One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s… Art!


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When we saw the words “The Dumpster Project” flash across our screen yesterday, we had to stop and check out what artist Mac Premo (whose work we love) was doing.

Turns out he is in the midst of a very Krrb-like purging experience.

But rather than selling everything off like Will Ferrell, he’s making a sculptural collage piece out of the detritus and housing it in a 30 foot dumpster after he photographs the individual pieces and records “a few words about its history.” Genius.

Makes us want to go home, set up a seamless and photograph all of those ticket stubs, wine labels and cell phones (oh no wait, not the electronics… we’re recycling that stuff now) magically turning our storage spaces into art projects.

And then, because we’re not brilliant collagists over here, we can happily unload aforementioned stuff on Krrb.


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