[Update] Oh How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

The new Krrb homepage is the start of a magical love affair.

The new Krrb homepage is the start of a magical love affair.

Krrb is an ever-changing, constantly evolving, continually growing, wildly expanding, big ol’ beautiful almost two-year-old baby. With your help we’ve been raising this bouncing bundle of joy to be the kind of neighbor we can all count on and be proud of for many years to come.

As we approach our two-year anniversary (in November), we’ve been hard at work improving Krrb based off user feedback. We’re happy to share with you the highlights from the last couple of weeks and will continue to share as we launch new features right through the holiday season!

See What’s Hot on our New Homepage

Finally, a brand-spanking new homepage that highlights all the wonderful stuff and activities within the Krrb universe and beyond. Now you can visit our new homepage frequently to see our constantly revolving cast of staff picks, featured sellers, seasonal collections, news, markets, events and more!

Visit our new homepage

Increase Visibility with Google Shopping and More

With Krrb, you’ve always been able to publish to Facebook and Twitter with one click. Now you can syndicate your posts to Google Shopping with the same ol’ click! That’s right, your listing will be included in relevant Google product searches in your area with no additional effort on your part. Further, certified members get FREE product photo ads in Google search results. Amazing!

See our newly enhanced post form

Promote Your Home Furnishings on Apartment Therapy

As many of you know, Krrbie’s been powering the new Apartment Therapy Classifieds dedicated to people who are serious about their home and furniture. So if you’re selling home furnishings, you can publish to their classifieds directly from Krrb and get your listing in front of millions of potential buyers! Wowzers!

In summary, with just one click, you can publish to Facebook, Twitter, Google Shopping and Apartment Therapy. That, my friend, is a click worth its weight in gold!

Really, see our newly enhanced post form

Staying Safe, Protecting Privacy and Building Trust

As y’all know, safety, privacy and trust is our top priority. We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve the inner workings of Krrb to keep things kosher like a pickle. Recently we started displaying member verifications that, as a seller, gives you the opportunity to show how neighborly you are (while retaining your privacy); and as a buyer, gives you the tools to judge—at a glance—whether you’re comfortable with a specific buyer.

Basically, we are simply leaving no room for spammers, scammers and fraud fakers. Dude says he’s from Michigan? Sorry mister, your verifications say you are currently in Kazakhstan.

Visit my corner to see it in action

Connect to a Facebook Page

Some of you have mentioned that you’d rather connect and publish to a Facebook Page instead of your personal account. Now you can link one of your Facebook pages in your social preferences on Krrb. After you do so, when you “Publish to Facebook” it will post to your page instead of your personal account. The wonders of technology!

Connect your Facebook Page

Parlez-vous Français ?

Krrb is a hyperlocal classifieds that is also mega global. Like any good parents in this increasingly international world, we’ve taught young Krrbie a few different languages. Now you can enjoy browsing Krrb in English, French and Spanish. Next, we will teach our bright young thing German and Krrbish.

Visit Krrb.com and switch languages in the footer


We’ve been encouraging young our Krrbster to take on as many extracurricular activities as possible, resulting in a series of under a minute “Quick Tip” how-to videos. Want to make some party hats for your next birthday? We’ve got you covered. How about growing scallions? No problem. Keep an eye out for these handy how-tos every single week on this right here blog.

Watch our videos on Youtube.com/krrbsale

The Classics

And of course, make sure you post (or relist) your items before 11am EST every Thursday to be included in our Weekly Digest to your neighbors. Use our Krrb it button to republish your posts to Krrb from Etsy, Craigslist, eBay and more. And use our iPhone app for the easiest way to post.

Feedback please!

So there you have it in a nutshell, we’ll let you discover the rest for yourself. We hope you are as proud as we are! We know raising a child takes a community so please, leave your comments below or get in touch and let us know what we need to be doing to make Krrbie an A+ student each and every day. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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