Vegan Shop Up — Five Sweets for Your Sweetie

Give your special someone something sweet. Photo:

Give your special someone something sweet. Photo:

What’s Valentine’s Day without some baked goods and special treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and that of your sweetie’s? Next Saturday, the Brooklyn-based Vegan Shop-Up is gearing up for its 3rd annual Vegan Valentines market! Dedicated to featuring vegan food purveyors and eco-friendly goods in the New York area, this event is sure to have enough heart shaped cookies, mouthwatering bon bons, and decadent chocolates to fill your heart’s content. Preview the Vegan Shop-Up to plan your Valentine’s Day menu and check out our five favorite gifts to treat your special someone

Pinning – Curl Up With Us As We Drool Over These 75 Fireplaces

With a few more winter months ahead, we can still dream about our favorite oasis in the cold: the fireplace. Vintage, freestanding, stone or gas, we’ve all got our preferences when it comes to friendly fire. And what better place to gather and drool over them all than Pinterest? We’ve got 75 and counting of the sculptural variety, those from yesteryear, some only conceived of, and a few you can barely believe.

Join us why don’t you!

Krrb Presents A How-to on Adding Buttons to Upholstery with Tufting

Adding matching (or not!) buttons to a piece of furniture is a great way to add character without a lot of hassle, and tufting is the way to do it. Tufting is an upholstery technique achieved by threading through layers of fabric and securing the ends of the thread with a knot or button. It isn’t hard, but we’ve got the step by step instructions on how to get the job done.

While there are several tufts (varying in difficulty), Colleen Ford White of Timber and Cloth gives us a lesson on the basic tuft. You’ll need a tufting needle, nylon tufting thread and shank buttons that have an eyeloop on the back. Colleen suggests pairing vintage buttons with your fabric if you don’t have a button maker.

A blue velvet burnout ottoman tufted by Colleen of Timber and Cloth.

A blue velvet burnout ottoman tufted by Colleen of Timber and Cloth.

You can find both introductory and intermediate upholstery classes taught by Colleen at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. Be sure to check out her Krrb corner Timber and Cloth to pick up furniture upholstered by Colleen. If you’re still not up for a tufting session of your own, you can purchase this tufted ottoman on Krrb now.

Introducing Member Ratings on — Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Are you happy, sad or neutral? Let the world know!

Since the launch of, we’ve heard so many great stories of conviviality – from a buyer showing up with homemade cookies to a seller traveling across town in the rain just to deliver an item they were giving away for free! One very cool member even proclaimed Krrb to be “like a dating website, but for new friendships!” We like that

Purging — Services To Help You Start the Year with a Clean Slate



Alas, it’s still January. That means there’s still time to conquer your many New Years Resolutions, one of those big ones being to clean out your space. Let’s be honest, life gets in the way— work, family, kids— and priorities shift. However, if you can’t find the time, we at Krrb have you covered!

There are a ton of services out there to help you get a jump start and we have a few right here on Krrb. Some will help you clean, some will help you organize, all without having to lift a finger. Pretty cool, huh

Krrbside Questions — Break the Messy Closet Cycle and Options for an Unused Skateboard

Find out what to do with a skateboard that will never get lots of air and more.

Find out what to do with a skateboard that will never get lots of air and more. Photo:

Welcome to Krrbside Questions, a column created solely to answer your queries about living local and being the good neighbor we know you all are. First up with some super helpful advice is Jett Superior, recently featured in our Member Spotlight. This Southern lover of all things secondhand, vintage and handmade has what she calls “crackerjack ingenuity” and a knack for redoing roadside furniture. Have a burning question? Email us at and we’ll make sure to get it in the right hands

Shark Gravy, the Treasure Hunters who Never Stop Moving

Erick and Kayla, fulltime treasure hunters.

Erick and Kayla, full time treasure hunters.

If there was ever a more resolved duo, it would be the Chicago-based couple behind Shark Gravy. Kayla Benedict and Erick Pausz have plenty of goals for 2013. Aside from selling secondhand furniture on Krrb, they are working on “Hell on Earth”, an animated television pilot, never mind learning woodworking and animation programs. Wowza!

When it comes to their home, that New Year’s purge is more of an ongoing process. A lot of times, Kayla and Erick use the furniture they’re selling to furnish their own home until it is sold, so they are constantly starting with a clean slate. First on their to-do list is to find a wardrobe solution. Kayla and Erick just sold a Broyhill dresser set that housed their own clothes. Read on to find out why we can’t get enough of these treasure hunters

Pin It to Win It – Organize, Categorize, Systemize

Part of what helps you organize a space is to organize your head, and that starts with planning. Gathering all your ideas and inspiration in one place is a great way to get organized. And with the help of Pinterest, we can do it together. We’ve created a board.

Join us!

Check us out on Pinterest by following the board or let’s collaborate by pinning together. Simply email us to get involved and soon we’ll be having a pinning party. I see a lot of pantry, shelving and creative storage in all our future!

Find us on Pinterest at our Organize, Categorize, Systemize board.

Krrb Presents How to Cook with Vermouth

Using local and sustainable ingredients, Bianca Miraglia’s line of vermouth is something to look forward to every season. After launching Uncouth Vermouth just last year, Bianca, a Brooklyn sommelier, is changing people’s minds on this drink mixer.

For starters, vermouth is an aromatized fortified wine flavored with various botanicals with a refrigerated shelf life of three weeks after it’s been open. Not just for making cocktails, Bianca suggests also cooking with your bottle of vermouth. Today she shows us how to poach salmon in vermouth with just a few staples and five minutes of your time. You need a roughly chopped garlic clove, a tablespoon of dill, a half cup of vermouth and salmon seasoned with salt and pepper. Watch the video to see this quick meal created a little love and splash of vermouth.

New Years Is Over, The Resolutions Are Waning, Now What?

As with every start of the New Year, there are promises of resolution. Eat right, work out, save money, organize — all nice gestures towards a better you. But the problem is always momentum, isn’t it? How do you maintain your resolutions past week two? Maybe if we kept up the practice, we wouldn’t have to start anew every January.

So this year, in hopes of tackling a resolution we think we can keep, we’re focusing on de-cluttering, purging and generally staying organized as far as our “stuff” is concerned. Gathering our in-house expertise and that of some professional organizers, movers and de-clutterers, we have some realistic goals to turn your resolution into a year-long practice

Let’s Collaborate in NYC with Air BnB, Krrb, New Work City and Projective Space!

Join us on January 23rd for a night of collaboration and community building…

Have you ever had a slice of pizza? Stupid question, but if you answered yes, you have participated in the “sharing economy” and “collaborative consumption.” How many of you have taken public transportation, flown in an airplane or driven on a highway? Same deal.

Despite the wide-spread participation world-wide in the sharing economy the concept remains foreign to most Americans. However, the explosion of strong online communities over the last decade has greatly opened up opportunities for the sharing economy on many levels — from home-shares to work-shares to car-shares. But if strong communities are key to thriving sharing economies how do you build those communities?

This is just the type of question that will be explored next Wednesday, January 23rd at 7:00 when “Let’s Collaborate NYC” — dedicated to connecting the collaborative consumption community in NYC — and Trust Cloud bring together “Sheila Karaszewski from Airbnb, James Wahba of Projective Space, Andrew Wagner of Krrb, and Tony Bacigalupo from New Work City will be sharing their insights and experiences on building communities around their brand.”

There will be plenty of drink, food and collaborative consumption fodder and…it’s free! Space is limited however so register today and we’ll see you there!

Krrb Challenge — Furnishing an Entire Apartment Locally and Secondhand

Jason Croatto wants to upgrade his style and finally replace his Ikea coffee table eating routine with a dining table worthy of dinner parties.

Jason Croatto wants to upgrade his style and finally replace his Ikea coffee table eating routine with a dining table worthy of dinner parties.

Perhaps it’s the momentum of a new year and new beginnings, but Jason Croatto is ready to overhaul his apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. After moving in last summer and tearing down a few walls to expand his bedroom, Jason now wants to upgrade his quick-fix surroundings and get a dining table and living room worthy of entertaining. So we’re presenting Jason with a challenge: to exclusively use Krrb to furnish his new grown up apartment. He’ll be selling his generic Ikea furniture and furnishing his home with mid century pieces that have a little more style and character. Out with the old and in with new (to him). Can he do it?

Pioneer — Tungsten Customs in Milford, Connecticut

Jeremy Medow builds these stylish lamps out of his home.

Jeremy Medow builds these stylish lamps out of his home.

A series featuring new Krrbies in new towns across the globe who are breaking unexplored territory. Find out what they have to sell, trade or giveaway.

After years of working on Wall Street, Jeremy Medow got the seven year itch. He moved to New Haven, Connecticut, left his post on the trading floor, and turned his lamp building hobby into a business. From scavenging junk to creating wall sconces with vintage Killark industrial lamp enclosures, Jeremy’s process has come a long way. You can find his industrial and modern light fixtures on Krrb at Tungsten Customs. While his lighting creations are not available in local stores, this Krrb pioneer is blazing trails in Connecticut

The Casa Couture that Julie Gathman Built

Julie Gathman takes a break from selling furniture.

Julie Gathman takes a break from selling furniture.

Chicago has no shortage of vintage furniture shops. Yet when Julie Gathman opened up Casa Couture in Roscoe Village, she set out to give dated secondhand pieces a new look. Her eye for uncovering potential in retro styles has made her boutique a popular go-to among Chi-town’s design lovers. Read on to see why her shop is a must on your shopping tour of the windy city

New Year’s Resolution: Add Some Art to Your Life

Add Some Art to Your Life

Buying art can be scary. But don’t be intimidated, go with what you like. Develop your own taste and build out your own mini MOMA in your home.

It’s the New Year! What better time to spice up your domestic scene with some art that gets you thinking, smiling, laughing or simply contemplating what in the world the artist was thinking? If you are new to the wild world of art collecting and don’t have the budget to visit Art Basel every year, why not start with some thrift finds like these small wonders from Jessica in Los Angeles. The price is right and their is just enough curiosity here to keep you guessing. Who knows, you could end up as the world’s next Darryl Kelly, Warhol in tow and all!

2013: We Dream of the Mighty Mai Tai

Mid Century Modern Sheaf Bamboo Table By McGuire

This Mid Century Modern Sheaf Bamboo Table By McGuire had us dreaming of Mai Tai’s and backyard barbecues from the moment we laid eyes on it.

Happy New Year! It’s only two days into 2013 and already we’re freezing! So while we shiver away on the eastern seaboard we sometimes like to dream of the warmer months to come and every once in a while we stumble across a piece of furniture that let’s us do that like no other. Enter this beaut — a mid century bamboo sheathed gem by McGuire that had us ready to whip out the blender and barbecue on first sighting. For only $150.00 from MissionMod why not get your summer started early?

Summer starts now

Summer starts now!

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