Scenes Of Summer – Photos To Salivate Over

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Follow this sign to a virtual tableful of sumptuous summertime eats and drinks. Photo by arimoore on Flickr.

We are in the thick of summertime, and with the heat and the beach and the general slowness comes a cavalcade of fresh fruits and veggies that we can fashion into untold numbers of yummy dishes to savor on a lazy hazy afternoon.

Nothing inspires the inner chef like a few tempting photographs, so we’ve collected a few of our favorites – the shots that get our mouths watering the fastest – for you all to enjoy. Click below to lose yourself in a sea of deliciousness

On Making Jewelry, Selling At Brooklyn Flea, And Eating In Queens

Amy and her husband on their wedding day in vintage attire.

Amy and her husband on their wedding day in vintage attire.

Krrb member, Amy Lapierre creates and sells jewelry that feeds her ravenous customers insatiable appetite for the sparkly. Try visiting the Birdhouse booth at the Brooklyn Flea and you’ll find it mobbed with shoppers deciding that since they’re already there picking out a present for their friend that, “oh, maybe they’ll also just get themselves a little something.” I guess you can say Amy knows what people want and with Birdhouse, she keeps them wanting more.

But even someone who loves their job as much as Amy still needs to get out and enjoy their neighborhood. Whether she’s taking in the view from her front porch with her husband or exploring Queen’s vast culinary options, Amy’s a bright smile who has found a way to be successful at being creative. The dream, isn’t it

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5 Easy Pieces – Morse Code, Clock Hands And Chalk Boards

By Revived Vintage

By Revived Vintage

As part of a new serious called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite for-sale stuffs from around the web that inspires creativity, individuality, and pays homage to the handmade, upcycled, recycled, vintage or just plain ol’ awesome. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that

I Want This – Printed Cotton Baby Quilt in Brooklyn

toddler quilt

Just the thing to keep your little darlings snug and warm... and their bed looking cute, too.

It’s the perfect baby gift, or gift for your own kids (aka you!) These quilts have everything you want in a kid’s bedding:

  • No stereotypical truck or princess patterns.
  • Anyone can use it, ’cause it’s both pink and blue.
  • Lightweight cotton works in all seasons.
  • The print is lighthearted enough for a child, but sophisticated enough for the person who is tucking them in.
  • And at 45 by 56 inches, it will keep on covering your precious darlings as they grow from cute gurgling infant to ‘I-want-more-ice cream’ screaming toddlers. Who are still cute, mind you, but a bit more of a handful.
  • So go check it out on Rasany’s Krrb corner, especially if you find yourself near downtown Brooklyn. Or head over to the Dekalb Market to check out their stall.

    And make sure to tell ’em Krrb sent you!

    DIY Popsicles – 10 Delicious Recipes For Frozen Goodness


    You can pour almost anything liquid into a mold and 5 hours later you've got a frozen masterpiece. Yum!

    The temperatures are hitting record highs (in fact, all 50 of the United States have set new record highs this month alone) and we are all trying to keep cool by hook or by crook. Some may take a trip to Alaska, others might walk around with a wet towel over their heads, but we Krrb folk are going to hang out near the freezer and make our own popsicles right about now.

    All you need is a freezer, some fruit or juice and a good imagination to come up with some real winners. We’ve scoured the web, done some of our own taste testing and returned from the field with our 10 favorite popsicle recipes to get you going. Super fresh, inexpensive and really simple to make, these babies are sure to put a smile on even the most sunburned among us. It’s also a great project to do with the kids, not only because it’s fun, but it keeps them away from the Mr Softee high fructose corn syrup overload that is so often associated with the season!

    Here’s what you need to get started

    Tweet – Moms, Thrifters, Foodies, Designers and Flea Markets To Follow On Twitter

    From the flickr stream of Sarah Miles at

    It’s Friday and if you’re on Twitter, you know that means it’s time to give it up to our lovable Twiteratti with a little #FollowFriday. But being that there are so many super people out there working their 140 magic, we’re doing a whole long list on who to follow that you might not already have on your radar.

    Read below for who gets our reads, clicks and Retweets, and let us know in the comments who we’re missing. And of course, if you aren’t following us already, follow us at @krrbsale!

    Happy Follow Friday

    I Want This – Beta Male T-Shirt in Chicago

    Beta Male t shirt

    Say it loud: "I'm beta and I'm proud!"

    Some wisdom from Urban Dictionary:

    In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is the dominant member of the community. He’s like a cartoon caveman, commanding deference. The betas are wingmen, collaborative and conciliatory. In human terms, betas make the best mates. They do more in the house, and probably in the bedroom, because they know how to hasten the greater good.

    Which is all we need to know.

    If you’re in the Chicago area, hit up Pretty Clever’s Krrb corner. Once you’ve scored the shirt, finding a Mr Right to fill it should be child’s play.

    Scenes Of Summer – Via The iPhone

    Ice Cream. Photo by Sarah Bonnaud.

    Ice Cream. Photo by Sarah Bonnaud.

    We must admit, we’re a bit preoccupied with the iPhone lately because of the launch of our launch of our new app. Krrb is on the go now and so are we. Not a moment too soon, either, because there’s no denying it, summer is definitely here. The heat index around our parts is hovering over 100 degrees, so we’re lathering on the sunscreen, wearing as little as possible and heading outside to enjoy the sunshine.

    We thought we’d help inspire everybody to step away from the AC’s and get outside, by collecting a bunch of great summer photos – sort of a visual diary of all of the things that make this season like no other. And to commemorate the launch of our new Krrb iPhone app, we decided to share photos taken with our iPhones!

    Check out our collection of scenes from this glorious, carefree season

    Introducing – Krrb on your iPhone!!!

    Krrb on your iPhone

    If you’re a Krrb seller, you probably know how easy it is to create a post on Krrb. Then last month, we made it ridiculously easy for sellers on Etsy, Craigslist, eBay (and more) to instantly publish their posts to Krrb using our magical Krrb it button. And now today, you can practically post to Krrb through osmosis!

    Introducing our new Krrb iPhone App

    A Photo Tour – The Dekalb Market In Brooklyn

    Stacked containers are used for semi-permanent shops.

    Stacked containers are used for semi-permanent shops.

    This past Saturday and Sunday was the inaugural weekend of The Dekalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn. Luckily we shot loads of photos, so you can check out this unique arrangement of 22 shipping containers and the handmade, vintage and artisinal culinary treats inside them. The market will run seven days a week, year-round and will stay open as late as 10pm serving cans of beer from Brooklyn Brewery for those looking for a bar alternative. Shoppers and eaters can enjoy the music provided by Brooklyn Bodega, a hip hop events company, publication and indie label. In addition to 10 regular food vendors and dozens of shops and booths, there’s also a large garden being used by several local non-profits, each with a different purpose running the gamut of culinary and gardening instruction, job training for high-schoolers, research, and adult training on the DIY design and the construction of green roofs.

    Check out the details and photos below

    7 Reasons Why A Staycation Is The Way To Go This Summer

    front porch

    Who needs to travel long distances when you can relax quite nicely on your own front porch? Photo by E Skene on Flickr.

    At Krrb, we’re all about keeping it local, so this summer, we say leave the long lines at the airport and the sticker shock at the gas pump behind, and think about spending your much needed summer vacation closer to HQ. The stress of travel is instantly eliminated, plus it’s nice to actually spend some time in the home that you’ve worked so hard to make your own in the first place. Staycation is the name of the game in ’11, and we are here to inspire you by sharing 7 ideas we think will make staying at home the best respite ever

    Slow Travel – Walking Across Spain

    Trekker extraordinaire, my mom!

    Trekker extraordinaire, my mom!

    When the Krrb editorial team was sitting around the proverbial conference table, discussing the different ways people slow down, a couple of important figures popped into my head: Forrest Gump and my mom. You see, a couple years ago, my mom Karen decided to walk across Spain. As a New Yorker, she keeps a fast paced life and the speed of her walking certainly matches. And being the thoughtful traveller she is, she decided that a great way to fully and thoroughly and slowly experience the country would be to walk right through it.

    As she shares below, her journey on the Camino de Santiago was more important than the destination, and like Forrest Gump, she just wanted to keep walking. Luckily I have an insider’s knowledge into one woman’s trek of taking in a country as slow as you possibly can. Check it out below – and no mom jokes, please

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    salt and pepper shakers

    Scott K of New Jersey — On Fixing Old Stuff, Pearl Diving, And How To Get The Best Deal

    Scott: Yours truly.

    Scott: Yours truly.

    From an early age, Krrb member Scott K began mastering the trades that harken back to yesteryear. They’re perfectly suited for his scavenging habits – we’re talking skills like caning (as in furniture weaving, not corporal punishment) blacksmithing and wood turning, to name a few – because finding old bikes, tools, machines, rocking chairs, and desks that need love fuel his appetite for creative thinking and re-imagining.

    Scott is a prolific writer on his blog, My Second Hand Life, and a fun addition in 140 characters as well. And of course, check out his Krrb Corner which has some pretty awesome retro items.

    Read on, fellow thrifters, scavengers and creative recyclers

    I Want This – The 80s and 90s Combo Game in Brooklyn

    80s and 90s game

    Finally! A chance to relive the not-so-distant past in the comfort of your own home.

    Those were the days… Madonna (in her heyday), Public Enemy, acid-washed jeans, Beverly Hills 90210, Bill Clinton, Jerry Seinfeld, the list goes on.

    We’ve been thinking a lot about ways to slow down lately, and what better way to kick back than over a trivia board game with a few friends? No bells and whistles, no computerized parts, just good clean fun and a lot of laughs (because how can you keep a straight face when discussing the hairstyles on The Facts Of Life?)

    If you’re in the NYC metro area, head on down to our good ‘pal’ Krrbie’s corner (where you’ll also find 7 seasons of Family Guy on DVD for your stay-at-home pleasure) and check out the game for yourselves.

    You’ll be humming Nirvana in no time!

    Dive! The Movie – A Tale Of Waste And Possibilities

    Dumpster Diving at Trader Joe's on Found: Eggs, Salmon, Tilapia, Turkey, Chicken, Peanut Butter filled Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Eggplant Parmesan Meals, Brussels Au Gratin, Grapefruit, Apples, Plums, Persimmons, Peppers, Pita and Hummus, and bags and bags and bags of Bread of all sorts.

    We wrote recently about the food waste epidemic around the world, and how it effects the environment and home budgets. We suggested that one way to help was by being more responsible with food taken home by appreciating leftovers and getting the most out of groceries. But unfortunately, a major part of the problem starts way before you fill your car then your fridge with food that is dumpster destined

    Love What You Do – An Activity Book For Kids

    Love What You Do

    Love What You Do. The coloring and activity book for young kids from MailChimp. Because they love what they do.

    Last time we checked, MailChimp was a company that helps you market whatever it is you’re doing/selling/making online by aiding in the design and distribution of email newsletters. So what’s all this about a coloring book for kids?

    Our interest was peaked when we first heard about it from our friend Swiss Miss’s blog – so much so that we actually clicked on her links to learn more

    Solar Power – Sun Tea To Slow You Down

    Sitting on the porch, keeping cool.

    Sitting on the porch, keeping cool.

    Is there any better way to slow down than to sit on the porch with an icey glass of tea while the sun sets in the distance? After a long hot day in the sun, you want to sit back and enjoy the setting, sip your homemade, just slightly sweet iced tea, and reflect on a long days work

    I Want This – Tea Tree Exfoliant Mask in Brooklyn

    tea mask

    Give your skin a new lease on life with this mask.

    It’s finally summertime, and with the sun and fun comes lots of extra grime and dirt, not to mention SPF 50+ sunscreen, as we spend more time being all active and outdoorsy. Now is the time to pay a little extra attention to our skin, which is working extra hard to protect us from the elements, by cleaning it with a little something special.

    Enter this Tee Tree mask, which promises to draw out the impurities (yuck!) without disturbing our natural moisture (yay!)

    Sign me up! And since I live in the area, I get have some of this stuff for my own. But luckily, meow meow tweet is a beauty company, so there’s plenty of this elixir to go around! Head to to check it out for yourselves!