No Really. What Do You Call It!?!? (Part 1)

All of these couches, or whatever you want to call them, are on Krrb - go check em out!

All of these couches, or whatever you want to call them, are on Krrb - go check em out!

It’s just a couch. Right?

Yeah. It’s a couch. Or a sofa, derived from the Arabic word suffah. It’s also a sette, and if you’re in England or Canada, it might be a Chesterfield, which specifically, is a deeply buttoned, heavily cushioned, old-fashioned couch, with tall arms and a back at the same height. A couch is also a divan, which is a common word for a couch in the Middle East as well as Oklahoma and Kansas. But if you’re in the the UK, a divan is a box-spring based bed. There’s also a canapé, which is a 3-seater couch, and also a delicious starter taste to a fancy meal, which is otherwise known as an amuse bouche. But don’t get it confused with a love-seat or a British two-seater because those are just actually length-challenged couches. And if length is what you’re going for, then what you want is a sectional, which means pieces are joined together to make a larger couch. There is also the chaise, otherwise known as a fainting couch, which is partially backless or may just have one long arm. And if multi-purpose is your thing, try a sofa-bed, a daybed (when the day is over, let it turn into a bed) or a futon which is a traditional style of Japanese bedding made from piles of quilts that can be folded and stored or turned into a couch, popular among 80’s inspired Americans and college students everywhere.


  • Chesterfields are a well made handcrafted lifetime investments and you can now get some really cool contemporary modern ones!

  • I kind of agree. Even Divan, depending on the accent sounds more elegant. Couch. It’s not a nice word.

  • Great post, unfortunately I’m a traditionalist and love the British design Chesterfield sofa; the word ‘couch’ just doesn’t do it justice!

  • OMG, you’re right! I don’t know how I could forget that. My grandparents in the mid-west call it that. I remember thinking, what the hell is that??

  • Beckykp27

    you forgot davenport

  • chesterfield is awesome but i also love the diversity of where people use “divan”.

  • Jennifer

    see, I call it a sofa…but chesterfield is way cooler. couch sounds gross to me.