If It’s Broken, Don’t Toss It — Fashion Edition

If It's Broken, Don't Toss It — Fashion Edition

Photo: Unsplash.com/@krisatomic

When your clothes wear out, get holes or stains—don’t get rid of them just yet. There are plenty of new uses for your old threads. See what to do with ratty t-shirts, shabby sweaters and more

Made in America — The South

Photo: Jqdsalt.com

Photo: Jqdsalt.com

After exploring some stand-out American-made shops in the Northeast, it’s time to see the Southern perspective! All across the South, companies are taking pride in producing high-quality goods right at home. So check out some of our favorite examples, and see which should be a part of your next local shopping trip

Contemporary Artists Taking the Pottery Scene for A Spin

Contemporary Artists Taking the Pottery Scene for A Spin

Photo: Unsplash.com/quinoal

It’s time to put aside your traditional tea cups and saucers for a more exciting way to introduce ceramics and pottery into your life. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill hand-formed vessel, instead artists around the world are re-defining what pottery can be, how it should look and why it should be used. Take a look at my round-up of five noteworthy potters that will surprise you on what can be accomplished with a little clay and a lot of imagination

Beginners Guide to Krrb — Essential Mid-century Designers

Photo: Woodmenders.com

Photo: Woodmenders.com

With so many different Mid-century modern designers it’s hard to remember which one is responsible for designing which iconic piece. We already have guides on design terms and furniture terms but now we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the type designers from this time period to help you distinguish the difference between an Eames and Bertoia chair! Read on to learn all about the people responsible for creating the pieces that we know and love today

Oh Say Can You See Red, White and Blue Krrb Finds

Get your fix of patriotic must-haves on Krrb! These gorgeous listings are a great way to enjoy red, white and blue year-round

10 American Tourist Traps Worth A Stop

Photo: Vintageroadtrip.wordpress.com

Photo: Vintageroadtrip.wordpress.com

The tourist traps dotting American highways exist solely to collect your cash and send you packing with nothing to show but a tacky keychain. Right? Sure, they’re kitschy and yeah, sometimes they’re a headache, but we’d argue there are a few attractions that are well worth the trip. So pull that RV over, slather on some sunscreen and get ready for a tour of our favorite Americana travel stops

Contest — Share Your Krrb Finds for a Chance to Win

Share Your Krrb Finds for a Chance to Win

Photo: Instagram.com/calivintage

Nothing feels as good as seeing beloved Krrb purchases in their new homes. Show off what you found on Krrb and where it lives now. Tag your photo with #mykrrbfind to enter! Entries are accepted on Twitter or Instagram. A few lucky winners get $25 to spend on their next purchase

What’s Cooking — 20 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Photo: Skinnyms.com

Photo: Skinnyms.com

Despite being a time for kicking back and relaxing, summer also means constantly feeding active little kids now that school’s out. But don’t panic! We’ve found some deliciously simple recipes that will keep your kids happy and well fed; all the convenience of junk food plus solid nutritional benefits. And unlike bologna sandwiches or string cheese, you don’t have to be a kid to want to chow down on these snacks

The Anatomy Of A Thank You Note – Krrb’s Guide To Expressing Gratitude With Style

a kid thank you note

First off, if you can get your hands on a kid who is just learning to write and then convince said kid to write (or make a good go at writing) "Thanks" on a piece of paper that you can put into an envelope and send, you are golden. Your job is done. Who is not going to be touched by a child's early attempts at writing?

Nothing says thank you like a note written by a 4 year old. But for those who don’t have the monk-like patience it takes to elicit the above pictured type of work from a pre-schooler, there is hope.

You too, can produce thank you notes that would make your grandparents proud and that would bring a smile to even the most jaded of faces. Just come along as we guide you through the ins and outs of these written expressions of gratitude, hopefully inspiring you to discover just how far a little extra effort can get a person in this world

Brain Teasers Re-imagined as Jewelry

Brain Teasers Re-imagined as Jewelry

Photo: Emilyc.com

The words elegant and fun are not often paired together, except when it comes to jewelry that is crafted with a puzzler in mind. Imagine taking advantage of the magical sleight-of-hand found in physical puzzles and applying that to a necklace, ring or bracelet. What you are left with is the same fascination and wonderment, but in a more stylish package. If you loved solving puzzles and figuring out brain teasers as a child, check out this round up of puzzle jewelry, complete with assembly videos

Explore Locally — Day Trips Just Outside City Limits

Day Trip Just Outside City Limits

Photo: Unsplash.com/mili_vigerova

Too often we stay inside self-imposed boundaries. This summer we’re challenging you to explore outside your limits, city limits that is. Whether you like outdoor activities or you prefer a good museum, we’re highlighting potential day trips near you. So get out and discover some local gems

5 Secrets to Selling Your Stuff Quickly

5 Secrets to Selling Your Stuff Quickly

Photo: Huffingtonpost.com

As Community Director at Krrb, I pay lot of attention to buyer and seller activity. From professional sellers to individuals looking to unload their stuff before moving, I’ve seen it all. In some cases, selling is about finding the right buyer. After all, not everyone wants a Mr. Peanuts costume. Typically the right buyer for your stuff is every buyer, you just need to turn that inquiry into a purchase. Keep reading to see what tactics work best at selling quickly

The Best Blogs to Read for Budget Friendly Tips

Photo: Thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Photo: Thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

If you’re looking to update your home, switch up your personal style or try out some new recipes but don’t necessarily have the funds to do so- we’re here to help you out. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bloggers in the home decor, fashion and cooking fields that know a thing or two about sticking to a budget. Check them up and pick up some pointers to get those looks and meals you want, without damage to your wallet

Travel Thoughtfully with Sustainable Eco-friendly Vacation Groups

Thoughtful Traveling

Photo: Instagram.com/elcaminotravel

In the summer months, our wanderlust reaches an all-time high. Before you start packing, check out these interesting travel groups and dwellings that offer a more thoughtful way of exploring the world. These people give more than financial support to the local economies they visit—they offer a real connection with the individuals and communities that make up your whereabouts

11 Screen-Free Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained on Road Trips

Photo: Unsplash.com

Photo: Unsplash.com

To prepare for a summer of road trips, we’ve covered most of the basics: portable snacks, essential gear and offbeat attractions, but haven’t dared to mention a road tripper’s greatest fear: unruly kids. Never fear, weary travelers. We’ve found 11 simple ways to keep your kids engaged and entertained without electronics. So leave the tablets and smart phone at home when loading up the car and take a few minutes to try out these tips and tricks (your kids and sanity will thank you later)

Hacking Ikea – 7 Ingenious Ways To Take That Swedish Stuff To A Whole New Level

from a bankers chair

Here's what happens when you take apart two Ikea chairs and mix them up with a couple of vintage banker's seats. Bet you haven't seen anything like this baby on the Ikea showroom floor!

This might be outing myself as prehistoric, but my first encounter with Ikea was before the age of the cell phone, in France. Back in the day, like, before they even had Ikea stores over here in the United States. “No wonder everyone’s apartments look so much better over in Europe,” I remember thinking to myself, somewhat wistfully

Local Lodgings — The 30 Best Airbnb Finds in Seattle, Dallas and Philadelphia

All photos courtesy of Airbnb.com

All photos courtesy of Airbnb.com

We’re back! We’ve already rounded up the best Airbnb listings in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, San Francisco and DC– but now let us show you some of the coolest pads available in Seattle, Dallas and Philadelphia. From modern duplexes to vintage gems, you’ll be sure to find a place you’ll want to stay on your next visit. Check out these spaces and you’ll want to book that trip immediately—and maybe never even leave

Seen and Heard — Summer Bucket List Edition

Seen and Heard — Summer Bucket List Edition

Photo: Unsplash.com/brooklynmorgan

The long dog days of summer can make the season feel endless. But it’s not. Excited to make the most of it, we’re sharing our plans. From picnics to road trips, get inspired to fill the time with fun

How to Update a Secondhand Mirror with Chalk Paint

Mirror Frame Painted with Chalk Paint

Using chalk paint as a tool for furniture refinishing has been gaining in popularity during the last several years. Chalk paint is basically a matte or flat paint base with a wax topcoat. There are several brands on the market, each with several colors, plus clear and dark waxes.

An advantage to using chalk paint is that it doesn’t require sanding or priming. Although you can use it on any piece of furniture, I particularly like to use it on pieces with carving details or a distressed finish. I knew this mirror in a lovely—yet boring—wood frame was the perfect candidate for chalk paint. You can find budget-friendly mirrors for sale in your neighborhood on Krrb

Member Spotlight — Kraig Bantle of Garage Brothers and His Mission to Keep Junk Out of Landfills

Member Spotlight — Kraig Bantle of Garage Brothers and His Mission to Keep Junk Out of Landfills

Photo: Newsobserver.com

Kraig Bantle happily does a chore that most people dread; cleaning out the garage. His business Garage Brothers launched in 2007, removes junk out of storage at no cost to the owners. He then turns around, selling valuable items and recycling the scraps. One can only imagine what sort of items have been unearthed, from expensive artwork and collectibles to the strange like a bag of toenails. If you’re not already watching, you can follow Kraig’s excavations on his DIY Network television show, Garage Gold.

So successful is Garage Brothers as a business, that they’ve been able to service local charities with proceeds and supplies. Their warehouse serves as a drop-off recycle center for the public as well as their clients. They recycle electronics, scrap metal, food waste and even cigarette butts and the sort. We chatted with Kraig about how Garage Brothers began and his altruistic goals