Hot Corner — Independence Vintage in Chicago, Illinois

This antique folk art bird feeder was handcrafted in Adirondack style. Photo:

This antique folk art bird feeder was handcrafted in Adirondack style. Photo:

As part of a series called The Hot Corner, we’re featuring Krrb corners that catch our eye with their well-curated inventory. Whether it’s upcycled, secondhand, vintage or handmade, be sure to see for yourself why we think these Krrbsters have it going on.

Based in Chicago’s historical neighborhood of Independence Park, husband and wife team Eric Murken and Kathy Bauer launched Independence Vintage to manage the overflow of their personal collections. Recently, they increased their listings to focus on larger furniture that’s ideal for local pick-up. Lucky for them, their Krrb corner is really heating up with both local buyers and those a little farther away. Read on to learn more about Eric and Kathy’s hot corner

5 Easy Pieces — Handmade and Upcycled Wind Chimes

Listen to music a wind chime makes in the spring breeze this season. Photo:

Listen to music a wind chime makes in the spring breeze this season. Photo:

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage, and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that

On the Road — 5 Apps to Make Your Trip a Local Adventure

Hitting the road? We've got 5 apps you'll want to bring along. Photo:

Hitting the road? We’ve got 5 apps you’ll want to bring along. Photo:

The time has come to start thinking about journeys on the open road. When you’re planning a visit to the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, the Vegas strip or wherever your heart is set, don’t forget your phone! To make your memorable trip one for the books, Krrb has pooled together a few apps to discover local gems far and wide. These apps come loaded with tidbits on local shops, stays and events to get a real sense of your travel destination. Don’t forget to download our Krrb iPhone App to find locals around your next stop. With the inside scoop on all your travel stops, you’re sure to feel like a local in no time

Krrb Presents A How-to on Mid-Century Restoration with Ron Ariel

Since the young age of 15, Ron Ariel has been transforming old furniture back to its original condition. Twenty years later, the results of Ron’s furniture restoration expertise and (his knack for seeing potential in junky finds) can be found on his Krrb corner, Relevant Furniture. Krrb joined Ron as he works his magic on a mid century Drexel dinning table. With a little elbow grease, patience and the right tools, you can also change your forgettable mid century find back to its original shiny glory

Staff Picks — Our Dream Road Trips

The Krrb staff gets behind the wheel.

The Krrb staff gets behind the wheel.

The Krrb staff has a bad case of wanderlust. Can you blame us? Once you start dreaming about travel, it’s hard to stop. That said, the idea of all us in one car has lead to negotiations about playlists, map holding and who gets shotgun. Find out where we’d go with a full tank of gas and a few snacks for the road

Photo Gallery — Airstreams of Now and Yesteryear



There’s something about warm weather, playlists and the thrill of the unexpected that calls for the open road. Beginning with the historic east-west wagon route Oregon Trail, road trips have become quintessential Americana.

Perhaps it’s the manifest destiny mindset of our forefathers, but we’re daydreaming about packing up our belongings, throwing them in the back of a jalopy and heading out to experience the unknown. To get you in the mood for exploration, we’ve gathered some pictures of vintage and modern day Airstreamers. No matter what calls you east, west, north, or south this season, these travel trailers should inspire you to start planning your route

Designing Hope – Making a Home in Harlem

The community room at the Jericho Project residencies in Harlem is furnished with Krrb finds like these pillows and chairs.

The community room at the Jericho Project residencies in Harlem is furnished with Krrb finds like these pillows and chairs.

The Jericho Project is a 30-year old non-profit dedicated to helping homeless families, children and veterans transform their lives. With homelessness at a record high in New York City, The Jericho Project offers assistance in housing, employment and other services aiding thousands of families when they need it most.

Interior designer, Susanna Salk, who appears regularly on NBC’s The Today Show and helped start Elle Decor magazine, jumped in and decorated the newly remodeled community center at the Harlem Residence Unit, with the unveil and accompanying launch party tomorrow night, March 27th.

On the Road – 5 Books that Will Take You Far from Home (and Back Again)

On The Road(s)

As spring slowly settles in throughout the Northern Hemisphere our minds have been drifting to the world outside our office walls — in particular to the wide open roads calling our names. Though humans have, for the most part, long been a domesticated species, nomadic urges course through our blood as the weather warms. And being half American (our better half is French) we’ve got a long writerly tradition of road trips that is frankly hard to ignore. So let’s take a brief tour of some of that literary lineage that is sure to get you yearning to take to the highways.

Krrbside Questions — Bike Storage, Mixing Art Collections, and Keeping Your Desk Neat

Find out how to keep a console desk neat. Photo:

Find out how to keep a console desk neat. Photo:

Welcome to Krrbside Questions, a column created solely to answer your queries about living local and being the good neighbor we know you all are. Taking a stab at your home decorating woes this time around is Megan Meany, televison host and secondhand hobbyist. With her finger on the pulse and a knack for turning furniture from drab to fab, we’ve asked her to answer your burning questions. Email us at if you have any

Renewed Space — Marcel Nourha Outfits His Ecuador Office in Secondhand

Marcel Nourha's dreamy office space was furnished entirely secondhand!

Marcel Nourha’s energized office space was furnished entirely secondhand!

Ecuador is known for its warm weather and plethora of natural resources like rainforests, mountains and proximity to the ocean. Recycling, on the other-hand, not so much. In a country with so many building materials at everyone’s fingertips, Marcel Nourha’s conscious effort to use recycled products during the furnishing of his new business was quite the unique choice. “I wanted to use a brand new way to furnish,” says Nourha, who started his boutique marketing agency, MaNo Plannicidad, three years ago. His passion for recycling materials and his willingness to always take on a challenge were the driving forces behind the project.

Spring Cleaning — Aftermath Supplies is Accepting All Kinds of Materials

Arielle Avenia in front of her handcrafted store signage.

Arielle Avenia in front of her handcrafted store signage.

As you clean out your closet of unfinished hobbies, pack up those knitting needles and rarely used pastels for salvaged shop Aftermath Supplies. Located inside Bushwick’s incubator space Silent Barn, Aftermath Supplies is the brainchild of Arielle Avenia, who wants to put secondhand materials in in the hands of creative minds much like herself. Read on to find out what the future holds for this craft salvage yard of sorts

Greetings From Culver City — A Neighborhood Profile With Timothy and Laura Dahl of Built By Kids

Hailing from the great state of Arizona and Sin City, respectively, Timothy and Laura Dahl have comfortably settled in sunny Los Angeles for the past six years. Though the recent addition of one-year-old son Hunter has reigned in their social lives to the extent that it does all new parents, the founders of DIY institutions Charles and Hudson and Built by Kids, still manage to hit the pavement quite frequently. Their stomping grounds of choice in the ever sprawling City of Angels? Culver City. “It’s just got this great, old time, Hollywood feel to it,” Laura explains. “And it’s one of the rare walkable neighborhoods in LA,” Timothy adds. “After living in New York for years, that was probably the thing we missed most,” he continues. “But Culver City delivers on this and much more.”

Join the Dahls on a tour of this special neighborhood in La-La Land. And be sure to pay the heart of old (and new) Hollywood a visit on your next trip to Southern California!

Pinning — Toys and Games to Get You Outside For Spring

pinterest boar

As March’s weather continues to behave more like a lion and less like a lamb, we’re daydreaming of months of outdoor activities. Sure, there’s al fresco dining and lazy afternoons in the park, but there’s also red wagon trips to the farmer’s market and running through the sprinklers. For the under age crowd, spring is a break from school and a chance to run through lush green lawns. For a little recess of our own, check out our Kid Space Pinterest board, where lately we’ve been pinning outdoor toys for children and inspiration to make you feel like a kid again.

Join us why don’t you!

Krrb Presents Quick Tips — How to Transition a Sweater for Spring

We know you have no time for long-winded how-to’s, so we’ll keep it short. In under a minute, Quick Tips are here to help you with life’s little lessons. So unless you get caught up watching hundreds in a row, which – warning – you just might, you can quickly get back to monitoring your news feeds or whatever you were doing. Check out the full video series here.

Along with spring flowers comes topsy-turvy weather and roller coaster temperatures. Dressing for the season’s highs and lows can be challenging, but by using your existing wardrobe and a little creativity, you can transform your worn heavy sweater (or a secondhand find!) into appropriate spring outerwear. Here today is Krrb’s Ashley Schwartz with an easy how-to on reworking winter knits into suitable spring layers. You’ll need chalk, scissors, fabric glue, and an old sweater begging to be enhanced.

Break for Spring — A Lookbook for the Season’s Transitional Weather

Changing weather doesn't mean retiring winter favorites just yet! Photo:

Changing weather doesn’t mean retiring winter favorites just yet! Photo:

Winter is finally heading out the door but it’s not going down without a fight! Leaving behind the highs and lows that make it either too warm to shrug on a parka, or too cold to bare those legs. We’ve created a lookbook to inspire outfit ideas fit for the season’s topsy-turvy weather. Read on for some tips to make your transition to spring easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy

Michele Keeps MIX Vintage True to its Name and Southern Roots

Michele, owner of MIX Vintage in front of new store front.

Michele of MIX Vintage in front of her new shop which she is currently building out in Biltmore Village.

Finding secondhand furniture that tells a story of a rich previous life is a full time job for Michele of MIX Vintage. When Michele decides what vintage furnishings to sell in her Ashville shop, she goes with finds that give her positive feelings and how much she would want the item in her own home. It’s why her Krrb corner is stocked with jewel-tone Persian rugs, iconic Knoll pieces and quirky objects like a three foot hight ceramic sheep. Michele’s knack for finding lustworthy furniture has caught our eye so we had to know where she gets her inspiration and what items she’s crushing on lately. Read on to see why she’s in the Krrb spotlight

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