Get the Look — New Year, New Routine


Happy 2015 everyone! With the new year comes new resolutions and this year I have resolved to get into better shape. Instead of just shoving as much garbage food into my mouth as I can until I explode I’m trying to be more aware of the things I eat. I’m trying to drink less alcohol and more water and juices. But most importantly, I’ve begun to workout again. Nothing gets me into better shape mentally and physically than a nice, long run and lifting some free weights

I Want This — Vintage Textile Art


In case you haven’t heard, wall hangings are back in a big way. From weaving to embroidery to cross-stitch, the textile arts are suddenly cool again. I’ll admit that I’ve never had much talent in this area (my first cross-stitch was abandoned half-finished long, long ago) but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it. I love the strong colors and geometric patterns of this vintage shag wall hanging. It would really add some warmth, color and texture to the relatively bare walls of my living room. Plus, as advertised, I could always use it for a rug or even a blanket in desperate times. You can’t do that with a painting.

Our Krrbie Resolutions for the New Year


This year at Krrb we’ve gathered up all our New Year’s Resolutions to share with you. Hopefully, since we’re declaring these resolutions in a public space we’ll stick to them! What about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Share them with us in the comments and achieve your goals

Get the Look — Ring in the New Year with a Party Outfit



If you’re going to party like it’s 1999, em, 2015 on December 31st—you need the proper attire. I believe it’s actually a law that you must wear something sparkly and glittery on New Year’s Eve. Keep that in mind as you pull together an outfit that says celebration, whether you’re out dancing the night away or curled up on the sofa watching the ball drop in Times Square

I Want This — Walnut Coat Rack


After many years of being an enthusiastic shopper, I have accumulated quite the wardrobe. While I tend to wear the same outfits on repeat, I have an abundance of other pieces of clothing that only come out rarely.

With my closet and dresser stuffed to capacity, I often times have neat piles of sweaters or dresses added to my bookshelf. Although I don’t mind how this looks, it’s taking up too much room and not leaving space for my actual books and collections

5 Holiday Guides for All You Krrbies


The holidays are here everyone! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Hanukkah is in full swing. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Oh how the time does fly when you’ve had an incredible year. Anyways, to say thanks to all of you Krrbies we’ve rounded up our five favorite holiday guides

Get the Look — Stocking Your Bar Cart for the Holidays

Photo from

Photo from

The holidays are here and with them, holiday parties! Whether you’re hosting a pre-Christmas cocktail party or a New Year’s Eve bash, a beautiful bar cart is the crown jewel of party decor. As the focal point of the room, it had better be stocked, styled and ready for the onslaught (err, festivities). In an effort to prepare you for a merry evening, we put together a quick checklist to ensure that your next social gathering is a complete success

I Want This — Ramiro Davaro-Comas Special Edition FlipBooKit

I Want This — Ramiro Davaro-Comas Special Edition FlipBooKit

I spent a huge part of my childhood making flipbooks. Drawing little figurines and then watching them magically come to life when you thumb through your work—it’s the best. It’s why I immediately added this clever hand crank flipbook ($65) to my Christmas wishlist. Featuring Ramiro Davaro-Comas, this FlipBooKit also comes with a motorized arcade button ($200). I would love to have this on display in my living room, it makes a great conversation starter and fun way to display art.

Watch this FlipBooKit in action here. And find it on GrumpyBert’s Krrb corner.

Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week



The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week

How to Create an Elegant & Eco-friendly Holiday Table


It’s easy to create a show-stopping table setting with items you have on hand, by simply adding greenery and fruit into the mix. The added bonus of a tablescape such as this one (or the endless variations possible) is that everything is reusable and organic – no paper goods or silly plastic decorations to throw away

Krrb Gift Guide — Campy Gifts For Young Tykes



When you’re a kid, there’s nothing that can top waking up early on Christmas morning to unwrap presents in your pajamas… Unless, of course, you discover Santa got you everything you wanted for Christmas! Make sure Santa stays on track and gets his deliveries done right with Krrb’s gift guide for kids. So whether the child on your shopping list dreams of sports or dinosaurs, we’ve got you covered

Transforming an Old Window into a Changeable Photo Display


The most successful room designs are those that use texture, color and contrast in interesting ways. As an interior designer, I work to incorporate these elements into every room and always add something unexpected. Sometimes the easiest way to add that different twist is with accessories—and a room is never finished until the accessories are in place

Get the Look — Cozy Guest Rooms for the Holidays



With the holiday season upon us, guests and visitors will be coming in and out of our homes for dinners, get togethers and all sorts of parties. If you have family members or friends staying with you – whether it’s for one night or an extended stay – it’s important to make them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. You don’t necessarily have to buy new items to put in the room for them, but instead you can just temporarily relocate things from other areas of your home

Krrb Partners with Built By Kids for Child-Friendly Classifieds



The old saying is true: kids grow like weeds. It’s why strollers, cribs, toys and gear have a high resale value because kids barely use them before they outgrow these items. Krrb is excited to announce Built by Kids Classifieds through a partnership with Built by Kids. This new and safe classifieds is a community where families, caregivers and educators are invited to buy, sell and trade gently used kids gear with others

[CLOSED] Holiday Gift Giveaway — Win Gold Earrings from KrisP Studio

Holiday Gift Giveaway — Win Gold Earrings from KrisP

In the spirit of the holiday season, Krrb is giving away 12 secondhand, handmade or locally made gifts. You have until 11:59 EST on December 16th to enter for this gift below.

We can personally attest to what a wonderful gift KrisP Studio jewelry makes. Simple and thoughtful in design, earrings made by Kristel Phears go with any outfit. Located in Santa Rosa, California, Kristel’s jewelry line has grown from her childhood love for gems. Read on to find out more about today’s gift

Krrb Reaches 100,000 Users!

You guys, we are so excited today because Krrb has just reached 100,000 users! We couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to neighborly living!

I Want This — Vintage Christmas Stocking


With only 9 days till Christmas, the pressure is on for late seasonal decorators like myself. I usually tend to stray away from traditional decorations but lately, I’ve had my eye on some cute Christmas stockings to hang around the fireplace. Besides looking lovely and spreading the Christmas cheer, they pull double duty as the perfect way to present a few small gifts for my family. I’m on the hunt for a cool vintage stocking because unlike more modern stockings, a vintage style would fit my current decor better and also add a bit of quirkiness for the holiday season.

FunkyLadyVintage has the solution! The Vintage Christmas Moose Stocking is equal parts traditional, retro, and ironic. And being made of wool and cotton, this vintage Marshall Fields’s Christmas stocking is sure to last forever. My favorite stocking has the needlepoint Moose design, but FunkyLadyVintage has more stocking designs over on her Krrb Corner.

How about you? How do you give the gift of Christmas cheer? Let us know in the comments!

Krrb Gift Guide — Delightful Gifts for Men


Shopping for the men in your life can be difficult. From the simple man that “just doesn’t like stuff,” to the impossibly particular, to those who only need incredibly expensive power tools and car parts (my dad actually falls into all three of these categories), the whole holiday giving thing can feel like a total crap shoot. But not this year! This year, your presents will be opened with a smile. This time you’ll see him wearing, using or treasuring your gift for years to come. Oh yes, he will

Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week



The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week

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