The Bare Necessities – A Minimalist’s Beach Trip Checklist

Does this make you want to run to the beach, or what? Photo:

Does this make you want to run to the beach, or what? Photo:

Going to the beach, even for the day, is a summer escape to spread out and breath the open air. Whether you’re the kind of person that lays with a book, listening to the water and natural sound-scape, or you’re a surfing, swimming, football-throwing, beach-combing machine, the beach trip is a right for all people to enjoy. It can be a cheap, or even free excursion for a romantic jaunt, family day or party with friends.

But, there are two ways to go to the beach

The Best of Brooklyn – Williamsburg, Part 1: The Northside

Bedford L train

The Bedford Ave stop on the L train marks the epicenter of the action in Brooklyn's most happening neighborhood. All photos by Brooke Williams.

If Brooklyn is the most happening part of New York City right now and we think of it like a university, Williamsburg, a neighborhood which sits at the borough’s north end, is the center of the undergraduate college campus. Divided into two sides (the North and the South) this area has undergone a massive transformation in the past 15 years. [Which many of us here at Krrb have witnessed first hand, as long time area residents.] What was once a largely industrial landscape spotted with modest housing for the immigrants who worked in its factories has now become an eclectic mix of renovated luxury loft buildings, art galleries, shops and eateries all geared toward the artistic, music-loving, vintage-clothes-wearing hipsters that now populate the local streets

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Area 17

The Best of Austin’s South Congress Avenue

The Austin Hotel, keepin it weird on South Congress, the home to many awesome vintage and unique shops.

The Austin Hotel, keepin it weird on South Congress, the home to many awesome vintage and unique shops.

Keep Austin Weird. That’s what Austiners say about their liberal oasis in the desert. And we can see why. From bat-bombarded bridges and food and drink amped movie theaters, to major music and creative festivals and food trucks out the wazoo like no other place in the nation, Austin has it’s unique elements that make it stand out as a national destination.

One of the best parts of Austin is the strip of South Congress Avenue near where the Colorado River runs trough downtown. It’s home to tons of delicious restaurants, boutique hotels, food trucks and unique shops carrying handmade, vintage and secondhand.

We took a little tour to share our recommendations with you. Check em

Jana Blankenship – On Making Aromatic Beauty In San Francisco

Jana on the beach in Bolinas

A lovely photo of Jana Blankenship on the beach in Bolinas taken by best friend photographer Rachel Barrett.

Meet Krrb member Jana Blankenship (aka Captain Blankenship), creator of beautiful scents, curator, lover of animals and the beach, and creative soul of the highest order. We were initially drawn to her corner by the array of her line of handmade beauty products (who doesn’t love a good bath salt?) and got in touch with her to learn more. Read on and discover what makes this true ‘nose’ tick

Who’s Zoomin’ Who – The French Are Sharing Cars Between Neighbors

Robin Chase is CEO of in France.

Robin Chase is cofounder and CEO of in France.

We at Krrb are really interested in the idea of “using the Internet to get off the Internet” so when we heard that, in France, people are using the Internet to facilitate car sharing with their neighbors (and make money while doing it), our ears perked and our sniffers went into high gear

To Do: The Epic DUMBO Stoop Sale

The archway in DUMBO, Brooklyn, where this Epic sale will take place.

The archway in DUMBO, Brooklyn, where this Epic sale will take place.

We’ve lauded the benefits of organizing or taking part in community sales, whether it’s your entire city galvanizing for a full scale extravaganza, as a way to be more neighborly, or just generally mastering the art of the stoop sale.

Now, you have the opportunity to join an epic one in DUMBO, Brooklyn

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street view

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Don't forget all those special dads out there!

Don't forget all those special dads out there!

Fathers day is right around the corner on Sunday June 19th, so now is a good time to start looking out for a special gift for that awesome dad in your life. Whether he’s into chilling out or being active, we got you covered in Krrb’d gift ideas around the world. Check ’em out after the jump

I Want This – Headphones in Manhattan

vimoda headphones

I could listen to music with style if only I had these headphones...

In my previous life, I sat at my desktop for maybe an hour at a time, max, and always listened to music (or watched videos, etc) out loud with the laptop hooked up to my stereo. Because I worked from home. Alone. So my ultra-minimal early 80’s Japanese headphones were perfect. I used them only sparingly and was super into their whole retro vibe.

These days, I work from an office and have those same headphones on pretty much all day, so that same retro-ness that makes my ‘phones look so cool is now more annoying as it translates into hours of not-so-great sound quality.

Enter these babies that have just surfaced on Krrb. Good looking. Top quality sound. All I need.

Sadly, I have blown this week’s Krrb allowance on a pair of sandals (ah, fashion) so now is y’alls chance to go to ideas and love’s corner and jump on these. Cause if they’re still around in a fortnight, they’re mine!

New Feature – 30 Posts in Under 60 Seconds from Etsy, eBay, Craigslist and More

A hand-crafted "YAY" card, courtesy of

A hand-crafted "YAY" card, courtesy of

Introducing, one of the most exciting new features on The ‘Krrb It’ button. What’s that, you say? I’ll tell ya

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On The Web – Finding Your Way To The Perfect Neighborhood

Someone's having a neighborhood birthday party. Photo by George Williams.

Someone's having a neighborhood birthday party. Photo by George Williams.

Ann Montgomery moved 35 times in her life. That’s right, 35 times. And each time she moved she had the same dilemma – which neighborhood in this undiscovered new city should she call home sweet home? Like most of us, she turned to the modern-day oracle called the Internet, but was left with spotty googling and biased recommendations

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roller skate club

Rebecca Wiener in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Rebecca Wiener

Rebecca Wiener enjoying the early summer sun in Brooklyn, New York. Photo by Brooke Williams.

Meet Krrb member Rebecca Wiener, artist, graphic designer, magazine editor, cat lover and all around good egg. After helping to steer the ship at Index magazine as it’s managing editor (among other impressive gigs) she headed back to grad school to pursue her love of design, emerging with an esthetic that is optimistic without being sappy, and sophisticated without being smart alecky. Read on to learn more about what makes this talented newcomer tick

I Want This – Flip Flops in Brooklyn


Golden flip flops for enjoying summer fun!

Happy Memorial Day all you Krrb lovers out there!

Summer has come, and despite the rain, we’re all thinking about pick-nicks, the beach and all things warm and sunny. So what better way to put our best feet forward than in some golden flip flops from Brazil, right?

Sadly, I’m not in NYC right now, so I can’t jump on these. But if one of you people are lucky enough to be in and around downtown Manhattan near this particular corner on Krrb, you should hurry over and snatch these up!

And let the good times roll!

Today Is “La Fête Des Voisins” In France!

Parisian neighbors celebrating La fête des voisins.

Parisian neighbors celebrating La fête des voisins.

Every year, on the last Friday of May, neighbors all over France get together to clink glasses and break bread for La fête des voisins or Neighbors Day. The idea is simple: gather with your neighbors, drink some wine and get to know each other better

Meet. Swap. Krrb. At the Brooklyn Winery!

Meet. Swap. Krrb.

Spring is in full effect and it’s time to spruce up your summer wardrobe. So come on by and meet, swap, Krrb.

Join us on Sunday, June 5th for an afternoon swap meet at the gorgeous Brooklyn Winery and sponsored by our fabulous friends at BurdaStyle. Trade in your old store bought or handmade wares for new treasures. Bring one item or a whole bag of apparel, shoes and accessories and leave with all new-to-you stuff

The Neighborhood Experience – A Panel At Internet Week NYC

There Goes The Neighborhood

"There Goes The Neighborhood" from "Experimental Housing Project" by SuttonBeresCuller.

Thanks to everyone who voted for our panel at Internet Week New York – it was selected and we are super excited about it! If you’re around and interested in geeking out on the subject of hyper-local tech, stop on by

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