12 Summer Solstice Celebrations

Photo: Jessclarkphotography.wordpress.com

Photo: Jessclarkphotography.wordpress.com

Father’s Day isn’t the only reason to celebrate this month: June 21st is also the summer solstice, the official start of summer and longest day of the year! From coast to coast, cities in the US have forged their own unique traditions to kick off the summer season. From music festivals to free yoga classes, here are the best events celebrating the summer solstice in your city to keep the party going all day.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Photo: Blog.builddirect.com

Photo: Blog.builddirect.com

With Father’s Day coming up on the 21st, now’s the time to find the perfect present. If your dad is anything like mine, he might not be too pushy when it comes to gift ideas. That’s why we’ve saved you the trouble and rounded up our favorite finds for every type of dad out there. Here are some of my favorite gift categories, and the best picks from our Father’s Day Gift Guide, all guaranteed to show some appreciation to the big guy in your life

Retrospective — How to Keep a Wedding Personal

Wedding Retrospective — How to Keep a Wedding Personal

Photos by Eli Weddings.

What’s it like to plan your own wedding on the DIY, local, personal-touch tip? When it came to my wife and I getting married, it was very much a team effort. We made lists, assigned duties, shared Google Doc spreadsheets and did a whole lot of running around.

Very soon after Jessica and I got engaged, we knew right away that we wanted our wedding to be a true reflection of us and our relationship. Sure, you might think that goes without saying, but it actually requires effort. You can easily flip pages and pick the best, well-reviewed, mid-priced vendors and call it a day. You’d most likely be perfectly pleased with the results and it would definitely save a lot of time and headaches. However, I’d say that doing stuff yourself does indeed become worth while and offers a very particular gratification making everything all the more memorable

5 Questions with NYC Wedding Photographer Amber Marlow

5 Questions with NYC Wedding Photographer Amber Marlow

Photo: Instagram.com/ambermarlow/

For Brooklynite Amber Marlow, life and work revolve around wedding bells. This Park Slope-based photographer is getting married and while details on her own nuptials are under wraps—Amber does spill about her work capturing special days all over the five boroughs. And trust me, she’s done it all from officiating the wedding to even assisting in coordinating the main event. Read on to see how the wedding season has Amber running all over New York City as she shares in couples’ celebrations

Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week

Krrb — Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week

Photo: Un-gif-dans-ta-gueule.tumblr.com/

The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week

Compassion Is Served — Vegan Wedding Food Roundup

Krrb — Compassion Is Served — Vegan Wedding Food Roundup

Photo: Maplespice.com

More and more people are starting to eat vegetable-based diets which means straying from the conventional wedding menu. So does giving up your steak, chicken, and fish option mean your reception dinner will be boring? On the contrary! You’ll be amazed at what you can eat with the myriad of combinations vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits can provide. Your guests will leave happy, healthy, and most importantly, full! Check out this vegan menu with recipes the Krrb team would love to eat.

What’s Cooking — Barbecue Side Dishes

Krrb — What's Cooking? — Barbecue Side Dishes

My favorite part of summertime is definitely the barbecues. There’s nothing quite like a tasty steak or some marinated chicken fresh off the grill. Who wants to eat a piece of meat without any sides though (or maybe you don’t eat meat at all)? Well, I’ve gathered up a few recipes for my favorite side dishes at any barbecue. Keep all your guests happy and coming back for seconds!

6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

Photo: Postgradproblems.com

With smartphone ownership reaching critical mass, organizing even the most basic of things usually involves your phone. For the first time ever, over 50% of the US population now owns a smartphone. We use apps to be more productive, exercise more regularly and stay connected with those we love. It is a logical progression that we will start using technology to organize the most important day in many of our lives — our wedding day. We’ve put together the top six wedding apps for the techie bride-to-be

Pinterest Roundup: Eco-Friendly Weddings

Photo: 100layercake.com

Photo: 100layercake.com

With the cost of an average American wedding going over $25,000, it’s easy to assume that it’s producing a good amount of trash. Food, decorations, favors, dinnerware—things start to accumulate very quickly. Although your wedding should be special, it doesn’t need to be wasteful. I’ve dug through Pinterest to find the best tips and tutorials to make sure you can have the happiest (and greenest) day possible!

3 Los Angeles Farm-to-Table Restaurants with Great Patios

3 Los Angeles Farm-to-Table Restaurants with Great Patios

Photo: Trbimg.com

Summer doesn’t officially start for another week, but the weather’s heating up in LA and schools are out. Which means, it’s the unofficial beginning of summer and patio dining in Los Angeles is calling.

Are you in LA and wondering which farm-to-table restaurants serve local eats on fabulous patios? Visiting Los Angeles and looking for a great meal—and perhaps a glass of biodynamic wine in a spectacular space?

For dining in LA that feels more like a dinner party than your same-old restaurant experience, make your way to one of these farm-to-table restaurants with great patios

Say Yes to the Dress — Wedding Gown Roundup

Krrb — Wedding Gown Roundup

Photo: Flickr.com/photos/micadew

Planning a wedding is a tedious and often expensive task. Between booking a venue, finding a caterer, and paying for an open bar (if you’re not a monster), weddings can become more of a chore than a joyful day. So why not make it one step easier and cheaper, and pick a dress from Krrb. Here’s a rundown of all the wedding gowns and dresses I found for you to wear this wedding season.

After The Ceremony — Wedding Decor that Lives on in Your Home

After The Ceremony — Wedding Decor that Lives on in Your Home

Photo: Orlandoweddingandpartyrentals.com

With a lifelong knack for thinking outside the box, Jaime McKee is our go-to for creative ways to repurpose our belongings. Her blog Building a Sustainable Life is filled with great ideas to stretch the dollar and life of home decor accessories.

In the modern Pinterest era, DIY ideas for weddings abound. But as we all know, it can be far too easy to get caught up in the excitement of the big day, and when our wishlists outperform our budgets (or our spare time to work on projects!) it’s easy to become overwhelmed with ideas, spoiled for choice, or simply unsure of where to start. By asking some of our DIY projects to do double duty—serving as wedding décor that can later be repurposed into home décor—we can save a bit of money and create meaningful, useful items to fill our homes and remind us of that special day for years to come

Local Resources to Make Your Wedding Planning a Breeze

Photo: Theodysseyonline.com

Photo: Theodysseyonline.com

I haven’t walked down the aisle yet myself, but I can only imagine the headache inducing stress of planning that special day. Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect, so it only makes sense that couples all around the world are busy scoping out the perfect location, perfect band, flowers, cakes etc to make their matrimony a memorable one! If you’re like me, i.e. not gifted with the skill of event planning yet yearning to be easy breezy like J.Lo in The Wedding Planner, then hopefully these local resources will help you, your special someone, wedding party, family and guests get through the day without seeing a “these aren’t the table linens I ordered!!” meltdown.

10 Essential Items — Mid-century Living Room

Photo: Creativepro.com

Photo: Creativepro.com

When you’re designing a space, it can be tempting to go overboard. While there’s nothing wrong with a solid collection, we’re here to help you begin with a minimal furnishing approach. These are the 10 essentials you need for your mid-century style living room using our favorite Krrb finds. The best part? Everything ships! Let’s break it down!

4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Decluttering your life can be a challenge! Whether you’ve got a collection of old books getting dusty on the shelf or a pile of clothes that just don’t quite fit right anymore, it’s there and it’s taking up more room than it needs to. How do you get rid of all of these space wasters? I know sometimes it may be hard to let go but by hosting or attending a swap party, you can get rid of some of these items and pick up a few that are new to you!

What’s Cooking — Salsas

Krrb — What's Cooking — Salsas

Photo: Thecomfortofcooking.com

When it gets too hot to cook—don’t. After all, this is the season to make salsas. These flavor combinations don’t require an electricity, just the heat of some peppers and ripe produce. Check it out and your stove will enjoy the summer break

4 Ideas to Make Your Chicago Summer More Interesting

4 Ideas to Make Your Chicago Summer More Interesting

After the nine month coma Chicagoans call “winter,” it is summertime. Suddenly, schedules are filling up and free weekends are becoming scarce. Similarly, tourists are flocking to North Avenue Beach and the Taste of Chicago will literally block any hope of getting around town.

One of my favorite parts of living in the city is constantly going to unique events and trying new things. Last week, I somehow found myself on a rooftop in Uptown listening to live music. It was the perfect evening, the skyline was in clear view, and I had one of those “I can’t believe I really live here” moments.

Don’t get me wrong, these moments can happen with your best friends when visiting Navy Pier, but at the same time, isn’t city living all about exploring? Here is a sample of some things you can expect to find when exploring Chicago.

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