5 Easy Pieces – The Smoothie Edition

Toss fruit and some veggies in a blender for a refreshing drink that will energize your day. What's not love?

Toss fruit and some veggies in a blender for a refreshing drink that will energize your day. What's not love?

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. Stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that

The Champagne Life on a DIY Budget

Krrb — The Champagne Life on a DIY Budget

Back in 1999, as a New Hampshire journalism student nearing the end of her degree, staring down the prospect of balancing expensive urban living in Boston or NYC with a paltry cub reporter’s salary, I dreamt of a magazine that would help me navigate finding that elusive Champagne life on a beer budget. When no publication existed, I knew it was my calling to start Shoestring—only instead of beer, I wanted to embrace the DIY mentality of Yankee ingenuity and resourcefulness instilled in me by my Greatest Generation relatives from a very young age.

Our 11 Favorite Flea Markets on Instagram

Photo: Instagram.com/melrosetradingpost

Photo: Instagram.com/melrosetradingpost

With summer winding down, you’re probably trying to finish up your to-do list. Here’s what should be at the top: visiting a local flea market! If you’re unsure of the best one near you, checking out Instagram is a great way to get an idea of the items they sell. Even better, we’ve done the hunting for you: check out our favorite flea market Instagram accounts from across the US (and don’t forget to follow Krrb on Instagram as well

6 Summertime DIYs for Your Pet

Photo: Bmag.com.au

Photo: Bmag.com.au

Summer means lazy days spent outdoors and creative ways to beat the heat. But while you’re plopped down poolside, what’s happening to your pets? If your furry friends spend time outside, you’ll need to make sure they’re staying cool and safe while the temperatures climb and fleas run rampant. Try these simple DIYs to show your pets some love and keep them happy and healthy all summer long

Make a DIY Tray with Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Krrb — Make a DIY Tray with Mosaic Backsplash Tile

For a DIY craft project, tile can be a show-stopper. There are so many material options for decorating with tile—ceramic, porcelain, glass, slate, marble, metal, granite—and tile is available in a variety of sizes for floor, wall and countertop installations.

Floor and wall tiles have uses beyond their obvious purpose. I love using tile to transform everyday items like otherwise boring serving trays into fabulous works of art. They make wonderful wedding and housewarming gifts.

The hardest part of this project was choosing the tile. I was like a kid in a candy shop—I wanted one of each!

Comic Book Inspired Design

Comic Book Inspired Design

Photo: Homeedit.com

Variations of the modern day comic book have been around for centuries with the first “funnies” arriving in the US in the 1930’s. So it’s no shock, that comic book art and culture has influenced home decor. And when you consider that the San Diego Comic Con has hosted over 2 million attendees since its inauguration in the 1970’s, there is a large demographic of die-hard comic book fans that want their love for comic books expressed in unique ways. As a fan or graphic novels myself, I decided to take a look at this cool sub-genre of art and design to put together a round-up of 5 must-see pieces. Keep reading to determine if these furniture and decor items reinforce your love for comic books

Member Spotlight — Susana de Trapaga of One Chair a Week


For some, an upholstery project might be an extended (and probably pretty stressful) undertaking. For the master re-inventor behind “One Chair a Week,” it’s just business as usual for the next seven days. Susana de Trapaga isn’t shy about mixing patterns, decades and textures, but the finesse behind her creative process results in really beautiful and unique furniture. Get to know the self-described “chairwoman” of the business, and be sure to check out her corner to see which chairs are getting the VIP treatment this week!

Collector’s Corner — Jen Pywell’s Unique Art Collection

Krrb — Collector's Corner — Jen Pywell's Unique Art Collection

All Photos: Jen Pywell

Here at Krrb Classifieds we love a good collection, especially one that’s unique. From where the collection began to the most significant item, we want to know the story behind it all. So we’re reaching out to collectors everywhere to find out what they collect and why!

Today, Jen Pywell joins us to discuss her art collection, how it all started and her favorite piece!

How To Have A 2 Dollar Lemonade Stand

Pre-video games, lemonade stands were a great way to teach kids about business. But guess what, it still is!

Pre-video games, lemonade stands were a great way to teach kids about business. But guess what, it still is!

It’s a sweltering July day and the kids are playing video games. Again. Then you think back to your paper route when you delivered the news up hill in no shoes, and your first lemonade stand when you sold 10 cent Dixie cups full of that delicious, thirst-quenching lemonade… It’s time for a revisit with the time-tested lemonade stand, isn’t it?

With just 2 dollars, you can have a simple, eco-friendly lemonade stand which will be a fun way to hang with your kids and a great way to teach them the basics on business while staying green

The 7 Best Designed Boutique Hotels

Photo: Thelinehotel.com

Photo: Thelinehotel.com

Summer is not over yet, so you know what that means! Grab your family, significant other, kids or friends and have one last summer getaway. Rather than staying at a big hotel chain, try out a boutique hotel to experience the unique style and charm of the city that you’re staying in. Check out some of our favorite places to rest up after a long day of wandering!

Living a Clean, Green Summer

Krrb — Living a Clean, Green Summer

Photo: Lolalovesgreen.com

It’s always hard to make the decision to live more frugally by being more green. For me, that decision came recently after graduating from college. Summer here in Boise, Idaho has been pretty brutal some days. I’m here to inform you about some ways to save money the rest of the summer by being more green in different areas of your home life.

10 Things Everyone Should Learn To Do

10 Things Everyone Should Learn To Do

These ten lessons are a must for every adult. Photo: Theguardian.com

The end of summer is only a few weeks away but school is in session at Krrb. We think that there are certain skills every person should know. Excel through life by mastering these 10 lessons. Read on to check out our primer and don’t forget to report back

How To — Milk Crate Storage Table

Krrb — How To — Milk Crate Storage Table

Recently, my copy of Guerilla Furniture Design by maker Will Holman arrived and I knew that I had to get to work. If you have yet to get a copy, this book is all about finding salvaged, or otherwise deemed trash, materials and creating beautiful modern furniture and accents. And if you know me, you know this speaks to my aesthetic. Flipping through the book, I came across the instructions for a Milk Crate Credenza. However since I’m short on space and need a side table, I came up with my own version of this project instead. The result is a gorgeous vertical storage solution that was inexpensive and truly showcases the intricate grid structure of the milk crates. For more information on how I put together the Milk Crate Storage Table out of found materials and just a few tools, keep reading for the step-by-step tutorial.

Tips and Tricks for DIY Filmmaking

Krrb — Tips and Tricks for DIY Filmmaking

I love filmmaking! Writing a good story, getting in-front of or behind the camera, and watching as all of the magic unfolds is a feeling unlike any other. In the technology ridden world we are living in now, making a film is easier than ever. Camera and sound equipment can still cost you a pretty penny and unfortunately that’s hard to get around. I’ve compiled some DIY tricks to help you save as much money as possible!

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