Dinner Parties — Guests, Drinks and the Tables to Match

Photo: gentlemensgazette.com

Photo: Gentlemensgazette.com

A perfect dinner party is a difficult thing to achieve. It must be lively but not too lively. Planned but flexible. The playlist has to have a theme, but it can’t be too obvious and the decor should “go together” but anything too “matchy matchy” is doomed. We here at Krrb appreciate the subtle touches that make a dinner really memorable. It’s why we’ve decided to bring you pairings of dining table and dinner guests that work at that undetectable level to ensure a dinner party success.We’ve also paired it up with a drink to get you started. You’re on your own for the menu

Get a Taste of Local with Brooklyn Local Beerfest

Photo: Instagram.com/brooklynlocalbeerfest

Photo: Instagram.com/brooklynlocalbeerfest

The Brooklyn crafted life isn’t complete without the Brooklyn Local Beerfest. The festival on Sunday, October 6th will feature small breweries as well as local artisanal makers. Not only can you get up close and personal with your local breweries but you can also get a few tricks and tips from homebrew communities.

Stop by this event to connect with other beer enthusiasts, snack on sweet and spicy treats by Carpe Donut and Sweet Chili. While you’re there, pick up soap made from beer by Oil and Lye. Also there to represent is Lauren Molin with shirts designed by her.

General Admission tickets are still available for Sunday. To give all attendees a chance to explore the variety of drinks available, tickets will be issued in the form of a punch-card that lists the name of each brewery in attendance, their offerings and a space to review. The event runs for noon to 6pm.

Win Two Tickets to the Brooklyn Local Beerfest

Tweet at Krrb and tell us your favorite local brewery. We’ll choose a winner by noon on Saturday!

Krrb Presents Quick Tips— How To Style Your Bookcase

We know you have no time for long-winded how-to’s, so we’ll keep it short. In under a minute, Quick Tips are here to help you with life’s little lessons. So unless you get caught up watching hundreds in a row, which – warning – you just might, you can quickly get back to monitoring your news feeds or whatever you were doing. Check out the full video series here.

If you often find yourself wondering how you can add some personality to your home, decorating a bookshelf is a fun and easy place to start! It’s also great since you can use items you already have, so it won’t be an expensive project. We’ve given some of our favorite tips to turn your bookcase from drab to fab!


One of the easiest things you can do is simply organize your books by arranging them in small stacks with one larger book leaning against them or by grouping books by color themes—the options are endless! Here at Krrb, we like to add tiny knickknacks to our shelves to add pops of character—you can add candles, bookends like green Blenko owl bookends, vases, plants, figurines like this brass seal or even your favorite fashion pieces. These small pieces will bring your shelves to life! Another important thing to keep in mind is that our eyes travel in a “Z” formation so it’s a great idea to add focal points to the areas where our eyes are naturally drawn to create an aesthetically pleasing display. Now it’s time to clear your shelves and start from scratch, and remember that there’s no wrong way to do it!

Sharing Economy — Little Free Library Unites Brooklyn Neighborhood Bookworms

Photo: Instagram.com/makeshiftalisha

Photo: Instagram.com/makeshiftalisha

I have always loved books. Until recently, going to the New York Public Library after work to pick up books I’ve reserved online was a regular joyous event. Luckily I don’t have to even leave my neighborhood now to get some new reading material. The wonderful people at Little Free Library have set up shop right on my street in Park Slope where neighbors practice “take a book, leave a book” with each other

10 Books to Read While You Wait

Photo: flickr.com/photos/moriza

Photo: flickr.com/photos/moriza

Whether you’re traveling or stuck in a waiting room, there’s nothing more agitating than being aware of the unproductive minutes ticking by. In situations like these it’s always great to have a book handy! Whether it’s a hard copy, a digital version or on audio — these books will help you get through those unavoidable time sucks

Tanya Memme Shows How to Repurpose Krrb Finds

Photo: facebook.com

Photo: facebook.com

We’ve had the pleasure of Tanya Memme curating our homepage for the past two weeks and she’s left us a great parting gift! After choosing eight items from Krrb, she’s given us ideas on how anyone can repurpose these great finds! So take a look below and try out some of the ideas, or be inspired to come up with a great DIY project of your own. Good luck and happy repurposing

Sam Ferguson Brings Rare and Unusual Vintage Finds to Brooklyn

Photo: facebook.com

Sam Ferguson hams for the camera while hiking. Photo: facebook.com

One of the great things about Krrb is that we bring together a community of all different types of buyers and sellers. This week we got to talk to Sam Ferguson about his hobby turned business venture! And he has no plans to slow down, picking up Knoll Saarinen designer pieces and unusual taxidermy here and there. With one look of the items for sale by Sam, you can tell he has a great eye when it comes to scavenging. Keep reading to find out where he goes locally

Top 5 Goodwill Finds You Can Repurpose

Add these Goodwill staples to your shopping list. Photo: Beneaththemagnolias.com

Add these Goodwill staples to your shopping list. Photo: Beneaththemagnolias.com

Ask anyone who has ever been thrifting and they will tell you that leaving with a cool find is two parts ingenuity and one part luck. Think about all of the items with unlimited potential lurking at your local Goodwill store. So we ask you what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your DIY on and repurpose your untapped creativity. If you don’t know where to begin, check out our list of 5 easy up-cycling projects you can get started on today

Repurpose This! 20 Things You Can Make into a Coffee Table

Photo: iondesignfurniture.com

Photo: iondesignfurniture.com

Stuff is cool but stuff that used to be other stuff is even cooler! We’re not sure why repurposing objects are so impressive. Maybe it gives you a way to showcase the many creative ways your brain sees the world. Maybe it’s the way to see the potential in each and every object to be more than what it appears. Whatever the reason, we’re excited to bring you this random assortment of objects you can repurpose as a coffee table

In Search Of — Wheels Under $500

Photo: wikipedia.com

Photo: Wikipedia.com

Welcome to the series “In Search Of”, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today, it’s all about the invention that started it all rolling, the wheel! And since we know you’re all on a budget (except for you, Peg!) we’ve kept it to $500 and under

Repurpose — Turn a Cabinet Door into a Serving Tray

Ribbet collage

As a part of our recent kitchen remodel, we removed our existing white laminate cabinets and relocated them to our garage. Unfortunately, most of the cabinet doors were so damaged during the demolition that we had to toss them. Word to the wise: Don’t leave your husband alone with a sledgehammer on demo day! However, we managed to salvage this lone little gem and I thought: “Wouldn’t this cabinet door be perfect for a DIY serving tray?

Krrb Curator — TV Host and DIY Master Tanya Memme

Photo: tanyamemme.com

Photo: Tanyamemme.com

Does the name Tanya Memme ring a bell? As the host of the Emmy-nominated shows Sell This House, Sell This House Extreme and Move This House on A&E for 13 seasons (yes, you read that correctly!), it’s hard not to recognize her. You can currently catch her on Hallmark Channel’s lifestyle show, Home and Family. Tanya can DIY just about anything—her creativity, passion and skills are all factors that make her the savvy repurposer that she is

In Search Of — Pendant Lamps Under $2,000

Photo: www.Fruni.com

Photo: Fruni.com

Welcome to the “In Search Of” series where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now!

Today, it’s all about pendant lamps. Do you really hate overhead light when it’s wrapped in such a pretty bow? And since we know you’re all on a budget (except for you, Maya!) we’ve kept it to $2,000 and under

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