The Things We Carry — A Visual Inventory of Personal Belongings

The Things We Carry — A Visual Inventory of Personal Belongings

Lynn Kiang, a videomaker travels with her tripod!

In cities, it seems like your whole life can be found inside your purse, tote, backpack or messenger bag. New York City-based graphic designer and Krrb member, Janine Toro, is taking note, revealing the contents of bags the world over on her website What Do You Carry. What began as a side project for this School of Visual Arts graduate student is now an ongoing conversation among creatives about their stuff. Just like Krrb corners, one’s personal inventory is a (hyper-local) visual catalog of one’s life

Brooklyn Batched — Local Foodies/Guilty Pleasures

The creative food scene in Brooklyn has whet the appetite of people all over the world, inspiring artisanal bakeries, brineries and an emerging food truck movement in Paris dedicated to the borough. Little Duck Organics, an all-natural baby food company has gathered the region’s finest small-batch food purveyors around the proverbial dinner table. Brooklyn Batched consists of over 30 local businesses that focus on organic foods, green production methods, and sustainability. The growing community meets monthly to break (gluten-free) bread and network. We know these small businesses are popularizing the small-batch food movement but we’re curious if they’re eating what they’re serving. We attended their first meet-up last month in Greenpoint and got a little personal. Watch our video and find out what guilty pleasures (preservative-ridden or not) they have hiding in their pantries.

Summer Recipes – 78 Party Foods That Don’t Require A Stove

Summer Recipes   78 Party Foods That Dont Require A Stove

Throwing a party? Have a vintage themed soiree. Check out for all kinds of ideas.

So you’re having a party and it’s hot outside. Of course you don’t want to turn on the stove because you’ll make your entire apartment and guests roast. So what’s a party gal to do when she needs to provide the eats? Forget the heat – we’ve slimmed down 78 classic recipe ideas into bite-sized instructions, and none require a stove. Your guests will thank you at every bite and you’ll look like the culinary hero in your cool oasis

Weekend Wanderer — Norfolk, Miami, San Francisco

Weekend Wanderer — Norfolk, Miami, San Francisco

Kick back and relax this weekend. Photo:

It’s Friday and we can’t wait to unchain ourselves from our desks and get out and about. Weekend Wanderer is a series that you’ll find every Friday morning featuring a few activities we’d like to explore. Check them out for yourself or do something in your neck of the woods. Either way, just get out and wander.

Kate and Her Stories, From Philly to The Bay

Kate and Her Stories, From Philly to The Bay

Hiking with Ace in the Foothills — where Kate first fell in love with California.

Meet Kate. She took the plunge and found success, representing what so many of us want to do, but need the inspiration to make that final jump. After falling in love with California and finding that she could make a real go of vintage collecting and selling, she packed up her calculator and hit the road. From Philly to The Bay, Kate has become a successful seller and homesteader. Check out Kate’s Krrb corner and read on for your own inspiration

Krrb Presents Quicks Tips — A How-To Video on Caring For Air Plants

We know you have no time for long-winded how-to’s so we’ll keep it short. In under a minute, Quick Tips are here to help you with life’s little lessons. So unless you get caught up watching hundreds in a row, which – warning – you just might, you can quickly get back to monitoring your news feeds or whatever you were doing. Check out the full video series here.

Caring for your average house plant is hard enough when dirt is involved. Maintaining air plants which don’t root in soil but rather get their moisture and nutrients from water and the air is a whole different level of horticulture. Zsuzsanna Barbu, the creative green thumb behind Roots in Rust combines air plants and industrial elements for unique home decor. She gives us a quick lesson on caring for these rootless beauties. To see more of her sculptural designs, check out Roots in Rust’s Krrb corner.

I Want This — Corona Stoneware Water Cooler, Long Beach, California

I Want This — Corona Stoneware Water Cooler, Long Beach, California

Drink up!

Summer nights were meant for firing up the grill and partying with the neighbors. This year I’m determined to spend less time in the kitchen refreshing people’s drinks and more time sitting around the bonfire. To be the hostess with the mostest, I need this Corona Stoneware Water Cooler!

The self-serve 5 gallon stoneware will keep liquids cold and the beautiful exterior beats my cheap Styrofoam container. With people refilling their own drinks, I pay more attention to my guests.

Get prepped for your party with a Stoneware Water Cooler on Kristin Eyler’s Krrb corner in Long Beach, California.

Dancin’ in the Streets — How-to Get A Block Party Permit

Dancin in the Streets — How to Get A Block Party Permit

Don't block parties just make you want to dance? Photo:

Nothing says neighborly love like a block party. The age-old summer tradition is more important than ever as it brings people offline and outside. Since it’s the season to get to know the people in your neighborhood, we’ve got the lowdown on what it takes to get block party permits in a few of Krrb’s most popular cities including New York City, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. Before you start making plans on who’s bringing dessert, check out what it takes to get you dancing in the streets

Market Fever — 3 Reasons To Get Outdoors This Weekend

Market Fever — 3 Reasons To Get Outdoors This Weekend

We've got three major markets you'll want to browse this weekend. Photo:

Just like picnics and concerts in the park, nothing is more true to the summer season than outdoor markets and fleas. From handmade crafts to antiquing to food festivals to nigh bazaars, outdoor markets are a Krrbler’s pot at the end of a scavenging rainbow. We’ve got three markets you’ll want to browse this weekend in between your al fresco dining and pool time. Check out these handmade, upcycled, and secondhand finds or do some scavenging in your own neighborhood

Virtual Party Space with Meg Wachter

Virtual Party Space with Meg Wachter

If there is two things Meg Wachter loves, it's pizza and parties.

When you want to throw a kick-ass party, who better to rally up the troops than Meg Wachter. As the founder and chief organizer of Brooklyn Skillshare (a community-centric learning initiative), she knows how to get the movers and shakers, well, moving and shaking. Meg is a conceptual portrait photographer and also co-editor of Got A Girl Crush, a women’s print magazine and blog. We asked Meg, a longtime member of Krrb to pull together a virtual party space using only items found on Krrb. Check out her fabulous selections for an inspired Retro 4th of July themed party on a specially dedicated Pinterest board

I Want This — Mirrored Disco Ball, Manhattan, New York

I Want This — Mirrored Disco Ball, Manhattan, New York

Hang this disco ball up and then boogie down.

Summer is officially here and we’ve got party fever. The only way to beat the heat is to hit the dance floor. While we’re putting the finishing touches on our dance mix, we can’t forget to pick up decorations like this 20 inch mirrored disco ball.

The tiny mirrored tiles reflect a lot of light on anyone getting down to the music. Heck, for only $50, we’ll leave this accessory up all season long for those impromptu dance parties.

Pump up the drama on your dance floor with a Mirrored Disco Ball on Melanie’s Krrb corner in Manhattan, New York.

Food Guide – How-To Have The Best Dinner Party Ever

Food Guide – How To Have The Best Dinner Party Ever

Artist unknown

Breaking bread with friends, family and neighbors is the quintessential way to reconnect. Sharing your space, putting in effort and honoring your people with food is not only fun, but important. But we also realize it can be a lot of work, and for some of us, a little intimidating. So in the spirit of celebration, we’re giving you the definitive nine steps to creating the best party of all – The Dinner Party. So get ready, get hungry and read on for a simple guide to creating a memorable meal

Suit Up with Christy Luo of Kooj

Suit Up with Christy Luo of Kooj

How cute is this swimsuit?

No summer is complete without some time at the beach. Before you strip down and suit up, check out Christy Luo’s line of handcrafted swimsuits, Kooj. The Brooklyn-based swimwear designer spent years in the fashion industry before setting out on her own. We found out where Christy gets her inspiration and how to go from a day at the beach to a night on the town

5 Easy Pieces — Vintage Beach Towels

5 Easy Pieces — Vintage Beach Towels

Get a little sand happy this summer. Photo:

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage, and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that

Ashley Chaney, Storyteller and Seller From the Lone Star State

Ashley Chaney, Storyteller and Seller From the Lone Star State

Ashley Chaney takes a writing break.

Summer is heating up and Ashley Chaney is looking for ways to keep cool. With no central air in her apartment, you can find this Lone Star State transplant near any dark watering hole. If there is BBQ and ice cold beer, all the better. Ashley is also putting her bilingual skills to work with Spanish lessons for children. If she doesn’t bankroll an A/C from practicing Español, watch her Krrb corner for a stoop sale as she unloads clothes and typewriters to pay for an air conditioning.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where do you currently live?
My name is Ashley Chaney and I come from Bandera, Texas — the Cowboy Capital of the World. I grew up raising goats and watching musicals. I sang, danced, and dreamed of being a little bit of everything. I wanted to be a country belle eating cherries while sitting in a tree. I wanted to be a cowgirl who shoots beers out of men’s hands. I wanted to be a McDonalds window order taker. Today, I still want those things plus much more and minus the whole McDonalds thing. Fast forward to the present, I left Austin, Texas to live the dream and attain wealth and fame in New York City. I now live in Prospect Heights and occasionally cross over to Park Slope for some fancy fun.

What is the most awesome thing in or about your neighborhood?
The most awesome thing about my neighborhood is that the construction workers take their lunch breaks at the Creme Puff Cafe and consume pastries and espresso. Another awesome thing is Sharlene’s. I love Sharlene’s.

List the top 5 places you go locally to discover hidden treasures.
I am poor so I keep it cheap: Krrb, stoop sales and curbsides finds. If I were rich, I would be hittin up those flea markets like crazy. One day!

Ashley Chaney, Storyteller and Seller From the Lone Star State

Just call her the horse whisperer.

Did you go to garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores as a kid?
I have fond recollections of my Mexican-American grandmother taking me to Goodwill and making me try on everything remotely cute. She would yell at me that “You never know if something will look good on you until you try it!” I also used to go to the biggest, baddest flea market in Corsicana, Texas and search for the illusive Root Beer colored marbles.

How did you begin going to thrift stores, markets, etc?
I was forced to go to thrift stores like Goodwill to look for bargains with my grandmother. To me, flea markets were about lemonade, hand-me-downs, antiques and more! It seemed fun. I have always been one to find old, “ugly” things to be beautiful or have potential.

How often do you go to garage sales, flea markets, etc.? Any personal tips you’d like to share?
Not often enough. Always remember, you can usually make good out of bad with a little elbow grease.

Ashley Chaney, Storyteller and Seller From the Lone Star State

Typerwriters are the top of Ashley's recent obsessions.

Are you a hoarder or a minimalist?
I go through phases but am a minimalist at heart. Right now, I am a picky hoarder of typewriters and cameras. Next spring, I will go through a cleansing, renewing period and get rid of all the junk I acquired in the past year.

What blogs do you read right now?
I like To Whom It May Concern, Naomi Film Stuff and AOK Food. I really just look at a bunch of random blogs and follow links. I also read magazines and books at home.

Ashley Chaney, Storyteller and Seller From the Lone Star State

The elephant in this room has a fresh coat of paint.

What is your most cherished handcrafted, secondhand, vintage, upcycled object you possess? What’s the story behind it?
My elephant lamp. He was in a bin at Goodwill in Austin, Texas. He was brown and ugly. I loved him. I took him home, sanded him down, and spray painted him white. I reattached the light bulb connection point, inserted a bulb, plugged em in and voila! He lights up my life.

What are you working on these days?
I hustle! I currently volunteer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, work in an art gallery on the Upper West Side and make plans. My current plans consist of a video project, photography projects, and figuring out how to open an art space/community area for artists and underprivileged youth where the they can create and showcase their work at a low cost and where children can explore their creative side with the help of mentors who use the space.

Ashley Chaney, Storyteller and Seller From the Lone Star State

This is one way to beat the heat!

Thanks Ashley and keep cool!

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