Our Favorite Friends’ Favorite Fleas (What a mouthfull!)


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Brimfield Market: The Mother Of All Fleas. Photo by junepapercups.

As die-hard Brooklynites, we (at the Krrb HQ, that is) are lucky to have all sorts of flea markets within the city limits to rummage through and find all sorts of goodies. But what happens when we go beyond the city limits? Is there a world beyond the Brooklyn Flea?

We decided to get in touch with a few of our favorite fellow scavengers-in-the-know and ask them for their (mostly non-NYC) flea market recommendations. They came up with some real gems and, like the true selfless friends that we are, we are passing the information directly on to you. Enjoy!

Leslie Banker of Empire Delicious

armory antiques

Nautical treasures abound at Armory Antiques in Newport, Rhode Island.


Leslie Banker, Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Why her?

Leslie’s blog, Empire Delicious, is chock full of brilliant decorating ideas and is about to expand into an online store of it’s own!

Flea she loves:

“In Newport, RI on Thames Street there is Armory Antiques, which is open year round and houses a great group of antique dealers. For anyone interested in nautical themed prints, paintings or maps this is the place to go. It’s also a good spot to find beautiful model boats as well as a varied assortment of furniture, books, jewelry, and accessories. I’ve stumbled across some great things there!”

Sarah Coffey of Apartment Therapy

east-west fleas

For the bi-coastal among us: Alameda in California and the Brooklyn Flea in New York City. Brooklyn Flea photo by Jessica Blackman.


Sarah Coffey, New York, New York

Why her?

She’s the Marketplace Editor for home design and decor uber-blog Apartment Therapy! Need we say more?

Fleas she loves:

“We probably have two favorites at Apartment Therapy.

Brooklyn Flea: Best people watching, loads of hidden treasures. It’s the kind of place where you’re likely to find a vintage Olivetti typewriter or a 1940s library lamp. They have multiple locations. The Fort Greene market is a goldmine, and this year they opened a new outpost in Williamsburg.

Alameda Flea market: Located in Alameda near Oakland, CA, this is a serious shopper’s flea market, where you’ll see lots of early bird vintage furniture addicts combing the booths at 6 am. There are over 800 outdoor dealers with everything from wrought iron bed frames to gently used labware.”

Selena Cate of Apron Thrift Girl

vintage fabric

Selena found this huge haul of vintage fabrics at the Sebastpol flea market.


Selena Cate, Sonoma County, California.

Why her:

Her blog, Apron Thrift Girl, is pretty much the godmother of all thrifting blogs and celebrates being a scavenger without sacrificing a fabulous and enriched lifestyle.

Flea she loves:

“There’s nothing like the quaintness and warmth of a small town flea market. Midgley’s Flea Market in Sebastpol will greet you with vintage wares, local fruits & vegetables and fabulous affordable prices.”

Christene Barberich of Refinery 29

brimfield divan

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes at the Brimfield Market. Photo by Jessica Blackman.


Christene Barberich, Brooklyn, NY.

Why her:

As the Editor-In-Chief of the phenomenally popular fashion site Refinery 29, and a die-hard thrifting junkie, there is no one on the web with more fashion and shopping savvy.

Flea she loves:

“This July I’m headed back to Brimfield…my fave of all fave flea markets. I think I love it so much because it seems to have no boundaries, in space or stuff. It’s seriously monster-sized and the finds are just ENDLESS. In previous seasons, I’ve found everything from a mint navy-blue jersey Geoffrey Beene gown ($80!) to a perfect pair of bright orange Knoll chairs from the ’70s ($150 for the pair). If you’re someone who just likes to meander and peruse for hours and hours, this will be your flea market Shangri-La.”

Vanessa Alvarado of Thift Core

bargain house of fleas

One day's haul from the Bargain House of Fleas. Photo courtesy of Thriftcore.


Vanessa Alvarado, Jacksonvile, Florida.

Why her:

As the woman behind the brilliant blog Thriftcore, Van seamlessly combines the worlds of design, vintage, handmade and thriftiness into one unified community.

Flea she loves:

“I love to hunt at the Bargain House of Fleas on 103rd street in Jacksonville, Florida. There’s a great selection of toys, comic books, and colorful vintage finds from a variety of vendors for pocket change. One of my favorite vendors there always has amazing vintage transformers and robot toys from Japan to admire.”

Donni of The Magic Onion

long beach flea

There are all sorts of treasures waiting at the Long Beach Flea Market. Bottle photo courtesy of The Magic Onion. Doll Photo courtesy of Joyful Living.


Donni, from Long Beach, California.

Why her:

Her blog, The Magic Onions, is an incredible resource full of crafts and other home and nature based projects to do with the little ones in your lives.

Flea she loves:

“Oh yes, I am a fellow Flea Market junkie! I am in ecstasy when meandering through the rows upon rows of what my darling husband calls ‘somebody else’s junk’. To me, it’s not junk at all, it’s pure treasure! Poor Mr Magic Onions gets utterly bored after about 6 minutes! The only hope I have of dragging him around is the promise that a few stalls that might have antique tools to look at.

Little Teddy loves the dinky cars he finds but, alas, he wants them all and the constant ‘Pleeeeeeeease’ tends to put me off my game. ‘Just looking’ isn’t in a 4 year-old’s vocabulary.

The only person in my family who loves Flea Markets about as much as I do, is my 7 year-old, Kitty. She is my Flea Market companion and we can spend hours ‘oooo-ing’ and ‘aaaaah-ing’ over worn cat figurines, ancient apothecary bottles and dented tin buckets. She never gets tired of Flea Markets and it’s often me I, after many, many hours, who suggests we’ve had enough. She could honestly go on all day.

We have a super super HUGE Flea Market called the Long Beach Antique Market in our city on the third Sunday of each month. Kitty and I don our sunhats, make sure we don’t forget our wheely bin and off we set, leaving the boys at home to play ball or something. Flea Market Sunday is a monthly tradition in the Magic Onion house.

Sara Tetreault of Go Gingham

confused cat

What? Are you serious? No flea markets in Portland, Oregon?

And lastly, this big heads-up from Portland, Oregon’s Sara Tetreault, who blogs about stylishly frugal living at GoGingham.com:

“Portland doesn’t really have any flea markets. It’s weird. I’ve substituted the lack of flea markets with estate sales, the corner free pile, and the bins. The Bins are the Goodwill Outlet Store bins that I go to regularly. I’ve also taught 2 classes at our local bins, to teach other people how to shop at the bins. Sometimes you need a friend to go with the first time. The classes are free, too.”

Come on Stumptown! Get with the program! The Bins are pretty cool and all, but there’s a whole flea marketin’ world out there just waiting…

And you…

Where do you go to flea? Comment below and let us know! We’re building a database of the best markets on this planet, so help us out!

Photo credits

All photographs courtesy of the venues they describe unless otherwise indicated.

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