I Want This – Vintage Kids Puzzle in Austin, Texas

I Want This   Vintage Kids Puzzle in Austin, Texas

It's cute, it's coloroful, it's made out of wood... what more could you ask for?

So for some reason that you can now not remember, you have decided to host Thanksgiving this year. In an hour, 20 people, including your in-laws, are going to show up at your doorstep. Your wife has gone on a wild goose chase for some random-yet-essential ingredient you forgot to buy for desert. The place is still a mess and your two and a half year old wants you to play with her “NOW!”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just sit her in front this puzzle, even for just 10 minutes, while you get yourself together? So much better for her brain than another Barney episode!

Salvation lies on Bounty Huntress’ Krrb corner. Head on over there now.

It’s Thanksgiving, So Remember to Give Some Thanks…Year Round

Its Thanksgiving, So Remember to Give Some Thanks...Year Round

Tim Tebow gives thanks. Often.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. Millions and millions of people will be passing the gravy boat while eying plates of turkey with a tad of cranberry sauce on the side. Undoubtedly, a multitude of thanks will be given. While we certainly approve of this tradition this is our plea to be mindful of showing appreciation year round. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few examples of various ways people around the globe give thanks all year long. Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to share your favorite giving thanks traditions

Lights, Camera, Auction — The Video

Partnering with Film Biz Recycling and Jessi Arrington to create the best dang live auction smack dab in the middle of Brooklyn was a wild ride to say the least. Fast-talking auctioneer, Al Baker, musician Ken Beasley (who also made this video), and the design sensibilities of all our curators including Swiss Miss, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, Oliver Jeffers, and Andrew Wagner of Krrb, made it a Brooklyn Brewery-drinking, Oaxaca taco-eating, paddle-raising success.

Can’t get enough? Check out the photos on Facebook.

Art vs. Craft – Super Special Saturday is Fast Approaching…

Art vs. Craft – Super Special Saturday is Fast Approaching...

Get ready for Super Special Saturday!

The holiday shopping season is about to begin in full force. But please, sleep in on Black Friday and save your strength for Super Special Saturday when Faythe Levine’s 8th Annual Art vs. Craft opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. With over 100 emerging and established makers selling hand-made goods ranging in price from $1 to $250 there will be, without a doubt, a gift for you to grab for your sweetie (or auntie or uncle, sister, bestie…whatever!)

The Anatomy Of A Thank You Note – Krrb’s Guide To Expressing Gratitude With Style

The Anatomy Of A Thank You Note   Krrbs Guide To Expressing Gratitude With Style

First off, if you can get your hands on a kid who is just learning to write and then convince said kid to write (or make a good go at writing) "Thanks" on a piece of paper that you can put into an envelope and send, you are golden. Your job is done. Who is not going to be touched by a child's early attempts at writing?

Nothing says thank you like a note written by a 4 year old. But for those who don’t have the monk-like patience it takes to elicit the above pictured type of work from a pre-schooler, there is hope.

You too, can produce thank you notes that would make your grandparents proud and that would bring a smile to even the most jaded of faces. Just come along as we guide you through the ins and outs of these written expressions of gratitude, hopefully inspiring you to discover just how far a little extra effort can get a person in this world

5 Easy Pieces — The Handmade Holiday Decorations Edition

5 Easy Pieces — The Handmade Holiday Decorations Edition

Treat yourself by decorating the DIY, handmade, and secondhand way! Image: Etsy.com/shop/RileysCorner

As part of a new series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that

The Midwest Makes its Mark(et) with Faythe Levine’s Art vs. Craft

The Midwest Makes its Mark(et) with Faythe Levines Art vs. Craft

Faythe Levine in her Milwaukee, Wisconsin studio.

All around artistic power-house Faythe Levine has been neck deep in the American indie craft scene since releasing her film Handmade Nation in 2008. Currently in production on The Sign Painter Movie—co-directed with Sam Macon—all about the art of hand-painted signs, Faythe is a seemingly non-stop visitor to airports of every shape and size. Though the making of both films has taken her far and wide in her exploration of makers and their various art forms, her heart—and home—remains in Milwaukee. Eight years ago Faythe started her holiday fair, Art vs. Craft, to highlight the many talented designers right in her own back yard and give them a place to sell and showcase their wares

[CLOSED] Win 12 Fabulous Gifts (including $250 cash!) in our 12 Days of Gifting Give Away

[CLOSED] Win 12 Fabulous Gifts (including $250 cash!) in our 12 Days of Gifting Give Away

The holiday season is upon us and being the Krrbsters that we are, we oh so encourage you to give the gift of secondhand, handmade or locally made. A pre-loved or uniquely crafted item with a personal story is endearing and endows an object with an importance that is priceless. So this holiday season, give a gift that comes with a story that will be cherished just as much as the present itself.

To get y’all inspired, we invite you to join us in our 12 Days of Gifting Give Away. From December 6–22, we’ll select one lucky winner per day to win one fabulous prize each … and we’re not talking turtle doves or French hens (see prizes below). On the final day, one of you will win $250 in cash

Krrb Across America — Explore Four of Our Favorite Markets

Krrb Across America — Explore Four of Our Favorite Markets

September’s back-to-school rush moves us straight into Halloween and Halloween melds right into Thanksgiving and before you know it you’re behind on your holiday shopping. And now you’re relying on daily deals, stuck in long lines scratching your head wondering what to give Gran for Christmas other than yet another digital picture frame. Well, we’ve got a suggestion. Why not look and see what’s being made and sold around you? By buying local, you’ll find unique gifts while supporting your communities. And with America’s resurgent fascination with handmade and vintage, there are ample options for this season’s gift list. So go ahead and buy and sell local—it’s the remedy for the gift-giving grind. We guarantee you’ll see, holiday shopping can really be a blast

Eats – An Un/Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

Eats   An Un/Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

Turkey, cranberry, pumpkin pie: it’s all essential for a Thanksgiving meal. But it doesn’t mean it has to be the same old boring recipes. You can cook with familiar flavors like nutmeg, sage, and cloves while producing unfamiliar and exciting dishes that will be sure to wow your guests. Here are a few suggestions to get your wheels turning

Six Great Places To Experience That Live Auction Thrill For Yourselves

Six Great Places To Experience That Live Auction Thrill For Yourselves

An auction of modern works on paper at Los Angeles Modern Auctions. Photo courtesy of LAMA.

So you missed Krrb’s real-deal live auction with Film Biz Recycling a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe you went but were outbid for that vintage firetruck-turned-lamp that you had been lusting after. Whatever the reason, you’ve caught the auction bug and are now jonesing for more. We’re here to help, with some info on three of our favorite auction houses, plus some online spots to check out if you can’t bear to leave the comfort of your own screen

It’s 11/11/11. Do You Know Where Your Painting Is?

Its 11/11/11. Do You Know Where Your Painting Is?

Artist Luke Cavagnac in his gallery, The Invisible Fountain, in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Many moons ago I played guitar in a band called Lucky Pierre with a painter named Luke Cavagnac. After two records Lucky Pierre split up. I ended up in San Francisco while Luke headed back to his hometown of Northhampton, Massachusetts. Many moons later I find myself in New York City writing this post and contemplating the eighth anniversary of The Invisible Fountain, Luke’s Easthampton gallery on Saturday

Auctioneers – How and Why Do They Talk So Dang Fast?

Auctioneers   How and Why Do They Talk So Dang Fast?

Auctioneer, Al Baker commanding the room at a recent live auction constructed by Krrb and benefitting Film Biz Recycling. Photo: Sean McCormack

If you’ve ever been to a real live auction in the States, then you’ve probably been treated to the fast-talking ways of an auctioneer. And you’ve probably heard the recognizable (or unrecognizable) call which ends with a pound and a Sold! These skills are, for the most part, not natural. Auctioneers go through some serious schooling and intense licensing exams to learn the trade. But once cast from the cozy confines of auctioneering school into the wild world of auctions, how, oh how, do they keep up their deft ways

Your Smiling Faces – Thank You!

Your Smiling Faces   Thank You!

An excited bidder, using our homemade auction paddles. Photo: Sean McCormack

This past Thursday was Film Biz Recycling, Constructed by Krrb and Wrangled by Jessi Arrington. An event celebrating secondhand, upcycling, recycling and redistribution.

In addition to beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery, tacos from Oaxaca and an amazingly fast and funny auctioneer, Al Baker, we successfully auctioned off 95% of the items up for bid. That’s a lot of support for Film Biz, a non-profit dedicated to the redistribution of props and materials from NYC productions to local charities and organizations.

Your Smiling Faces   Thank You!

A BIG THANKS to all those that came to the event and supported in their many ways!

And an enormous thank you to our supremely stylish curators, Jessi Arrington, Oliver Jeffers, Tina Roth Eisenberg AKA Swiss Miss, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, and our very own Andrew Wagner of Krrb.

So go ahead and check out your photos! Looks like you had an awesome time playing with props and being in the spotlight on the green carpet.

View the photos!

From Chuck Wagon To Gourmet Vietnamese Bahn Mi — The Long Strange Trip of The Food Truck

From Chuck Wagon To Gourmet Vietnamese Bahn Mi — The Long Strange Trip of The Food Truck

A bunch of cowboys relaxing and eating in front of a chuck wagon.

In 1866, the first chuck wagon rolled out onto the Texas range feeding cowboys who were driving cattle all the way to Denver, Colorado. These days, people are getting top notch refreshments out of the back of smart cars, pushcarts and trucks shaped like pigs, but the basic premise remains the same. Delicious food, served up fresh, right where you are.

How did we get from a specially designed buggy to retrofitted trucks-as-rolling-kitchens

“Storage Wars,” My Not-So-Shameful-Secret

Storage Wars, My Not So Shameful Secret

Get ready for season two of Storage Wars! From left to right: Barry Weiss, Dave Hester, Brandi, Jarrod, auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, and Darrell Sheets.

Like most people (right?) I have been known to view my share of “shame shows”. This is trashy TV at its finest, which I consume not with the ironic detachment of a smug coastal elite, but the slack-jawed delight of a spectator at an old-time freakshow: “Hoarders,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “My Big Fat Kardashian Wedding.” I am rapt, even as I acknowledge that this is the entertainment equivalent of a Siamese fighting fish darting at his distorted reflection in the sad glass goblet he calls home

I Want This – Bicycle Holiday Greeting Cards In Denver

I Want This   Bicycle Holiday Greeting Cards In Denver

Support the US Postal Service by snail-mailing your loved ones a little holiday spirit in the form of this cute card.

Fantasy: Right after labor day, begin carefully crafting handmade individually personalized holiday cards for everyone I know. Perhaps even get small daughter involved to up the cuteness factor.

Reality: Realize around December 20th that New Years cards are my only hope. Decide that everyone will still love me and opt out of holiday cards altogether.

Happy medium:
Go to Idea Chic’s Krrb corner and order up a bunch of these great cards (printed on an antique letterpress is practically the same as making them myself, right?) and make everybody smile without breaking a sweat.

Lights, Camera, Auction – A No-Budget Event

Lights, Camera, Auction   A No Budget Event
As you’ve probably noticed from this, this, and that, we’re having an good ol’ fashion live auction, complete with real-deal auctioneer and knock-your-socks-off new and vintage stuff for cheap.

Staying true to our roots, we created the entire event using what we had on hand, a little blood, sweat and tears, and zero budget. Even the auction paddles were made out of donated books. Check it out

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