What’s Cooking — Soups from Around the World


January is National Soup Month, which merits a bit of history. Traced back as far as 6000 B.C., soup was sold in Greek marketplaces and is thought to be the first ‘fast food.’ At this time, soup was little more than broth. People would dip bread into the broth, and the bread, or the “sop,” as it was called, was the substantive ingredient of the meal. Over time, the word “sop” evolved into the word “soup,” our name for the hearty meal of broth packed with leafy vegetables, meat or potatoes.

From thick, creamy soups and gazpachos to water-based broth and chilis, every country around the world has a traditional recipe to call its own. Since January becomes colder by the day, we’ve rounded up the world’s favorite soup recipes to enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen

Coast to Coast: One-Of A-Kind Vegan Bakeries

Photo: Anotherfoodcritic.wordpress.com

With more people switching to a plant-based diet these days, vegan bakeries specializing in local cuisine have begun popping up across the country. It has never been easier to eat vegan without compromising on taste or convenience. Traditional foods like beignets and biscuits are re-made without eggs, dairy, and meat, but still have all the cultural significance of their non-vegan counterparts. If you’re hungry, stick with me as I round-up five vegan bakeries in the U.S. with a knack for local snacks. Unfortunately, carbs are still included

Resolution 2016 — My Goal for a Tranquil Apartment in NYC


Before I moved to New York City, the idea of applying feng shui principles to home decor was too self-indulgent for my tastes. I grew up in the woods, so to speak, and never experienced the problem of noise pollution during the night. In the midst of rushed taxis and constant construction, my apartment is no longer a quiet, tranquil place to call home. Because I can’t change the city itself, I’m going to change my personal space this year. Using feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, and rearranging or replacing a few pieces of furniture is my only hope of creating a little serenity of my own. To promote better rest and relaxation, read on to learn about a few principles of feng shui that I’m applying to my bedroom decor

10 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained on a Snow Day

Photo: Sky.com

Photo: Sky.com

Snow days: the one thing that made living in a suburban tundra actually worth it. As a teenager, snow days were my chance to savor late wake up times, catch up on TV and attempt backyard snowboarding (which never ended well).

But children are a different story. A ton of pent-up energy combined with the excitement of a day off, and you have a potential powder keg of chaos…unless you try these tips out. Celebrate the specialness of a snow day while keeping kids (constructively) entertained—out in the snow or in front of the fireplace

Get the Look — Revamp Your Home Accessories on a Budget

Photo: Unsplash.com

Photo: Unsplash.com

It’s the beginning of the new year so something that is on all of our brains is sticking to our financial budgets. While conserving on cash is a top priority, making changes is another high ranker in the “things to do” list for January and onward. If you’re looking to update your space you don’t necessarily have to do a style overhaul, start with accents and accessories in order to bring new vibes into your space without having to invest in high priced pieces. Don’t jump at the first stunning piece you come across though- do your research and you’ll be happy to find that item that made your hear flutter for a fraction of the price

Routines — The Landing Strip Essentials that Build Good Habits

Photo: Flickr.com/photos/soikkoratamo

Photo: Flickr.com/photos/soikkoratamo

It’s the last place you see before you leave your home and the first place you’ll unload when you arrive. Building an efficient and effective entry way is key to keeping organized in other parts of your life. Create good habits by making the most out of your space. A landing strip will remain tidy and inviting by adding a few essential pieces of furniture. If you establish a space where you’re able to find things quickly, get out of the house faster and most importantly give a good first impression to guests, this is one routine you’ll have no problem sticking to! Start by finding a home for your keys, shoes and jackets, solving 90 percent of your problems. Here are our favorite ideas to get you started with your entryway redesign

Resolution 2016: My Goal to Stop the Slouch

The 1957 International Posture Queen. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

The 1957 International Posture Queen. Photo: Buzzfeed.com

There’s no delicate way to put this: I have terrible posture. I could list a ton of excuses, from my height (you try standing up straight when your friends’ heads are at shoulder level), laziness or just the general lack of caring. I can still hear my mom reprimanding 10-year-old me as I sat hunched over in front of the TV: “sit up straight or your back will be stuck like that.” Well Patty, you were right! And now 13 years later, I’m finally ready to do something about it

Seen and Heard — The Do-Good Edition

Seen and Heard — The Do-Good Edition

Photo: Kbperu.com

This Monday is Martin Luther King’s birthday, as well as a national day of service. In celebration of great community projects to come, the Krrb team has rounded up some interesting bits of do-good news from all ends of the world. Read on and get motivated

12 Young Dreamers Making A Change

Photo: Posterposter.org

As a nation, we take the third Monday of every January to celebrate the life and legacy of noted social activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A humanitarian, King believed that a non-violent approach was the only way to create a noticeable difference in the fight against racial injustice. The importance of his work continues to live on today through young activists hungry to make Dr. King’s dream a reality. I’ve rounded up 12 young bright minds around the world who are making a difference in their communities. As Dr. King once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Keep Reading to see the dreamers who still fight the good fight

Martin Luther King Day — A National Day of Service In Your Local Community


Monday is the day to take the day on, not off. Most people have the third Monday in January off from work, and there’s no better way to celebrate the day and the dream than to volunteer for an organization in your local community. In 1994, Congress made Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national day of service, tasking all of us with the goal of becoming better people in a better world

Creative Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom Vanity


The New Year usually means making resolutions. I rarely make personal resolutions, but I do like to start January with a list of design and decorating projects. Some might be big, like bathroom remodeling, or small, like painting the foyer. If updating the bathroom is on your to-do list for 2016, the best place to start is the vanity. It’s an important component for any master bath, kid’s bath or powder room. Today’s vanities are really pieces of furniture. They set the design theme and mood, and should be the focal point of the room. However, clutter and mess can detract from even the most beautiful vanity. As you’re choosing bath fixtures, finishes and accessories, don’t forget to think about storage. Since there never seems to be enough of it, especially in the bathroom, I’ve come up with three creative ways to store and display items that get used every day

7 Easy Ways to Do Good This Winter in Your Community

7 Easy Ways to Do Good This Winter

Photo: Flickr.com/photos/kentstate

Before the holiday season, we hear of so many ways to give back or help those in need. But don’t put away your charitable spirit when you’re packing up your Christmas decorations. It’s really easy to make a small yet significant difference right in your own community. These projects take a few hours and can be delivered to your local animal shelter, nursing home or homeless shelter. Some of them are very kid-friendly so the whole family can help out together

Resolution — Money Saving Lifehacks for 2016


The new year is here, and I’m as broke as the city of Detroit (as a Michigander I can say that). Like many others reeling from credit card bills post-holiday spending, I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to be smarter about money. I’ve culled some of my favorite money-saving hacks that seem to be the easiest to implement into my life. If these don’t work, I may be forced to marry a millionaire. Either way, its going to be a great year

5 Instagram Accounts for Organization Inspiration

Photo: Thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com

Photo: Thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com

New year, new changes, new chance to finally tackle that organization overhaul you’ve been planning. But where to begin? Instagram isn’t just for enviable interiors and beautiful clothing; just like with holiday spirit, it’s also our favorite source for motivation to get your clutter in check

Cut the Clutter with Tools and Organization Tips from Top Bloggers


We’re enveloped again by a new year, and yet we’re enveloped still by the old stuff. Kitchen rags abound, and we have so many articles of clothing that would be appropriate during an archaeological dig in Egypt but not here, at home or in the office during 9-5. The question isn’t, “When does the vicious cycle cease,” because that answer is simple. If you’d like to cut the clutter, say, today but are wondering how it’s possible to power through emotional attachment and exhaustion, listen to what these five bloggers have to say about moving on and never looking back

Pop Up Museums — Temporary Exhibits to See this Winter

Photo: Facebook.com/Museumofhappiness

Photo: Facebook.com/Museumofhappiness

By only one day, I missed paying a visit to the Museum of Feelings, a pop up museum in New York City that took the temperature of New Yorkers and displayed their mood with color on the exterior of the building. This massive mood-ring-type building connected mood to a sensory experience—and what an experience it would have been! Having lost my chance to participate, I started looking around at pop up museums around the world. These exhibits offer up an opportunity to engage with a topic for a limited time. So check these exhibits out as soon as possible

Resolution 2016: My Goal to Focus on Self-Care and Meditation


Life is stressful, chaotic and at times, downright overwhelming. Early mornings, late nights and busy weekends tend to bare down on me both emotionally and physically. After a few weeks, I’m running on a deficit of comfort, health and happiness. The only fix is to do some self-care. In a perfect world, it would be like a balanced transaction. Every stressful task is followed up by a relaxing and mindful activity. Usually I forget to practice self-care, but this year, I’m going to prioritize focusing on my overall well-being. Read on to see how I’m going to accomplish my 2016 resolution

Seen and Heard — Flirting in the 1800’s and Pants for Dogs

Seen and Heard

Photo: Muddymutts.ca

The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week!

We’re back with logos, dog pants and flirting basics. Whatcha waiting for?

5 Creative Knitting Projects to Make a Difference

Photo: Studioknitsf.com

Photo: Studioknitsf.com

As soon as the first winter chill creeps in, I’m reaching for my knitting needles. Getting cozy and crafting away is the perfect seasonal activity, especially when you’re looking for meaningful gifts. If you’re interested in venturing outside of your comfort zone to move beyond personal projects, there’s a world of cool community projects founded on some yarn and a mission. Check out some of these great knitting projects that can help you make a difference (while expanding your skills)

Local Blogs — DC Blogs to Read Now

Photo: Laurenliess.com

Photo: Laurenliess.com

No matter what your current location is, it’s always interesting to read local blogs to check out the latest trends that are going on in other cities. Finding your go-to blog can be a hard task, but that’s where we come in to help! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite bloggers in the Washington DC area for you to check out. Try a DIY project that they’ve scouted out, take a tour of the coolest locations in the city or just check in on them to learn about what inspires them from day to day! Happy reading