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What Is The Slow Food Movement Anyway?

Happy cows, photo: farmpower.com

Happy cows, photo: farmpower.com

Good, clean and fair. These three large yet basic ideas form the core philosophy of the Slow Food Movement, a growing group of people (more than 100,000 members in over 153 countries) who are paying attention not only to what they eat, but to how it effects the world at large

Leslie Banker of Rhode Island- On Home Decor, Small Chairs And Keeping An Open Mind

Leslie Banker

Here's Leslie Banker, hanging out in front of some of her favorite mirrors.

Krrb member Leslie Banker is the kind of person you really want to have living next door, because she knows at least a little something about pretty much everything, and she is happy to share the knowledge with all comers.

The two brilliantly illustrated mini-encyclopedias she authored with her well known interior designer mom, Pamela Banker, demystify the complex worlds of decorating (The Pocket Decorator) and renovating (The Pocket Renovator) and will have you talking like a pro in no time flat. Her brand new online shop and blog offer up creative solutions to help keep your place looking great, and her Krrb corner is constantly populated with treasures you’ll want to carry home.

Read on to discover what makes this author/decorator/shop owner (oh and did I say mother?) tick

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Creative and Simple Leftover Recipes – It’s Smart For The Earth And The Wallet

Delicious leftovers, photo: The Frugal Girl

Leftovers get such a bad rap. But we totally understand: it’s repetitive, first of all. And second of all, it’s repetitive. If all you’re doing is re-heating last night’s dinner, then of course tonight’s dinner is going to be boring. If variety is the spice of life, then then add some paprika and let’s get reheating.

Or maybe leftovers are the ugly stepchild because it’s easy to be suspicious of “old” food. No one wants to be bitten by the food bug or eat anything past it’s prime. And that’s very fair. Another total turn off is the legitimate concern about dangers when it comes to reheating food in the microwave – a regular habit for so many of us.

But boring or suspicious dinners are not the only problem with leftovers. How many of us buy food and eventually throw it out, especially since composting is still not a mainstream thing, although it totally should be? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency

I Want This – Akai MPC 500 Beat Machine

mpc 500

The ultimate suped up drum machine from back in the day. (MPC = Music Production Center)

To anyone interested in making beats, this is your moment. If you live in France, that is.

It’s a drum machine.
It’s a 32-voice stereo digital sampler.
It’s a sequencer. (For organizing and playing your samples in sequence, natch!)
It’s compatible with other MPC’s via a compact flash reader.
It’s fully portable.
Kanye West has one.
‘Nuff said.

Check it out at krrb.com/nuno

Stretch That Pickle – Secondhand Brining

In the 1920's, more than 100 independent pickle vendors vied for space in New York's Lower East Side where pickles were a culinary staple. Photo: forward.com

In the 1920's, more than 100 independent pickle vendors vied for space in New York's Lower East Side where pickles were a culinary staple. Photo: forward.com

Be it from a barrel or jar, diner or fair, spicy or dill, half sour or whole – we all love a good pickle, right? According to the New York Food Museum, pickling started way back in 2040BC with ancient Mesopotamians getting their pickle on. Pickles are twice mentioned in the Bible, Cleopatra ate them as part of her beauty routine and Julius Caesar fed them to his troops believing they offered physical and spiritual strength. By the time the early 1600’s rolled around, regular plebes in the States were pickling at home and able to buy them commercially

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Is Recycling Plastic As Easy As You Think?

pollution 5 miles offshore - Manila, Philippines

The Pacific Garbage Patch is a Texas-sized swirling mass of the world's mostly plastic garbage floating around in the North Pacific Ocean. And because the garbage comes from everywhere, no country is willing to take ownership of the mess or responsibility for cleaning it up. Yuck.

There is a new island being formed in the Pacific Ocean and it’s composed entirely of the world’s garbage. According to Greenpeace.org, “The trash vortex is an area the size of Texas in the North Pacific in which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton, along with other slow degrading garbage, swirls slowly around like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds who get snared. Some plastics in the gyre will not break down in the lifetimes of the grandchildren of the people who threw them away.”

Now if that’s not enough motivation to recycle plastic, then we don’t know what is. But before we all run home and throw every plastic container, case or wrap into the blue bin, we need to read on. Because actually, not all things made of plastic are recyclable. Even some items with the friendly chasing arrows symbol will eventually end up in the landfill of most municipalities.

It turns out that sometimes, placing something in the recycling bin is actually worse than just chucking it. To help clear up the confusion, we decided to take a closer look at the in’s and out’s of plastic recycling to help us figure out how best to do good when it comes to this ubiquitous and complicated subject

For The Love Of The Landfill – 10 Innovative Upcycled Designs

Create planters out of old books you rescue from the garbage or pick up at the thrift store.

Create planters out of old books you rescue from the garbage or pick up at the thrift store.

One way of stopping the production of pollution and waste is by not buying anything anymore – but we know that’s unrealistic at best, and a total buzz-kill at worst. But there are ways that you can still get your shopping fix, decorate your home and body, and still buy presents for people without participating in the one way decay from factory to landfill. Just buy secondhand and upcycled or recycled stuff.

Everyone knows that being less consumptive is a great way to be green, but by buying something used or transformed from something already made, you’re helping to extend the life of an object for which energy has already been expended to produce in the first place. Additionally, you’re saving another “thing” from going to the landfill and possibly our streets, the ocean or any other place where garbage mysteriously piles up.

As such, we have selected ten amazing finds from people creating something new out of something old. In the world of upcycling, these are some of our favorites

Some Serious Summer Reading

beach reading

A perfect summer day. Photo by sergis blog from Flicker.

At it’s best, summertime is chock full of lazy afternoons in hammocks or at the beach, and seemingly endless hours during which we are all able to lose ourselves while devouring the various books on our “must read” list.

But what about those of us who have been too busy even to amass such a list? What do we do when we find that week of vacation stretching out in front of us while our bedside table lies empty? We take a trip to our local secondhand bookstore, of course, and get them to tell us what to read

I Want This – Vintage Pyrex Casserole Set in Philadelphia

vintage pyrex

I mean, are these not the coolest Pyrex casseroles you have ever seen?

Come on! Who is not going to want to eat whatever kind of casserole you serve up if it comes to the table in one of these awesome dishes? Straight from the oven, I might add, because they are made of Pyrex.

I am sad that I don’t live close enough to Philly to pick these up and add them to my own kitchen arsenal. But I am happy knowing that one of you people out there in Krrbland does, and will. Run, don’t walk, to LaBestia’s corner and check ’em out!

Keeping It Real – NabeWise Founder Ann Montgomery Talks Neighborhoods

ann b

Ann Montgomery, Co-founder and CEO of NabeWise.

As you might have noticed (if you’ve been paying any attention at all) we Krrb folk are obsessed with the whole idea of neighborhoods and how to live a more sustainable and meaningful life within them. “Be neighborly” is our mantra, our modus operendi, our two word philosophy. So imagine our delight when we discovered NabeWise, a website that is 100% dedicated to matching up people with their ideal ‘hood

Satisfying Your Thirst – Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes

Your drink of the summer doesn't have to be sickly sweet or synthetic. Even though these may look tempting, why not try something a little more healthy, homemade and wholesome.

In the sun drenched days and long warm nights of summer, it’s so nice to kick back with a homemade, healthful and refreshing drink. Whether you call it a cooler, mocktail, virgin, or simply a non-alcoholic cocktail, it doesn’t need to be bright blue or have an umbrella in it to get the true taste of summer. In fact, by incorporating seasonal produce into a homemade drink, you’ll be much more in tune with the summer palette of sweet, ripe fruit.

Entertaining? Offer a non-alcoholic drink in addition to your beers and cocktails that isn’t Pepsi, Sprite and water – it’s a super easy way to expand your menu in delightful ways. And with the proper glassware, and in some cases a blender, you’ll be flipping cocktails like Tom Cruise in no time.

Try these recipes

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George Xanthopoulos — On Keeping It Local, and Delicious, in Brooklyn

George X

Here's George gettng ready for summer by trying on some shades. Photo by Kemp Attwood

Meet Krrb member George Xanthopoulos. Known around these parts as George X, this ultimate ‘man-in-the-know’ makes a business out of throwing parties (you know, concerts and other festive events) so that folks like us can have a good time and maybe even experience something new in the process. He’s also a damned good cook. Read on to learn how this Williamsburg gourmand gets his grove on

I Want This – Vintage glitter in Henrico, Virginia


Vintage glitter - What more does a princess need?

Try as I might, I have not been able to steer my daughter entirely clear of the princess phase. It is something that just happens. Sure, she’s into dump trucks and knows the difference between a bulldozer and a backhoe, but that’s nothing compared to her ability to reenact the most recent British royal wedding. Word for word.

And what princess ensemble (or art project) is complete without a little glitter? Which is why my eyes popped when I saw this post on Krrb.

Alas, I live nowhere near Henrico, Virginia, and as such will not be getting my hands on this particular treasure. But I know there are tons of princesses and parents of princesses out there in Krrbland, and at least one of you must live near enough to Ashley L and her corner on Krrb to take advantage of this offer-of-a-lifetime.

I mean, who knows? Maybe monarchies are making a comeback. Best to be prepared!

I Want This – A House In Marseille


I mean, COME ON, look at that VIEW!!!!

I have always prided myself on being organized. At least as far as how we spend our vacations. So I was feeling pretty good for sewing up our plans for Summer 2011. Until now.

I am tempted to throw it all to the four winds and trade our Brooklyn apt for this glorious abode in the south of France. My kid would have a blast. My husband and I… well I suppose we could just quit our jobs for the summer, right? It’s only 6 weeks. And how often do you get an opportunity to hang in the French Riviera without laying down a huge pile of cash?

Hmmm… maybe I should take myself seriously here… If you stop seeing posts from me, you’ll know where to find me. Or maybe you guys should beat me to it and head over to krrb.com/delph to check it out for yourselves.

Flea Market – Treasure Island In The San Francisco Bay

Opening weekend at The Treasure Island Flea.

Opening weekend at The Treasure Island Flea.

Angie and Chris Ansanelli launched The Treasure Island Flea just last month and saw almost 10,000 visitors traffic their curated flea market on the man-made Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. The market is an experiential jaunt, offering an eclectic mix of merchandise, specialty food purveyors, amazing city views and varied entertainment. They also rotate their food trucks so that every time you visit, you can get something fresh and exciting to munch while doing your shopping

Keep It Green – The Natural Swimming Pool

natural swimming pool

A stunning natural swimming pool in Austria. Photo by Peter Thomas.

It’s hard to imagine summer without swimming, and for many of us the ultimate version of that activity includes long lazy afternoons lounging poolside, sipping cool delicious lemonades (or more potent concoctions!) and then diving into refreshingly clear water. And we all know that chemicals are bad, but the chlorine in these pools is a necessary evil, because how else do we keep the water fresh and clean, right