No Really. What Do You Call It!?!? (Part 2)


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Chairs, every last one of em. All on Krrb.

Chairs, every last one of em. All on Krrb.

The Chair. It’s the most ubiquitous and important design element in the domestic environment, according to the poet, David McFadden. But did Dave ever examine the stool? It’s an engineering feat because it’s a chair without the back or arm rests. Raise up your stool, and a glass, and you’ve got yourself a bar stool. Speaking of drinking and driving, put on your seatbelt when you’re in the saddle, whether it be a car seat, airline seat or a train seat, although you can’t buckle up when on a horse saddle, or a bike saddle. And, although all aforementioned seats are in motion, the definition of one is when your chair is static. But if motion is what you’re looking for, a wheel chair will roll you to your destination. Don’t want to go anywhere? Stick with a swing, a rocking chair, a glider, a hammock or quick game of Kiiking, the popular Estonian sport of twisting on 360 degrees while sitting in a swing. Tired yet? Have a seat, and put your feet up on your chair’s matching ottoman, which could also be used as stool. Oh, that stool! So be proud and sit upright in your chair, unless of course you want to sink, in which case, the bean bag chair is for you. So post-haste, get your papasan on!


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