What’s Cooking – Local Food at Its Peak in August

Photo: Katieagthekitchendoor.com

Photo: Katieagthekitchendoor.com

The last time we talked about cooking with food at it’s peak, we were enjoying some late-spring treats. Now that summer’s winding down, its time to take advantage of the best flavors the month of August has to offer! With the peak-season map as a starting point, we’ve rounded up the perfect recipes to enjoy the freshest food in your region. Let’s get cooking!

How To — Milk Crate Storage Table

Krrb — How To — Milk Crate Storage Table

Recently, my copy of Guerilla Furniture Design by maker Will Holman arrived and I knew that I had to get to work. If you have yet to get a copy, this book is all about finding salvaged, or otherwise deemed trash, materials and creating beautiful modern furniture and accents. And if you know me, you know this speaks to my aesthetic. Flipping through the book, I came across the instructions for a Milk Crate Credenza. However since I’m short on space and need a side table, I came up with my own version of this project instead. The result is a gorgeous vertical storage solution that was inexpensive and truly showcases the intricate grid structure of the milk crates. For more information on how I put together the Milk Crate Storage Table out of found materials and just a few tools, keep reading for the step-by-step tutorial.

Tips and Tricks for DIY Filmmaking

Krrb — Tips and Tricks for DIY Filmmaking

I love filmmaking! Writing a good story, getting in-front of or behind the camera, and watching as all of the magic unfolds is a feeling unlike any other. In the technology ridden world we are living in now, making a film is easier than ever. Camera and sound equipment can still cost you a pretty penny and unfortunately that’s hard to get around. I’ve compiled some DIY tricks to help you save as much money as possible!

Our 3 Favorite Instagram Feeds Right Now

Krrb — Our 3 Favorite Instagram Feeds Right Now

Photo: Instagram.com/Oliveearth

Instagram has become such an influential part of our lives as of late. Just about every person I know uses Instagram to post pictures of their cat or the food they’re about to eat—but what about the rest? We searched Instagram high and low for some of our favorite accounts and now we’re here to share them with you!

Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week

Krrb — Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week

Photo: Laweekly.com

The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week

How to Start a Band Without Breaking the Bank

Krrb — How to Start a Band Without Breaking the Bank

Photo: Flickr.com/photos/comzeradd

Music is a great way to let out all of that built up creative energy, but it can also be quite a pricey hobby. New instruments can range from easy-on-the-wallet to gonna-cost-you-a-pretty-penny! That shouldn’t discourage you from starting a band though—some of my favorite musicians (RIP Jay Reatard) used buckets as percussion on early albums, so I think you can manage. Here’s some tips and tricks for you to start your very own band!

How to Make an Upcycled Cat Tent

Every cute kitten needs a place to sleep—seeing as that’s about all they do! With a few items you can find lying around the house, Lauren is going to teach you how to make a cat tent for your furry friends.

What You’ll Need

  • 15″ x 15″ Piece of Cardboard
  • 2 Wire Hangers
  • Tape or Pins
  • Size Medium T-shirt
  • Pliers
  • Does your cat love the new tent? What other DIY toys do you suggest for pets?

    Andy Bauch the Lego Brick Artist

    Andy Bauch the Lego Brick Artist

    It’s not a far reach for Andy Bauch to jump from encoding digital video to creating digital-inspired mosaics with LEGO bricks. Originally from Queens, New York, Andy settled on the West Coast where his art career has thrived. Using LEGOs as his medium, Andy’s Krrb corner is a testament to his fondness for pop culture. Read on to see how Andy built his collection of bricks and what inspires him

    The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

    Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

    Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

    5 Philadelphia Attractions You’ve Got to See for Yourself

    Krrb — 5 Philadelphia Attractions You've Got to See for Yourself

    Photo: Atlasobscura.com

    Next time you’re visiting the beautiful city of Philadelphia, skip the typical field trip attractions and head towards something a little more adventurous. We’ve all seen The Liberty Bell and do you really want to be that person that runs up the Rocky stairs? It’s time to discover and explore some of the more uncommon attractions around Philadelphia.

    When Life Gives You Lemons — Make Lemonade


    We’re currently in a heat wave over here in New York and let me tell you, the only thing that gets me through these hazy hot days are the cold drinks. While I definitely won’t say no to anything with ice cubes when it’s 90 plus degrees, there is one drink that holds a special place in my heart. What drink is that you ask? Lemonade, of course! Whether you’re hosting a lemonade stand on your block, making a punch bowl for a BBQ or just whipping some up to accompany your dinner—here are some fun recipes for you to try out next time you have some lemons handy!

    How To — Scrap Wood Frame

    Krrb — How To — Scrap Wood Frame

    Since I am still in love with the traditional pattern graffiti I spray-painted on fabric a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to come up with a equally beautiful way to frame it on the wall. That’s when I came across the kickstarter-funded We Are Well Made Stiicks frame. Stiicks is a magnetic floating frame that can easily be installed and held into place to secure posters, prints, and other art. Ever the resourceful one, I dived into my tool shed to see how I can take scrap wood and turn it into the perfect frame-less frame. Now my art piece based on indigenous Colombian baskets is proudly displayed on my wall, in all its glory. If you’re interested in a cool (and inexpensive) way to hang your art, read on for my step-by-step tutorial on the scrap wood frame.

    6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Work Look

    Krrb — 6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Work Look

    Photo: Blackenterprise.com

    Along with its rays of sunshine and lazy beach days, summer brings with it several work wardrobe challenges. You want to look your best at work without having to spend money on two different warm-weather wardrobes (one for the weekend and one for the office). Here are six ways to spruce up your summer look for $40 or less.

    On the Road — 5 Apps to Make Your Trip a Local Adventure

    Hitting the road? We've got 5 apps you'll want to bring along. Photo: Littledoglost.blogspot.com

    Hitting the road? We’ve got 5 apps you’ll want to bring along. Photo: Littledoglost.blogspot.com

    The time has come to start thinking about journeys on the open road. When you’re planning a visit to the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, the Vegas strip or wherever your heart is set, don’t forget your phone! To make your memorable trip one for the books, Krrb has pooled together a few apps to discover local gems far and wide. These apps come loaded with tidbits on local shops, stays and events to get a real sense of your travel destination. Don’t forget to download our Krrb iPhone App to find locals around your next stop. With the inside scoop on all your travel stops, you’re sure to feel like a local in no time

    DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots

    Krrb — DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots

    All Photos: Heather Talbert Photography

    One thing we’ve learned since starting this DIY group last year is that sometimes, Pinterest lies. Our crafting fails, each snagged from the social media platform that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, include (but aren’t limited to) clay dishes charring in the oven and candles exploding. But when the metal washer used in said candle goes shooting across the room, we move from DIY fail to DIY life hazard.

    Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week

    Krrb — Seen & Heard — Links that Caught Our Attention This Week

    Photo: Mashable.com

    The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week

    5 Weird Museums to Visit on Your Next Road Trip

    Weird Museums for Collector

    Mike Fountaine is the owner of the world’s largest collection of McDonalds memorabilia. Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

    It takes a special person to be a collector. A passion to acquire is essential, no matter the subject. From sneakers to coins to Star Wars memorabilia and presidential figurines, collectors feel a need to amass—almost an obsession really. For museums based on collections, that passion is taken a step further. It must be categorized and shared. These weird museums were started by collectors. And whether or not you care for the collection, you can admire their dedication to the subject. Check them out!

    The Note Passer: Small Kitchen, Big Impact

    Krrb — The Note Passer: Small Kitchen, Big Impact

    Even though my kitchen is quite small, it still functions as the nerve center of our home. Since size necessitates our table be in the living area, the kitchen is purely a place of action: nourish, caffinate, brew, wash, prep, cook, store. Being that it is so small, items that make the cut into the kitchen cabinets must be invaluable or do double duty. In addition, part of refreshing my apartment includes removing as much plastic as possible, especially from the kitchen. This is because there is a documented risk of leaching that occurs when plastics are heated, washed repeatedly, or store acidic or basic items—effectively anything you would do in the kitchen. While there is debate over accepted levels of exposure, it would be impossible for me to know when I reached that level and the ubiquitousness of plastic makes it difficult to avoid in many situations. Instead of plastic, I look for materials like glass, metal, and wood when purchasing kitchen items.

    It’s also important to me to know where items are made and who made them. Home decor products are often not as traceable as clothing, but there are some companies that reveal their sourcing and production. One of these is Artisan Connect. They source from nonprofits, artisan collectives, and other organizations that provide fair wages to the artisans and social services geared to the needs of their communities. The beauty of their products is in the preservation and celebration of traditional crafts. This isn’t charity or pity shopping—the artisans learn new techniques, teach others, and grow their cultural and economic development with the support of Artisan Connect.

    Below are items that facilitate the bustling activity in my kitchen. They are made from natural materials, do double duty, and support the fair wages of artisans.

    Get the Look: A Perfect Outdoor Patio

    As the summer turns into fall, what better way is there to enjoy the outdoors than on your own patio? Creating the perfect atmosphere is simple. With a few necessities, you’ll be grilling with the gang in no time!

    5 Great Ways to Repurpose an Old Trunk

    Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose an Old Trunk

    Photo: Apartmenttherapy.com

    We’re all about recycling and reusing but sometimes you’ll find things around the house that feel like they’ve met their final days. That’s where repurposing comes in! Have an old trunk that’s just full of junk taking up space? Well instead of trashing the whole thing, why not turn it into something new? Start repurposing with one of these fun projects!