural

Keep Your Grill Session All Natural

Getting ready for a summer full of grilled meats and meals outdoors? We’ve rounded up the best new products to make your cookouts chemical-free. These grilling accessories are all natural and eco-friendly—now doesn’t that sound good?

The 15 Most Unique Murals Across the Country

Photo: Foucauldianrhythm.files.wordpress.com

Photo: Foucauldianrhythm.files.wordpress.com

The global street art community is truly a sight to behold. Incredible art murals rich with culture and history grace outdoor facades in every major metropolitan city in the world. We decided to take a look at the street art in the Krrb community’s top 15 cities…check out our favorites below.

Discada — A Tex-Mex Cookout

Smoking wood fire.

Start with a smoking wood fire.

Although it’s existed for generations along the Texas-Mexico border, discada is still a mostly unknown form of grilling outside of the locals. At its essence, discada is simply meat cooked outside over a fire. But what makes discada unique is the repurposed plow disc its cooked on. Rules are few—and vary from household to household—when it comes to cooking up this regional dish. Like a lot of the best northern mexican cuisine (tacos, burritos, etc) discada originated with the peasants and cowboys

No Mow Lawns — Front Lawn Vegetable Gardens

No Mow Lawns — Front Lawn Vegetable Gardens

Photo: Shawnacoronado.com

Real estate is everything. These homeowners have taken their front lawns and turned them into working gardens. Get inspired to do the same and pick up a few tips along the way.

Local Blogs — Boston Blogs to Start Reading Now

Photo: Instagram.com/ohidesignblog

Photo: Instagram.com/ohidesignblog

It doesn’t matter what city you’re currently located in—you should always try to check out bloggers from other cities and see what awesome things they are up to! It’s sometimes hard to find local blogs that are a good fit for you, and that’s where we come in to help. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite lifestyle bloggers in Boston for you to check out. Get inspired by their style, try one of their projects, or just be their fan! Happy reading!

37 Weird Things to Grill – A New Take On Summer BBQ Foods

Summer is a time for family, friends and neighbors to get together and break bread. And when the weather is so giving, it only makes sense that meals are held outside as often as possible. BBQs flush with food, music, fresh air and conversation strengthens ties, solutes the sun and offer healthy ways to prepare the foods we are lucky enough to find so bountiful during the season’s sun-shining months. So grab your neighbors, and put together a delicious homemade menu for the BBQ.

Since we’re all the creative type here, what with our imaginations to repurpuse objects, find the beauty in the disregarded and craft something out of nothing, we might as well channel these energies to man’s most definitive discovery: fire. Burgers, dogs, sausages, they’re all great, but what can we do that is surprising, unusual, or downright weird? Here’s a list to get you started

Get the Look: Mad Men’s Own Joan Holloway

Photo: Fansshare.com

Photo: Fansshare.com

With the Mad Men series finale around the corner, we’re all beginning to feel nostalgic for the stunning fashion on the show. But you don’t have to say goodbye to the retro elegance just because you’re saying goodbye to the show. And you don’t have to buy the official “Mad Men” line from retail stores. You can recreate some of the iconic looks of some of the most fashionable characters, like Joan Holloway, at a thrift store! Or on Krrb.com. We did.

20 DIY Projects For Your Pets

Photo: Abeautifulmess.com

Photo: Abeautifulmess.com

If you have any pets, then you’re well aware of the fact that you’d quite possibly do anything to make them happy. Pet necessities can get pretty pricey though, so why not dive into the DIY world of pet goods and give your furry pal something that has been specially made for them. From healthy snacks to scratching posts and cozy beds, we have rounded up some of our favorite projects that you can do for your pets.

What’s Cooking – Local Food at Its Peak

Photo: Epicurious.com

Photo: Epicurious.com

While its relatively easy to find most types of food year-round due to preservation methods, nothing beats snatching it fresh and at its peak. Thanks to this handy peak-season map, you can browse and see which ingredients near you are hitting their highest taste potential for the month. I’ve picked one food item that peaks in May from each area of the US, and found the best recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lets get cooking!

Crowdfunding—Circle of Life and Death

Crowdfunding Circle of Life and Death

Photo: Facebook.com/pages/Urban-Death-Project

As morbid as it is to talk about life after death, Katrina Spade is doing just that.
What happens with your body after you die? The default options include burial in a cemetery or cremation. Katrina is attempting to add a third final destination into the mix with a green twist—help the environment by turning your body into reusable soil.

Drawing Inspiration from Street Style

Photo: Modrestoration.com

Photo: Modrestoration.com

Finding decor inspiration is pretty easy these days thanks to sources like Pinterest and the countless design and style blogs and magazines that are available. Often times you don’t need glossy pages or social media to inspire you though. Inspiration stems from all types of sources—from island vacations to fashion. We chose three high fashion street style looks and based off of them have chosen our favorite interior design pieces to accompany them.

Natural Spring Allergy Relief

Photo: Ladycarehealth.com

It seems like as soon as the snow finally melts, we’re hit with a pollen attack that makes us wish we were still in winter hibernation mode. Nature’s mean like that. I’ve always had to deal with springtime allergies: scratchy throats and itchy eyes, and a chronic case of consistently runny nose. In an ironic twist, nature also holds the key to fighting the allergies it’s causing. I’ve rounded up some natural allergy remedies so that you can breathe easy outside (and leave the tissues indoors).

DIY Roundup — New York City


Here at Krrb we love doing it ourselves. Whether it’s a vintage heater turned into a lamp or luggage repurposed into side tables, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after building something yourself. That’s why it’s so great to know that if you go looking in any city you can find a nice, little DIY shop that might just have everything you need.

This week, we’re exploring a few DIY Shops in New York City. If you’re a native or just visiting the area, these are the go-to shops for your DIY needs.

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