On the Twelfth Day of Gifting Krrbie Gave to Thee: $250


That looks a bit heavy. Photo: Thefstopmag.com

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Krrb community gave 12 lucky Krrbsters a secondhand, handmade or locally made gift, as well as $250 cash on the final day—today!

On the twelfth day of gifting Krrbie gave to thee, the grand prize of: $250!

And today’s winner is Tom from New Jersey!!! Be sure to check out Tom’s Krrb corner, where he sells awesome sculptures made of recycled materials.

Happy holidays!

WOW! Coo Coo is going cuckoo for Tom's win! Coo Coo is one of Tom's many creations: Krrb.com/WhatTheFolkArt

It has been an epic 12 days of giving away all these secondhand, handmade or locally made gifts to our awesome Krrb community. Throughout the entire process we have been so privileged to get to chat with some of you. It was almost like we were getting 12 gifts!

This holiday season has been filled with warmth, laughter, and care over here at Krrb, and it’s all thanks to the Krrb community. Happy holidays from our corner to yours :)

In case you missed it, here are the lovely Krrbie winners from the previous days!

Day Eleven: Heike from San Francisco, California!
Day Ten: Juliette from Paris, France!
Day Nine: Orchard Street Press from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
Day Eight: Rachel from Brooklyn, New York!
Day Seven: Embee from Denver, Colorado!
Day Six: Man vs. George from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
Day Five: Brenda from Ellijay, Georgia!
Day Four: Justine from New York, New York!
Day Three: Ina from Barcelona, Spain!
Day Two: Laura from Columbus, Ohio!
Day One: Cat G from Brooklyn, NY!

  • Big money! Thanks to all of you for taking part in our lil’ contest – the givers and givees (is that a word)! It was really a lot of fun. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we do. Looking forward to what 2012 has in store!

  • Whatthefolkart


    Thanks for putting on such a cool contest krrb! I’m new to the krrb
    world, but am enjoying all the hidden local treasures out there.