On the Road — 5 Apps to Make Your Trip a Local Adventure


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Hitting the road? We've got 5 apps you'll want to bring along. Photo: Littledoglost.blogspot.com

Hitting the road? We’ve got 5 apps you’ll want to bring along. Photo: Littledoglost.blogspot.com

The time has come to start thinking about journeys on the open road. When you’re planning a visit to the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, the Vegas strip or wherever your heart is set, don’t forget your phone! To make your memorable trip one for the books, Krrb has pooled together a few apps to discover local gems far and wide. These apps come loaded with tidbits on local shops, stays and events to get a real sense of your travel destination. Don’t forget to download our Krrb iPhone App to find locals around your next stop. With the inside scoop on all your travel stops, you’re sure to feel like a local in no time!


Photo: Forestgiant.com

Photo: Forestgiant.com

Roadtrippers is a one-stop shop for planning the roadtrip experience of a lifetime. It runs the gamut with posts on food, hotel and city attractions. With constant updates from local experts and seasoned travelers, you’ll never end up at an abandoned pit stop. Simply create your travel itinerary and sync it to your iPhone. The app will then notify you of all the unknown wonders along the way. Free.


Wish you were here... Photo: Gogobot.com

Wish you were here… Photo: Gogobot.com

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? That’s something that the Gogobot app (compatible with Androids and iPhones) takes to heart. Not only does the app provide a visual take on each city you’ll be visiting on your trip as told by snapshots from fellow travelers, it allows you to make postcards to share with loved ones back home. By keeping those back home connected, it’s almost like you’re discovering the world together. Free.

Oh Ranger! ParkFinder

Photo: Cyclinmissy.com

Photo: Cyclinmissy.com

Lovers of the outdoors rejoice! The Oh Ranger! ParkFinder app for the Android and iPhone is a database of every state and federal park in the United States. Not only does it find the park nearest you, it breaks each park down by the activities offered. That way if you’re looking for a bike trail, you’re not wasting your time at a duck pond. Success! Free.

Field Trip

Photo: Ezswag.com

Photo: Ezswag.com

Searching for local treasures can be daunting work if you don’t know where to even start. The Field Trip app makes discovery easier by running in the background of your Android phone. Whenever the app recognizes you’re near something cool, whether it be tied to a cool eatery, shop or even a historical fact, it’ll notify you. With Field Trip doing the work for you, all you have to do is stop and smell the roses. Free.

Trivia Master

Photo: Museum.state.il.us

Photo: Museum.state.il.us

A road trip wouldn’t be complete without some fun games to pass the time. Trivia Master! (for iPhones only) puts your knowledge of random facts to the test and helps you pick up some knowledge on the way. By the time you reach your destination, you’ll be a genius! $1.99

Our Bonus Pick: Waze

Photo: Abclocal.go.com

Photo: Abclocal.go.com

The Waze app (for Androids and iPhones) makes driving in unknown territory a walk in the park. Other drivers come together to update you on traffic jams and alternate routes. It also helps you coordinate routes with friends and find their location in real time. We love how it points out the locations of the nearest and cheapest gas stations around you. Driving long distances has never been so easy. Free.

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