Our 3 Favorite Instagram Feeds Right Now


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Instagram has become such an influential part of our lives as of late. Just about every person I know uses Instagram to post pictures of their cat or the food they’re about to eat—but what about the rest? We searched Instagram high and low for some of our favorite accounts and now we’re here to share them with you!

Life At LaTavolaMarche

If you looked at the above picture and don’t want to start following Life At LaTavolaMarche then I don’t want to know you! This couple is constantly documenting their travels and the delicious feasts they’re eating so there is always something interesting to look at! In 2007 they both quit their jobs to move to a farm in Italy and it’s panning out to be quite the adventure you won’t want to miss!

Line & Label

Most of the items you’ll find in this Greenpoint, Brooklyn shop are handmade in the store but if you aren’t located in Brooklyn you can still see all the charming goods Line & Label offers. On top of what they make, you’ll also get plenty of photos of what they love and what inspires them! They’re definitely worth the follow with their beautifully curated account.

Ginny Macdonald

He called in sick. Don't tell his boss that he just hates Monday's! #theocurran

A photo posted by DESIGNER | STYLIST | LA | LDN (@ginny_macdonald) on

Do you like cute little dogs? How about seeing some of the inner-workings of an interior designer? Well, that’s just what you’ll get with Ginny Macdonald. Elegantly crafted photos will keep you coming back for more—and the dog doesn’t hurt either!

What Instagram feeds are you following? Who inspires you?


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