4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Decluttering your life can be a challenge! Whether you’ve got a collection of old books getting dusty on the shelf or a pile of clothes that just don’t quite fit right anymore, it’s there and it’s taking up more room than it needs to. How do you get rid of all of these space wasters? I know sometimes it may be hard to let go but by hosting or attending a swap party, you can get rid of some of these items and pick up a few that are new to you!

What’s Cooking — Salsas

Krrb — What's Cooking — Salsas

Photo: Thecomfortofcooking.com

When it gets too hot to cook—don’t. After all, this is the season to make salsas. These flavor combinations don’t require an electricity, just the heat of some peppers and ripe produce. Check it out and your stove will enjoy the summer break

4 Ideas to Make Your Chicago Summer More Interesting

4 Ideas to Make Your Chicago Summer More Interesting

After the nine month coma Chicagoans call “winter,” it is summertime. Suddenly, schedules are filling up and free weekends are becoming scarce. Similarly, tourists are flocking to North Avenue Beach and the Taste of Chicago will literally block any hope of getting around town.

One of my favorite parts of living in the city is constantly going to unique events and trying new things. Last week, I somehow found myself on a rooftop in Uptown listening to live music. It was the perfect evening, the skyline was in clear view, and I had one of those “I can’t believe I really live here” moments.

Don’t get me wrong, these moments can happen with your best friends when visiting Navy Pier, but at the same time, isn’t city living all about exploring? Here is a sample of some things you can expect to find when exploring Chicago.

Giveaway — Goddess Garden’s Organic Sunscreen!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.03.31 AM

It’s June and you know what that means—the summer sun is heating up! When out and about this season it’s important to keep your skin protected by lathering on the sunscreen. Whether you’re at the beach, going for a leisurely stroll or hitting up your favorite flea market—it’s always a good idea to have sunscreen handy to keep you from getting a nasty burn

Instant Antique — Update a Mirror with Chalk Paint

Mirror Frame Painted with Chalk Paint

Using chalk paint as a tool for furniture refinishing has been gaining in popularity during the last several years. Chalk paint is basically a matte or flat paint base with a wax topcoat. There are several brands on the market, each with several colors, plus clear and dark waxes.

An advantage to using chalk paint is that it doesn’t require sanding or priming. Although you can use it on any piece of furniture, I particularly like to use it on pieces with carving details or a distressed finish. I knew this mirror in a lovely—yet boring—wood frame was the perfect candidate for chalk paint.

Tips for a Fun-Filled Block Party

Photo: Nymag.com (Tuukka Koski)

Photo: Nymag.com (Tuukka Koski)

Summer has (unofficially) started, but if you’re as excited as we are about the sunny months ahead then it’s definitely not too soon to start celebrating. One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors is by doing it the old fashioned way, a good ole’ block party. Food, drinks and festivities are all things that bring people together in the happiest of circumstances. A great way for the whole community to get involved is by having everyone contribute to the party in one way or another. Take a look below at some of our favorite ideas for block party must haves.

Dancin’ in the Streets — How-to Get A Block Party Permit

Don't block parties just make you want to dance? Photo: Jameschororos.tumblr.com

Don't block parties just make you want to dance? Photo: Jameschororos.tumblr.com

Nothing says neighborly love like a block party. The age-old summer tradition is more important than ever as it brings people offline and outside. Since it’s the season to get to know the people in your neighborhood, we’ve got the lowdown on what it takes to get block party permits in a few of Krrb’s most popular cities including New York City, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. Before you start making plans on who’s bringing dessert, check out what it takes to get you dancing in the streets

Collector’s Corner — Todd Hannel and His Orioles Memorabilia

Orioles Collection Memorabilia

Here at Krrb Classifieds we love a good collection, especially one that’s unique. From where the collection began to the most significant item, we want to know the story behind it all. So we’re reaching out to collectors everywhere to find out what they collect and why!

Today, Todd Hannel joins us to discuss his collection of official Orioles memorabilia, how it all started and his stadium chair!

Thoughtful Traveling

Thoughtful Traveling

Photo: Instagram.com/elcaminotravel

In the summer months, our sense of wanderlust reaches an all-time high. Before you start packing, check out these interesting travel groups and dwellings that offer a more thoughtful way of exploring the world. These people give more than financial support to the local economies they visit—they offer a real connection with the individuals and communities that make up your whereabouts.

Building Your Forever Home


Guest Blog contributed by Ryan and Mike of A Forever Home.

Five years ago, my husband and I decided that we needed to get out of our small condo and began the search for a home in Chicago. We didn’t have much luck at first but eventually found what was the perfect home for us. It was an eyesore for most and probably too much work but it was exactly the challenge we were looking for. The old victorian was in a total state of disrepair and every single room needed to be renovated. After five long years of hard work we are so happy with our forever home!

What’s Cooking — Breakfast Bowls

What's Cooking — Breakfast Bowls

Photo: Thepigandquill.com

During the warmer months, you can fuel up for the day easily with a breakfast bowl. It all began with the popularity of Acai bowls—essentially blended smoothies topped with crunch granola, seeds and frozen fruit. Whether you go the sweet or savory route in the early morning, we cover it all. Check out all these healthy and fun recipes for breakfast bowls. We think you’ll bowl over for these yummy meals

The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week


Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

This week we’re checking out some antique Ford headlights, a vintage sink, and a 70’s Bug convertible. Let’s go

How to Start Your Own DIY Club

Photo: Brit.co

Photo: Brit.co

Supper Club? Book Club? Nah. DIY Club? YES!

Supper club requires that you cook, and who really want to talk about symbolism and character foils at book club—so why not get together to do what we all love to do: gorge on chardonnay and chocolate while creating some crafty DIY projects?

You know, the ones we all admired in our favorite blogs and on Pinterest, but rarely had the confidence or the drive to actually tackle. That night, our group of eight or so ladies made a promise to get together monthly and handcraft unique and usable décor, trinkets, jewelry and knick knacks—with each project coming in at $25/person, max.

Go For A Swim — 5 Cool Pools Open To The Public

Photo: Roughguides.com

Photo: Roughguides.com

As we longingly say goodbye to Memorial Day, we can now welcome in Summer! And what better way to cool down during this scorching season than by taking a dip in a pool. Don’t have one? No worries! I’ve compiled a list of the coolest public pools around the world and their entrance fees. From China to Germany, it’s time to strip down to your speedo and go for a swim at these awesome water getaways.

I Want This — Antique Bicycle Taxi


Bicycling is one of the fun, while still eco-friendly ways to get around your city. Just yesterday I was watching as couples strolled through the park together on one bike—the girl awkwardly sitting on the back rack holding on for dear life. That’s why I want this antique bike taxi! Think of how cool I will look riding up to any date I have in NYC in this bad boy. Walk to our destination? Take a cab? No way! I’ll pedal us the whole way there. Apparently, this bike taxi is so antique that it’s not meant to be functional anymore but we’ll see about that!

Memorial Day Roundup

Photo: Giphy.com

Photo: Giphy.com

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We’re celebrating the day with good weather, better friends, and tasty hamburgers and hot dogs! How are you celebrating? We’ve gathered some of our favorite Krrb articles to guide you in the best ways to celebrate Memorial Day! Let’s get to it.

Get Outside — Cook Out All Season with Grilling Menu and Tips

It's the season to be grilling.

It’s the season to be grilling.

This summer if you can’t stand the heat, take your kitchen outdoors. We’re looking at a long season of dog days and heat waves so don’t bother turning on the oven. Let’s celebrate being outdoors by making most of our meals al fresco. Read on for cookout essentials, tips and a multi-course grilled menu

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