Video – Krrb Presents Community Building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Local Brooklyn blog is busy in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The go-to site for North Brooklyn has been pooling resources from readers and partners to give back to the community. After several benefits including music shows with Heliotropes, comedy benefits and a soup bowl fundraiser for the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, this local blog is bringing people together offline.

Next up for Greenpointers is their annual holiday market, located at From The Source, returning December 8th at 69 West Street. Stay tuned for more on that!

We Showed, We Told, We Traded

Ben Anastas with Dan Kennedy at Krrb HQ discussing the creative process and what it’s like to hit rock bottom.

Last week, after a Hurriacane-inducing reschedule, we finally gathered at Krrb HQ to commemorate the author, Benjamin Anastas and his excellent memoir, To Good to Be True. (If you haven’t picked up a copy, do yourself a favor and grab one now.) To get the party started right, we had Brooklyn Brewery and their luxiourious libation, Ashley of The Fat Beagle brought it hard with her gourmet take on southern food and we were giving away Kindles.

But the real climax of the party was when we had five excellent story tellers showing and telling, and ulimately trading in five minutes or less. Rounding out the show was a conversation between Ben (yes, we are on a first name basis with him now) and the one and only Dan Kennedy of The Moth. Aka Dan. Hearing more about the creative process and the experience of hitting all time lows from these wordsmith super stars really made it worth come out. If you missed it, I’m sorry for you. But guess what. We’ve got pictures. Check them out on Facebook. And if you didn’t miss it, go ahead and tag yourself because that’s what we do on Facebook

Milwaukee – Art vs Craft Opens This Weekend

This weekend will be the 9th annual Art vs Craft in Milwaukee with more than 100 independent artists, crafters and designers.

Limited edition tote bags will be given out to the first 300 shoppers designed by Milwaukee’s own Little Friends of Printmaking! Read on for our market picks

Charcoal — 5 Unexpected How-Tos and Tips To Use At Home and For Beauty Care

You'd be surprised to know that charcoal, a natural resource can be used in a variety of daily tasks.

You’d be surprised to know that charcoal, a natural resource can be used in a variety of daily tasks.

While visiting the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair, we stumbled upon jars of charcoal while visiting with Chrissy Fichtl, owner of Apotheke. As it turns out, charcoal is not only beautiful and great for flipping burgers over, it’s also a great natural cleanser, detoxifier, and ideal for use around the home and for beauty care. Who knew?! Check out these five uses for charcoal you didn’t know about. Read on, we think you won’t mind a little coal in your stocking this year

Up All Night – The Brooklyn Night Bazaar Returns To Williasmburg

For the second year, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar returns to Williamsburg for a month long nocturnal celebration of music, food and local makers. Inspired by the night markets across Asia, the people behind the Brooklyn Night Bazaar bring together more than 200 of the borough’s most creative independent vendors, musicians, chefs, artists, breweries and wineries. Aside from the excitement of partying and shopping at night, where these guys truly succeed and stand out from the proliferation of markets and fairs this season is their impressive array of creative partners (yours truly enthusiastically included!)

Shop Local — Jewelry and Clothing at Grand Central Holiday Fair

There is plenty of jewelry and clothes at Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair to bundle up and gift. Photo:

There is plenty of jewelry and clothes at Grand Central Holiday Fair to bundle up and gift. Photo:

The Holiday Fair at Grand Central Terminal is well underway. Spend your Thanksgiving holiday shopping the plethora of artisanal goods for everything from home decor to body care. We’ve rounded up our favorite jewelry and clothing items — perfect for gifting to your loved ones. Be sure to preview all the goods available at Grand Central Holiday Fair before you head out the door

Krrbside Questions — How To Take On the Holidays, Creatively

Don't know what to do with your curbside finds? Jett does! Photo:

Don’t know what to do with your curbside finds? Well never fear, Krrb is here! Photo:

We’re excited to introduce Krrbside Questions, a column created solely to answering your queries about living local and being the good neighbor we know you all are. First up with some super helpful advice is Jett Superior, recently featured in our Member Spotlight. This Southern lover of all things secondhand, vintage and handmade has what she calls “crackerjack ingenuity” and a knack for redoing roadside furniture. Have a burning question? Email us at and we’ll make sure to get it in the right hands.

5 Easy Pieces — Local Artisans Benefitting Non-Profits

People coming together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Photo:

People coming together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Photo:

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’re gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage, and handmade stuff from around the web. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that

The Hot Corner — Magpie Vintage in Los Angeles, California

Vintage Architectural Forum magazines, read em' and stack 'em.

Vintage Architectural Forum magazines, read em’ and stack ‘em.

As part of the series called The Hot Corner, we’ll be featuring Krrb corners that catch our eye with their well-curated inventory. Whether it’s upcycled, secondhand, vintage or handmade, be sure to see for yourself why we think these Krrbsters have it going on.

When Margaret Box makes a sale in the Los Angeles area, she relishes meeting the person she’s selling to face to face. The Texas transplant bounced around the country for several years before settling down in LA with her boyfriend, creator of “Found” magazine. Margaret now spends her days finding vintage furniture and home goods and selling them online and at flea markets in her neighborhood. Check out Margaret’s Krrb corner to see what’s for sale. But don’t wait too long to see why we think this is one hot corner, you might miss out on a great

Eat This – A Bite-Sized Thanksgiving Menu

A 1950s holiday party. Photo:

As the holidays approach, we all begin to think about the planning and logistics of traveling, present buying, end of year parties, and of course, cooking up feasts for the masses. And no holiday is complete without stuffing your bird and then stuffing yourself with that stuffing and bird.

The culinary classics are classics for a reason. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie – they all make you feel at and remind you of home. But delicious as they may be, it’s also fun to switch it up a bit. This year, I’m doing a Thanksgiving feast with the fam, but I’m also hosting a cocktail party the night before with the friend-fam and serving a different kind of Thanksgiving meal

“Too Good to Be True” Author Benjamin Anastas Shows and Tells

Author Benjamin Anastas has a story or two to tell.

We’re proud to celebrate Benjamin Anastas’ new memoir, “Too Good to Be True,” this Thursday night with Amazon Publishing, Brokelyn and Dan Kennedy of The Moth with our inaugural “Show & Tell (and Trade)” event. We were able to briefly catch up with Anastas and he did a bit of showing and telling in preparation.

Be sure to swing by Thursday night to our Brooklyn offices and swap a few stories of your own, drink a beer or two lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery and enjoy some tasty eats from the fine folks at The Fat Beagle. And while you’re at it, don’t forget pick up a copy of “Too Good to Be True” from our friends at Molasses Books who will be on hand to keep your thirst for good reads quenched! On top of all that, you could even win a new Kindle just for showing up! ‘Nough said. See you there then!

I Want This — Vintage Ray-O-Vac Sportsman Flashlight

Always be prepared (with a little style.)

Always be prepared (with a little style.)

If there is anything that Hurricane Sandy has taught me, it’s an appreciation for electricity. With so many in the Northeast still picking up the pieces after the colossal storm, this Sportsman Flashlight is looking more and more like a necessity than a want.

The Vintage Ray-O-Vac Sportsman Flashlight from TRNK’s corner comes with a leather strap so you can wear it while battling the next storm Mother Nature sends your way. Batteries not included.

ArtsCetera Pop-Up Unites Local Vendors in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn


After the farewell of the Dekalb Market, the open air mart in Downtown Brooklyn gloriously constructed of old shipping containers, select vendors have joined forces with Smith Street’s ArtsCetera to bring a regular pop-up shop to the neighborhood, an already a bustling shopping destination. Nanette De Cillis, owner of the children’s play space is launching the ArtsCetera Pop-Up this weekend.

The opening market includes several former Dekalb Market vendors along with a few new faces for a variety of unique, locally-made goods. Be sure to preview the evolving rotation of vendors at the neighborhood pop-up at

Tis the Season To Buy Local — Grand Central Holiday Fair

Photo: Jones Lang LaSalle

Photo: Jones Lang LaSalle

Over 1 million people will pass through Grand Central Terminal every day this holiday season. The massive transit hub is also home to one of the most popular holiday fairs in New York City. There’s no place more grandeur in size and history than this landmark to get your holiday shopping done. Whether you’re commuting to work or headed out to a night on the town, a visit to Grand Central Terminal is an opportunity to take part in something bigger. Shopping the curated craft fair within the historical Vanderbilt Hall adds to the experience of gifting your loved ones with locally made, unique treasures during the Centennial celebration of this iconic building

Show & Tell (and Trade) — 3 Storytelling Tips from Dan Kennedy

The man of the hour. Photo:

The man of the hour. Photo:

Over a decade now of hosting reknown storytelling show The Moth, Dan Kennedy is still not sure what makes that one amazing moment happen for storytellers onstage. “Every time I think I’ve got any of it figured out, I realize how much there is to learn,” says Kennedy, who is hosting our Show & Tell (and Trade) on November 15.

After 10 years worth of shows all over the world, Dan has learned a few things, and lucky for us, he’s willing to pass some of them on. Be sure to catch Dan and other storytellers in action, including Brooklyn-based author Benjamin Anastas reading from his new book “Too Good to Be True” at Show & Tell (and Trade).

Fine tune those storytelling skills in time for the big night with these tips from the master

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