Take Part in a Paid Study on Home Renovations and Laundry Rooms


Taking on a home renovation is a test of patience and budgeting. You come out of the process satisfied and perhaps a bit weary and wiser.

ReD Associates, a New York-based innovation consultancy group is currently conducting a study to learn more about home renovations, and specifically, laundry room renovations. The study aims to better understand the home renovation process, perceptions of space in the home before and after renovation, and factors that may influence the design of laundry rooms and washing machines.

This study is open to homeowners in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. The interview (four to five hours) will take place in the participant’s home, between August 20th and August 30th. Participants will be compensated for their time.

Participant Criteria

We are looking for homeowners who fit the following criteria:

  • Age: Between the ages of 29 to 50
  • Living situation: Mix of single people, couples, and parents
  • Income: Upper-middle class with salaries above $100,000 per year
  • Renovation: Renovated their home within the last two years, including the laundry room (either as a separate room or part of the kitchen or basement renovation)
  • Appliances: Owns both a washer and a dryer that they regularly use, acquired within the last three years, as well as respondents who are intending to purchase a new washing machine soon
  • If you fit this criteria and would like to participate in the study, or if you have any questions about participation, please feel free to contact cho@redassociates.com or at (347)393-8054.

Join Us — Krrb’s Book Swap for Kids in Brooklyn, New York

Photo: Today.com

Photo: Today.com

Back to school season is upon us! Clear out your children’s bookshelves and educational toys and restock them with secondhand finds in time for the new academic year.

Join Krrb and A Child Grows in Brooklyn for a children’s book swap on Wednesday, August 20th at NY Kids Club in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Bring your gently used books and educational toys for swappin!

This event is for children ages 4-10. Trade outgrown books and educational toys (such as card games, electronic and the like) with neighbors.

There is a $3 donation admission fee to this book swap. Proceeds will go to non-profit children’s literacy group.

Wednesday, August 20th ~ 4-6pm

NY Kids Club
Park Slope, Brooklyn
125 5th Avenue (at Sterling Place)

I Want This — “Beatrice House” Oil Painting

As someone who routinely says, “empty walls, empty hearts”, I tend to hang an extraordinary amount of artwork in my space, often rotating the pieces seasonally. Which means that I’m always on the hunt for the next great piece! The Beatrice House Original Oil Painting would be a perfect fit, painted on archival linen canvas, topped with a protective isolation coat and varnish. Krrb member Seminary Road even offers custom solid wood frame options if you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch.

Bring home this original oil painting from Seminary Road in Alexandria, Virginia. $400.

5 Tips to be More Hospitable

Make your guests feel welcomed. Photo: Blog.greenlakeguesthouse.com

Make your guests feel welcomed. Photo: Blog.greenlakeguesthouse.com

Home is where the heart is, so what better way to share your love than to open up your home to new friends. But let’s face it- you’re no stranger to your home. So when it comes to hosting guests, you’ll need to take a moment and re-examine your place with a different mindset. The key to being a perfect host is planning ahead and planning smart. Read on for our five tips on being a hospitable host at hotel you

In Search Of — Salt and Pepper Shakers Under $50

Photo: allpeneverything.com

Photo: allpeneverything.com

Welcome to the daily series “In Search Of”, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today, it’s all about “Salt and Pepper’s Here!” And since we know you’re all on a budget (except for you, Marley!) we’ve kept it to $50 and under

Local Finds — Flipping Vintage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Newcomer Flipping Vintage on the South Side of Williamsburg may have only opened 11 months ago, but owner Joshua Felix—along with co-owner and business partner Salvatore Ciarcia and dog Travis—is crafting his own niche in a neighborhood full of vintage stores. Instead of selling antiques as-is, Joshua uses his interior design background to ‘flip’ furniture by re-upholstering and repainting vintage finds to create unique, one-of-a-kind, repurposed pieces. You can see his visions come to life in the two-level store, in his collection of before and after photos and his client’s elegantly designed rooms

Local Lodgings — The 30 Best Decorated Airbnb Options

Whether you’re on vacation, a business trip or in town for a wedding, it’s always fun to immerse yourself in the city itself. One way to do this effectively is to skip the hotel and stay at an Airbnb! We searched through the available places to stay in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and were not disappointed by what we found! Check out some of our favorites below

I Want This — Vintage Brutalist Wall Sculpture

I Want This — Vintage Brutalist Wall Sculpture

When I’m on a mission, I don’t stop. After moving around my living room to shake things up, I’ve finally set upon my new favorite layout. I bought a big rug, painted my coffee table a bright teal (trust me, it works!) and installed a secondhand pendant lamp. Not quite done, I’ve been fixated on the hole in my gallery wall. Not exactly a hole, but a void that calls for texture, airiness and something not quite rectangular in shape. I think this could be it.

This vintage Brutalist wall sculpture encompasses the metallic accents of my living room with the Mid-Century finds I’ve accummulated over time. Five feet in length, it’s going to be a statement piece—but one that I think will feel at home in my home.

Find it on SevenBC‘s Krrb corner. $445.

In Search Of — Smoked Glass Cocktail Glasses Under $150

Photo: www.etsy.com

Photo: www.etsy.com

Welcome to the scavenger series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now!

Today we’re in search smoked glass cocktail stemware. It’s as classy and brassy as your company. And since we know you’re all on a budget (except you, Mike!) we’ve found some lovely items under $150

Beds and Their Breakfast Recipe Pairings

Photo: http://emmapeelpants.files.wordpress.com/

Photo: Emmapeelpants.files.wordpress.com/

Is there anything better than breakfast in bed? A lazy Sunday where the most important meal of the day comes to you? We here at Krrb are so in love with the idea of breakfast in bed, we’ve taken it one step further. We’ve matched your breakfast to your bed! You probably didn’t know that it was possible. Well, my friend, it is. It’s nutritious, delicious and the perfect way to start or spend your day. Enjoy

I Want This — Bentwood Wall Shelf


I don’t know exactly what I would use this wall shelf for just yet but I know that I want it! It would be great to house a small plant like they’ve shown in the picture, but I’d also like to put a picture frame on it, or maybe use it as a space to display small knick-knacks that I’ve collected over time.

I’m overwhelmed with all of the possible places I could hang this. It would work perfectly in every room and it would look fantastic hanging on any area of the wall. The options are truly endless! If you’re living in a small city apartment and don’t have enough room for a nightstand, this may work as an alternative. A tiny place to house your phone, a glass of water, your glasses and anything else you may need to reach for at night.

Decorate your walls with this functional wall shelf from Soobc. $50.

10 Displays of Public Art You Have to See

One of the 50 Love Letter murals in Philadelphia that you can see by Steve Powers.  Photo: Siobhan-gallagher.com

One of the 50 Love Letter murals in Philadelphia that you can see by Steve Powers.
Photo: Siobhan-gallagher.com

While we love a good museum field trip, there’s something extra special about stumbling upon amazing art in public spaces. Heading to work becomes a culturally enriching experience when you unexpectedly pass by installments right in your neighborhood. Check out some of our favorites below

In Search Of — Buffets Under $700

Photo: www.tack-market.com/

Photo: Tack-market.com/

Welcome to the scavenger series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now!

Today we’re in search of buffets. Not the endless array of food, but the stylish furniture item. And since we know you’re all on a budget (except you, Sarah) we’ve found some lovely items under $700. Enjoy

Dress Your Walls — 30 Artwork DIYs under $30

30 Wall Art Projects under $30

Photo: Talizma.com

Are your walls and wallet both bare? These wall art projects under $30 allow you to add some personality to your room and express your creativity without breaking the bank! And most are customizable so you can experiment with color, shape and texture. Which project are you starting first? If your artistic talents are lacking, check out all the affordable art on Krrb

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