Kid Friendly Tours Across the U.S.A.

Krrb — Kid Friendly Tours Across the U.S.A.

Kids! They are the future so let’s make sure that they’re having as much fun as possible while they’re kids, right? We’ve all been on the standard guided history tour and let’s just say it can get a little repetitive. With these kid friendly tours, your kid can learn some valuable information about the things they actually like! Let your kid be a kid and explore these options for a fun tour they’ll always remember.

The Best Beach Accessories Made From Recycled Materials



Tis’ the season for the beach! Whether you’re rolling solo or bringing the whole crew with you, there always seems to be a lot of beach necessities in tow. While stocking up on all of the things that you need, why not purchase beach friendly items that have been crafted from recycled materials? Check out the following products and consider incorporating them into your summer essentials!

4 Insect Servicing Restaurants to Check Out in LA

Krrb — 4 Insect Service Restaurants to Check Out in LA


Want to eat at some seriously futuristic restaurants in Los Angeles? It’s not rocket-themed booths or virtual severs that make these grub spots ahead of their time, it’s the creepy, crawly foods! Many people believe that when it comes to nutrition, bugs are the future. We’re sort of running out of the resources to produce any other type of protein source. These restaurants are way ahead of the curve and are serving up things you almost stepped on today. Here is where you can eat insects in LA.

15 Hacks to Update Vintage Goods

Hacks to Update Vintage Goods


It’s not easy now a days to find vintage goods in great condition and at a bargain price. Sellers are savvy to the interest in well-made, one-of-a-kind furniture, clothes and home goods. But that’s not to say you can’t take an almost-good castoff and improve upon it. With a little elbow grease and these hacks you can update just about everything you pick up at a secondhand shop or on Krrb

5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers


We’re all about recycling and reusing but sometimes you’ll find things around the house that feel like they’ve met their final days. That’s where repurposing comes in! Have an old dresser that’s falling apart? Well instead of trashing the whole thing, salvage what you can. Take out all of the drawers that are in decent condition and start repurposing them with one of these fun projects!

Local Blogs — San Francisco Blogs to Read Now



One of the coolest cities is hands down San Francisco. Everything about this Northern California hot spot screams cool. While we’re not all lucky enough to call SF our homes, we still get the privilege of getting an insider look at the style and trends via some top notch bloggers. We’ve gone ahead and picked some of our favorite bloggers from the bay to introduce you to. Envy their style, water-filled views and so much more by checking them out! Happy reading

Shop Local — Made In America



We’ve spent this past weekend celebrating everything American: from freedom to barbecues and fireworks. So lets keep that national pride going by focusing our efforts to shop for American-made products!

After years of outsourcing for cheap labor, the country as a whole has seen a “small, but growing trend” of locally-made and sourced products, according to Fashionista. There’s a demand for products that are produced nearby, keeping jobs and business within our borders. We’ve found some of our favorite companies across the country that pride themselves on being 100% locally made, so you can feel good about getting great stuff that goes back into American pockets.

To Live and Dine in LA: Menus and the Making of the Modern City

Krrb — To Live and Dine in LA: Menus and the Making of the Modern City


There’s nothing quite like a good history lesson but text books can end up being such a bore. This book is a little bit different though. Author Josh Kun released his new book, To Live and Dine in LA: Menus and the Making of the Modern City, on June 13th and it’s full of a vast history of LA’s food scene told through menus. From the design, to the location, to the food on the menu, Josh is painting a beautiful portrait of LA and the different restaurants that have inhabited the city over the years.

Offbeat Travel — America’s Ghost Towns



When I was 12, my family decided that our vacation that year would be spent in Arizona. Determined to see as much of the state as we could in a week, I have general memories of cool resorts, really really good pancakes and of course the Grand Canyon. One spot in particular that left an impression was Jerome, or the “Largest Ghost Town in America.”

Since then, I’ve been fascinated by ghost towns. Some are more attraction-oriented, and others are perfect for history buffs, photographers or explorers. Whether you’re planning a long drive or quick trip out of town, here are some cool historical sites to bring some old-timey spook into your summer.

25 Reasons to Have a Staycation in San Francisco

Greetings from SF

Oh beautiful, foggy San Francisco. With summertime in full swing, now is the perfect time to get some rest and relaxation. If your idea of a good time doesn’t include traveling too far then a staycation in the city is perfect for you! Let’s find some fun things for you to do with your staycation this summer.

30 Reasons to Have a Staycation in D.C.



Suns out, schools out, and you deserve a break: it’s time to take a much-needed vacation! If you’re looking to save money and precious travel time, why not opt for a staycation in your own backyard? Whether you’re a history buff, adrenaline lover or hardcore beach bum, here are the best ways to spend your staycation in D.C.

31 Reasons to Have a Staycation in Boston

If you’re planning on doing a staycation in good ole’ Bean Town, you should take advantage of the things that you don’t normally do (or the things that you perhaps don’t have time to do.) Branch away from the tourists milling around Newbury Street and Boston Commons, and experience a side of the city you’ve never seen

25 Reasons to Have a Staycation in New York City

Staycation — Ways to Really Experience New York


1. Forget the subway for once. Of all the ways to commute to Manhattan, the air tram from Roosevelt Island has to be the most fun. Take it and enjoy the views as you make your way to Midtown.

2. Who doesn’t love browsing a good flea market? The Brooklyn Flea is the perfect mix of local artisans and vintage sellers. Foodies—go hungry and enjoy everything from lobster rolls to snow cones.

3. Only opened in the summer, Governors Island is an island just off the coast of the southern tip of Manhattan. Ride bicycles, enjoy large art installations and explore this former military base.

The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

This week we’re checking out the actual death bed from Planet of the Apes, Michael Jackson artwork, and an antique Marbro lamp. Let’s go

23 Reasons to Have a Staycation in Chicago

Krrb — 24 Reasons to Have a Staycation in Chicago


Yea, yea, yea Millennium Park and The Bean (officially Cloud Gate) are awesome, as is shopping the Magnificent Mile, but elbowing through the summer tourist crowds is not. There are so many unique places to explore in Chicago, which is truly a city of neighborhoods. If you’re anything like me, you rarely leave the 10-mile radius of your home, and stick to your neighborhood favorites when going out. Summer is most definitely the best time to explore Chicago. If you’re longing for a vacation or weekend getaway, but don’t have the time or money—give a Chicago staycation a try!

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