Queen of Estate Sales, Nancy Topolski in Rochester, New York

In the spirit of Halloween, Nancy and her husband Allen dress up.

In the spirit of Halloween, Nancy and her husband Allen dress up.

Despite a late start to the secondhand scene, Nancy Topolski is making up for lost times. Nancy has quickly finessed her scavenger skills to reign over Rochester’s estate sales. Her weekends are spent picking out the very best finds in dusty rooms, full of junk to the untrained eye. As both a vintage seller and crafter, Nancy spends her days on the prowl for one-of-a-kind finds. When she’s not hustling and bustling for her many businesses, Nancy curates window dressings for shops in her city. We can’t help but admire the energy and skills Nancy has in spares, picking up items like a vintage Remington typewriter and antique Kodak Brownie. Read on to find out more about what keeps her busy

Rescheduled – Show & Tell (and Trade)

Oh, it’s happening alright. It’s just happening two weeks later. Thanks a lot Sandy! Join us on the new date, November 15th, at 7pm at Krrb HQ in Williamsburg.

In collaboration with Amazon Publishing and Brokelyn, Krrb will host the first ever Show & Tell (and Trade), hosted by Dan Kennedy of The Moth, in celebration of the author, Benjamin Anastas’ new book “Too Good to Be True” (Amazon Publishing/New Harvest; on-sale 10.16.12). Anastas will also do a reading and trade a signed copy. And if that’s not enough, we’ll have beer lovingly provided by the Brooklyn Brewery and Southern deliciousness from The Fat Beagle.

Kennedy and Anastas will choose the most intriguing objects/stories whose owners will then take the stage with the two raconteurs in order to Show & Tell (and Trade).

Plus three lucky participants will win one of three Amazon Kindles with a limited edition “Too Good to Be True” book cover case.

RSVP NOW – It’s free and space is limited

4 Corners — The Patterned Edition

Keep warm and keep cool with these stylish patterns.

Keep warm and keep cool with these stylish patterns.

Welcome to “4 Corners” where we hunt through Krrb’s listings for four different takes and great finds based on just one word. Today’s word: Patterns!

Top 20 Scariest Stories to Tell on Halloween. Muah Ha Ha Ha.

Photo: Scurrytails.files.wordpress.com

Halloween is 1 day away and what better way to celebrate the spookiest day of the year than a round up of the 20 most blood-curdling, hair-raising, spine-chilling stories of all time. We must warn you though, these chilling campfire tales and haunting urban legends aren’t for the faint of heart. We won’t judge you if you have to leave the lights on…

I Want This — Men’s Anorak in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Designed and tailored for the detail-oriented.

As a fan of cold weather clothing and companies that take pride in their products, I’m crushing on the House of Reboot’s Mens Anorak. Handcrafted in small batches with an emphasis on quality, this vintage inspired overshirt features fabric-bound seams, screen printed labels, and deadstock buttons. This modern take on a classic will make for a perfect layering piece this winter.

Hailing from the Northeast, the Men’s Anorak from House of Reboot’s corner will keep you looking sharp.

Weekend Wanderer — San Francisco, Portland, and Brooklyn

No matter what age you are, take party in Halloween activities this weekend. Photo: Mnn.com

No matter what age you are, take party in Halloween activities this weekend. Photo: Mnn.com

It’s Friday and we can’t wait to unchain ourselves from our desks and get out and about. Weekend Wanderer is a series that you’ll find every Friday morning featuring a few activities we’d like to explore. Check them out for yourself or do something in your neck of the woods. Either way, just get out and wander

I Want This — Oscar Mayer Whistle in Brooklyn, New York

This whistle brings me back to my childhood.

This whistle brings me back to my childhood.

My Baloney has a first name. It’s O-S-C-A-R….. I think the Oscar Mayer commercial is partly how I learned to spell. It’s why I want this Oscar Mayer whistle.

However, it’s only available at Krrb’s Show & Tell (and Trade) — another outlet for my childhood nostalgia. The event on November 15st at 7:00 pm will compile the ten most intriguing items whose owners will then take the stage with author Ben Anastas, in celebration of “Too Good to Be True,” his new book. And if I bring a great story, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll go home with this whistle and a Kindle, a giveaway as part of the event.

Tricks, Treats, and Great Stories

the legend of sleepy hallow

"The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane" by John Quidor

Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow” is one of my all-time favorite stories. If you’re not familiar, it’s the tale of Ichabod Crane, a cranky school teacher unlucky in love and haunted by the spectres inhabiting the woodsy glen just outside of Tarrytown, New York as well as our protagonist’s imagination. Crane’s main figment that keeps him up at night is The Headless Horseman, a soldier whose head was shot off in the revolutionary war and now spends his evenings searching Sleepy Hallow for his noggin — or so the story goes.

Double Up — 5 Kitchen Gadgets That Can Do Twice the Duty

Look around your kitchen. Some of those gadgets can pull double duty.

Look around your kitchen. Some of those gadgets can pull double duty.

Let’s face it. There is never enough room in your kitchen for all the gadgets you could use. To make most of that prime pantry real estate, we found five kitchen gadgets that can pull twice their weight. Get creative with your cooking gear and read on

Tailor Made – Double The Life of Your Clothes With These Seven Tips

Photo: Rdrdrdrdrdrdrd.tumblr.com

From repairing, to reinforcing, to re-imagining, a tailor is an asset to the everyday shopper, but to the secondhand-styled, they can be a godsend! Sometimes all it takes is a much needed alteration to transform an ill-fitting relic of yesteryear into a dashing closet staple. Smart tailoring not only doubles your money by buying secondhand and vintage, it also lets you explore your creative side with custom rejigging all the while supporting local businesses. Here are seven tips you’ll want to check out before you get those pants taken in

Video — Krrb Presents Gowanus Girls Mart in Brooklyn, New York

After launching earlier this month, Gowanus Girls Mart is back this weekend with a second round of local artisanal makers and sellers. The brainchild of Samantha Razook Murphy and Melisa Coburn, who also head up Curious Jane — a local girls summer camp, is geared to the neighborhood network of female makers. We took a tour of the market with Samantha and Melisa and checked out some of the faces behind these awesome lady-makers. Among them, meet Apartment 4B, Mullein & Sparrow, and Love Jac.

Check out this video to see what’s in store and preview the goods on Krrb at Krrb.com/gowanusgirlsmart.

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