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Your At-Home Vacation


Photo: Lotus Carroll/Flickr

May 6, 2014 – With the daily doldrums of life, it’s easy to miss out on the curiosities around you. And when you do stop to take a breather, it usually involves a flight somewhere foreign. For the next two weeks, we’re encouraging you to stash your suitcases and satisfy your need for discovery—locally. Explore your neighborhood by foot, pop into local independent businesses and really unearth the treasures that make up your home. Join us on our neighborhood exploration with city tours of Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles. We’re also giving you tips on taking in your local art scene and pointers on what to pack for your staycation. Safe travels!

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The Sustainable Meal



April 22, 2014 – With Earth Day on the horizon, we’re going back to our roots. All this talk of making a difference really has us invigorated to make the most of what we’re given on this beautiful planet. For the next two weeks we’re looking at local food with a new perspective and finding fresh ways to eat our greens. Let’s celebrate the rise of CSAs and farmer’s markets, DIY with our table scraps and make more room for community around the dinner table. So join us—after all, we are what we eat!

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A Measure of Quality



April 8, 2014 – Call us overachievers if you must. After all, we don’t like to take the easy way out. We work hard to provide a better environment in which to buy and sell locally. We believe not in mass-produced but in celebrating the handcrafted and thoughtfully designed. We get gratification in the journey, not in one-stop shops. For the next two weeks, we’ll be looking at quality of life trends over history, signs of good workmanship in furniture and how to acquire luxury on a budget. Join us in our quest for excellence!

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Spring Clean Your Life


Photo: saltycotton/Flickr

March 25, 2014 – Whether you want to admit it or not, spring cleaning feels good. After burying one’s self in sweaters and scarves all winter, we yearn for the chance to shed those layers and feel the fresh air on our skin. Sure it’s work, but the annual scrubbing, sweeping and purging is a cathartic experience. Stay with us as we freshen up our homes, technology, diets and spirit over the next two weeks. With a little elbow grease, you’ll be feeling fresh as a daisy in time for the first bloom!

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Identifying Individuality


Photo: Marie Still Photography

March 11, 2014 – From the moment your two-year-old self threw a tantrum over wearing the red shoes versus the blue ones, you’ve been laying claim to your style. Ruffled or pleated, brights or neutrals—every item in your home and every shirt you own says a lot about who you are and what you like. As champions of all things one-of-a-kind, it’s only fair we celebrate you! Stick around as we look at style gurus, meshing style in joint living spaces, how to make the most of inspiration and so much more!

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February 25, 2014 – For a child, their space is sacred. When Max gets sent to his bedroom, it leads him to rule Where the Wild Things Are in Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book. More than just a place to rest and play, it’s a portal for children to exercise their imagination. A child’s space is multi-functional in every sense of the word. It’s a space to read, do homework, hold toys, build tents, create and then some. For the next two weeks, we’re looking at children’s spaces and everything that they entail! From television-inspired decor to Goodwill finds to kid-friendly DIYs, join us as we take on the youth.

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Rise and shine. Repeat.

Photo: Harvard University Archives

Photo: Harvard University Archives

February 11, 2014 – Conventional wisdom says it takes about 21 days to make or break a habit. Looking at long-forgotten New Year’s goals to hit the gym regularly or live in a clutter-free home, we say otherwise. It’s a struggle to make good habits stick. It’s why Krrb is spending the next two weeks rethinking routines. We’re stepping up to the challenge of building landing spots in our homes that work, making room for creativity in our days and so much more. So join us as we hit refresh on the everyday!

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Just say it!



January 28, 2014 – Love can make us do crazy things. The feeling bubbles up inside of us until the only thing we can do is shout it from the rooftops. Look around you, declarations of love are everywhere! From weddings to handwritten letters, there are opportunities to revel in the emotion. Ever the romantic, Krrb is taking the next two weeks to study moments of affection including nuptials and Valentine’s Day. Call us mushy saps, but love is a powerful thing!

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Happiness is Helping!

Photo: Earth Dance Florida

Photo: Earth Dance Florida

January 14, 2014 – It’s 2014! A new year with more ways to lend a helping hand than ever before. Some great ways to get started are fast approaching so listen up. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., January 20th is not only a day to pay tribute to Dr. King but also the MLK Day of Service. A day on, not a day off! So what better time to start getting involved in making your community a better place to live, work and play. Over the next two weeks we’ll be shining a light on ways to get involved and simply be neighborly. Nothing gets a true Krrbie more excited than giving back.

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Looking Forward!

Photo: Yvette Pichette

Photo: Yvette Pichette

December 17, 2013 – As the year winds to a close it’s always wise to stop and reflect on days past. At Krrb we’ve been lucky enough to welcome Chicago Magazine, HomePolish and Moveloot to the Krrb family while forming deeper bonds with our friends at Apartment Therapy. All of this, of course, wouldn’t be possible without our incredible Krrb community of 55,000 users in over 2,000 cities throughout the world. Wow! So while we are basking in the warm glow of a year well-lived (and even better gifted!) we’d be fibbing if we didn’t tell you we can’t wait to get started on the new year!

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Be Merry

Photo: Inherited Values

Photo: Inherited Values

December 3, 2013 – It’s that time of year again! Holiday food, festivities and family abound. All too often all the excitement can be overwhelming. Before you get bogged down with thoughts on where to go, what to bring and what to give (We’ve got you covered with our Holiday Gift Guides for all your loved ones!), remember what the season is really about. It’s about being thankful for what we’re lucky enough to have and charting a good course for the year to come. Consider us your guide as we celebrate all the small things that bring us joy. So why not spend the next two weeks with us? After all, ’tis the season to be jolly!

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Family Ties

Photo: New York Times

Photo: New York Times

November 19, 2013 – What does “heritage” really mean? With Thanksgiving fast approaching it’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about who’s gathered around the dinner table. The word can be used in so many contexts that sometimes it’s easy to forget the most important connection—family. At the root of all we say and do are our ancestors, our siblings and our children. And while our past doesn’t dictate our future, examining where we come from is always a worthwhile endeavor. Join us the next two weeks as we dig deep into all the people, places and things that shape our everyday—including you!

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Cheers to Us



November 6, 2013 – We’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate. For the next two weeks, we’re mixing up hot spiced apple ciders to celebrate the changing of the seasons. The falling temperatures have us pulling out the crock pot, lighting a few candles and nesting for the season. We’re rounding up the most unique cocktail recipes and sharing party-pleasing snacks. We’ll even show you a few party tricks to make you the hit of the bash. Dust off your bar carts and mixologist supplies because the party season is upon us. Gather around — it’s time to clink your glasses!

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Tricks, Treats and Changing Times

Photo: NY Daily News

Photo: NY Daily News

October 22, 2013 – We’re not advocating wicked behavior, but we are in favor of a few tricks and treats this fall. One trick up our sleeves? We’ve enabled a shipping option on Krrb. Search for local listings that will arrive at your doorstep from all over the world. Allow us to help you with a few tricks of your own. Whether you’re sending a family member a gift from Krrb or searching for gothic-inspired furniture, let us be your home for a festive fall season.

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Making the Bedroom the Best Room

Photo: Vincent Van Gogh, now found on Wikimedia

Photo: Vincent Van Gogh, now found on Wikimedia

October 8, 2013 – The bedroom is a highly personal space and often the most lived-in. Sure, the bedroom is where we get our zzz’s but it’s also where we (sometimes) eat, (often) lounge, (frequently) laugh and where, quite simply, our lives are led. It is where we let our hair down, recharge and get ready to face the world. So it’s important that this cozy room is a reflection of you. Whether it’s through pops of neon color, budget-friendly accessories or taking care of the things you already own, Krrb is here to talk you through the most important steps of bedroom nesting.

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Home Trends for Fall 2013

Photo Courtesy of Susan Leggett

Photo Courtesy of Susan Leggett

September 24, 2013 – With Fall a-coming, it’s natural to start thinking about all the indoor activities we’ll be doing at home. And while you’re pulling out the crock pot and setting up the Monopoly, you’re going to want to be in a comfortable, clean and stylin’ nest. This season a few trends are emerging and we’re tracking them and delivering them straight to you — Krrb style. From colors to textures to ways of maximizing your style while minimizing your budget, we’re going to be there every step of the way. So put on the cider and let’s go!

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Looking for a Home in the Heart of the City

Photo: Flickr user kumar303

Photo: Flickr user kumar303

September 10, 2013 – Chicago has long held a place near and dear to our hearts. Aside from the overflowing wealth of Mid-Century vintage furniture dotting the landscape, we love the Windy City for its stunning architecture, lovely people, rollicking music and rich history. Oh, and our founder is a native! As a way to celebrate our love for Chicagoland, we’re putting the spotlight on the city over the next few weeks. We’ll be sharing tales of its traditions, food and of course the never-ending hunt for unique second-hand finds.

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Let’s Talk Shop

Photo: Tom Fahy on flickr

Photo: Tom Fahy on flickr

August 27, 2013 – Don’t let them tell you the art of face-to-face conversation is dead just because we’re all nose deep in our phones. We’re still chatting around the water cooler, blabbing with our neighbors and negotiating and researching as we thrift our way through this increasingly digital world. Conversing, my friend, is very much alive and well, and we’re going to be talking about it extensively for the next two weeks. We’re also excited to gift the gab with the launch of the Krrb Forum. Sign on now to get the conversation started about buying, selling, trading and all things local.

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Back To School



August 13, 2013 – Class is always in session and we’re here to help get you prepped. Whether you’re headed to the classroom, the kitchen, the woodshop or dance studio, there is always more to learn. So, for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be hooking you up with local masters who will help keep your mental and physical dexterity in tip-top shape. Stick with us and let’s learn together because you know what they say, “the more you know, the more you grow!”

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Garage Sales Are Forever



July 30, 2013 – Call it a garage sale, stoop sale, yard sale, tag sale — whatever you call it, it’s always a good time. Besides the obvious rewards of ridding your home of glut and clutter, it’s also a fun way to mingle with the neighbors while raking in some extra dough. Anyone can throw a garage sale but there are tips to be had, do’s to be done and don’ts to avoid. So start rounding up items to sell because August is garage sale month on Krrb and we’re launching a serious campaign to help you get rid of your goods right quick. Register your sale with Krrb, and we promise to help you make it a success through promotion, tips and even free Krrb credits!

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Love for Americana (Part 2)

Photo: Edward Hopper's Early Sunday Morning, 1930

Photo: Edward Hopper’s Early Sunday Morning, 1930

July 16, 2013 – The small town philosophy and aesthetic has become increasingly attractive stateside over the last couple years. Maybe it’s the growing popularity of homesteading, the appreciation of mom and pop shops or the love for local flavor? We like to think all those things capture the American spirit so we’re gonna go ahead and celebrate them all! For the next two weeks, we’ll be celebrating quirky town festivals, the re-emergence of main streets and town squares and looking for fun ways to connect to your local community. So please join us!

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Love for Americana (Part 1)

Photo: Valcom News

Photo: Valcom News

June 18, 2013 – America, land of the free and home of the brave, alive with opportunity and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. It’s these basic tenets on which this country was founded, as well as the many small businesses that are embraced as part of this new economy, where peer-to-peer commerce is best served slow. In America you can work your way from nothing and create something, own property, build a company, be happy. So while you’re enjoying this year’s fireworks, hot dogs and cold brews, don’t forget what our founding fathers fought for and how we’ve gotten so far.

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Smells Like Team Spirit



June 18, 2013 – We’re social beings. That’s why we have things like stoops, cookouts and games – we like being around each other! Being on a team is not only fun, but it helps get the job done. Most importantly, when you share like-minded goals with others, support and community is created and life is that much better. Stay tuned as we train our lenses on all things that foster camaraderie. We’ll be featuring America’s best bowling leagues, sharing libraries stocked full of tools and reporting on how foodies come together through potlucks and oh so much more.

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Get Outside


June 4, 2013 – It’s hot. HOT! And it’s time to get outside. No matter where you are in the world, you’re likely near an ocean, lake, pool, or water slide so there’s no excuse not to dip your toes with the locals. So pack up the picnic basket, fire the grill and set your rooftops ablaze with music and neighbors because summer is here and there is so much to do. Stay tuned for picnic essentials, stoop sale hauls and more to inspire your summertime activities.

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Tributes, Memorials and Halls of Fame


May 21, 2013 – Whether it’s a hall of fame commemorating the greats, wax statues immortalizing our celebrities, or our appreciation for vintage and antiques that triggers the past, our need to recognize and preserve is what makes us feel human. Your grandfather’s Barcalounger, your grandmother’s combs – it’s not the actual object that draws out our love but the memory and tribute that makes it important. So stick with us as we document how to fill your home with items that trigger memories and how our brains work with those memories. Come along as we explore off-the-wall tributes from around the world, and more. Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine.

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The Almighty Chair

Colombian-born sculptor, Doris Salcedo who often works with found objects, including furniture, slowly lowered wooden chairs down the facade of the Palace of Justice in Bogotá. Image from the Facebook page of ART 21.

Colombian-born sculptor, Doris Salcedo who often works with found objects, including furniture, slowly lowered wooden chairs down the facade of the Palace of Justice in Bogotá. Image from the Facebook page of ART 21.

May 7, 2013 — The chair. It might simply be a beautiful and useful contraption, but there isn’t anything simple about it. From kindergarten on, craftsman and artists alike are challenged to create their own version of the buttress, and when mastered, their standing has been solidified in design history. From early thrones to primitive stools to the iconic Eames Lounge, each period of the past has their own style of chair worth noting for its practical, artful and technological advancement of the time. So have a seat as we peruse and love the almighty chair.

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Blazing Trails

First moon landing by astronaut Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 mission, 1969.

First moon landing by astronaut Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 mission, 1969.

April 23, 2013 — Here’s to those who take the road less traveled! For the next two weeks we’re celebrating independent thinkers and free-spirited can-doers. So shake up your inner sovereignty as we dive into what it takes to head out on your own. Plus, with spring in the air, the time is ripe for change and getting inspired. We’ll be compiling tools for freelancing, tips to making your home self-sustaining and even the ins and outs of being a one-man band. So grab your drum as we march to our own beat.

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Hometown Heroes

Window washers dressed as superheroes repel down the side of Children’s Hospital in Pittsburg, 2012. Photo:

Window washers dressed as superheroes repel down the side of Children’s Hospital in Pittsburg, 2012. Photo:

April 9, 2013 — Do-gooders unite! With Earth Day fast approaching, we’re digging deep to find our inner heroes. What better way to celebrate this wonderful planet and those who inhabit it than by honoring those who serve the community and protect the environment. So dust off your cape and tights, we’ll be bringing stories to inspire, tips to being a local hero and ways to make your Batcave more eco-friendly over the next two weeks.

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On the Road

1970s Highway Road Trip in Germany. Photo:

1970s Highway Road Trip in Germany. Photo:

March 26, 2013 — We never turn down a road trip or the opportunity to uncover local treasures outside of our neighborhood. No siree! Whether it’s visiting the largest ball of twine this side of the Mississippi River or scavenging miles and miles of garage sales along Route 66 for the perfect vintage find, we want to write home about it. For the next two weeks, we’ll be plotting out dream routes, loading up on books, snacks and apps for the road and looking for reasons to put the pedal to the metal. So sit back and buckle up as we embark. It’s gonna be a trip!

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Break for Spring

Spring Break 1966, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Photo:

Spring Break 1966, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Photo:

March 12, 2013 — Amidst the final falling snowflakes and blooming daffodils, spring has sprung. As you shed your winter skin, pause to take in the flourishing potential of the new season and all that’s to come. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be spring cleaning our minds, altering our wardrobes and looking at bicycles and other toys that help get us out and about. So quit your hibernating, call a friend, take a stroll, throw open the windows and let the fresh ideas flow freely.

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Green Thumbs Up



February 26, 2013 — Winter isn’t over but we’re warming up to the idea of spring. While we wait for the thaw, we’re plotting our return to greenery. And while it may seem a little early, now is the time to plant the seeds of potential. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be strategizing our little bit of land, looking at gardens over the years and bringing florals of all kind indoors. So roll up your sleeves and dig in!

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Secondhand: A Love Affair

Photo: Le Baiser de l'Hôtel de Ville (The Kiss) by photographer Robert Doisneau, via

Photo: Le Baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville (The Kiss) by photographer Robert Doisneau, via

February 12, 2013 — We have to confess, chocolate and hand-written notes professing love make our sappy hearts skip a beat. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, romance is in the air. But along with with the aforementioned clichès, the potential of stumbling on a stoop sale, unearthing an Eames chair for a song or finding that local craftsman gives us the butterflies. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be digging up vintage valentines, sourcing secondhand weddings and lots of other goodies that make us fall in all kinds of love. It’s a courtship you won’t want to miss!

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Stay Home



January 29, 2013 — While we generally like to encourage the Krrb community to go out and explore and get to know your neighbors, mid-January seems about the right time to offer up a different directive: stay home! That’s right, make a little nest and get cozy — it’s cold out there afterall. So, if you please, allow us to suggest spending these next two weeks (or parts of them anyway) with us concentrating on your abode and see what you can build. Get creative with the space and let the outside world thaw out a little. It will all still be there after a brief hibernation!

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Clutter Free in 2013!

Photo: Junk Draw,

January 15, 2013 — Oddly enough it’s felt a bit like spring ’round these parts lately so maybe that’s what inspired our New Year’s resolution that we are determined to keep – Clutter Free in 2013!

Admittedly, spring cleaning in January is a lot to ask since we are horders by nature but we can’t deny the piece of mind a well organized office, living room, kitchen or pantry can bring. With that in mind, we’re sticking to it and bringing a bit of organization to our chaotic lives. So, join us on this quest for the neat and tidy life (trust us, it’s easier than losing twenty pounds) and take a challenge or two, share an idea or three and start the New Year off on the right foot!

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Getting in the Spirit

December 18, 2012 — Well, here we are, mid-December, barreling headlong toward 2013. (2013?? WHOA!) But we’re pretty grounded in the present and have a thing for the past so we will celebrate the holidays with a bit of nostalgia and toast the new year with fond remembrances of the year that’s come and gone – the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the sweet and the delicious. Remember the past, enjoy the present, and see you in the future!

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Get To Giving

Vintage wrapping paper, for sale at Home for the Holidays, by seller,

December 4, 2012 — Yes, it’s the oldest cliche in the book but it’s simply true – it is better to give than to receive. Whether offering a friend a lift to work, taking your niece to The Lion King (again) or salvaging that secondhand treasure for your mom, making someone smile remains the best gift ever. So this year, don’t hold back – give a few presents (may we suggest the vintage varietal), don’t be shy with your hugs, and whatever you do, make sure your friends and family know how much you love them. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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Thank You Kindly!

November 20, 2012 — We’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year. We celebrated our second birthday just a few days ago and we’re happier, healthier and stronger than ever. Our community (you!) has grown to include almost 23,000 members in 1,077 cities and 71 countries. Wow!

Our growth has been helped along the way by the best secondhand, vintage, local and handmade sellers and buyers online; some truly amazing partners; a fantastic team; and most importantly the support of friends and family around the globe. So much love! We truly feel blessed. Now look what you’ve done. You’ve made us get all mushy on you. Well, that’s what you get for being so good to us. For the next two weeks, thanks, hugs and big kisses all around!

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Come Together

Photo: Aqua Velvet

November 6, 2012 — It’s been pretty busy ’round these parts lately. A week ago today the tri-state area was waking up to the shocking aftermath of Super Storm Sandy which pretty much put the kibosh on, well, everything. And today, of course, is the US Presidential election. It’s funny how too often it takes catastrophic events to bring people together but sometimes you’ve got to shake your head and say, “better late than never,” and hope that we remember, that as a species, we are always greater than the sum of our parts. Now, get out there and vote!

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Legends From the Fall

Photo: Smith Ratliff

October 23, 2012 — Throw on your witches hat and get a caldron of cider a brewing. All Hallow’s Eve is quickly approaching and we’re in the mood to be spooked. Whether it’s with Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow” or ghost stories ’round the campfire, this holiday is one to awaken the creative spirit in all of us. We’re digging deep into the darkest corners to bring you storytelling tips, vintage costume ideas, hauntingly good recipes, and more. Those shivers down the spine are no coincidence, these next two weeks are going to be a witching good time. Muah ha ha.

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Double Your Fun

Photo: JLB Wedding

October 9, 2012 — Tandem bikes; double Dutch; double rainbows; double plays; twins; gum… everything is better in twos. That’s why for the next couple of weeks we’ll be taking a second glance at all things that come in pairs. And in celebration of this double vision, we’re offering a two-fer on all credit sales on Krrb. That’s right, buy one, get two. Buy five, get ten. Buy 25, whoa, you’re set! We’ll have a double!

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New to You

Photo: Maureen Bond

September 25, 2012 — Just because our hearts are firmly entrenched in all things secondhand doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten that fuzzy feeling that comes with getting our mitts on something shiny and new. But in the world of flea markets and vintage shops, garage sales and junk shops, that addition to your life might not be so “shiny” and it might not necessarily be “new” – at least in the classic sense. Who cares? We know that “new to you” is better anyway. So let’s get digging for those treasures with a little more patina, a bit more wear, and a lot more story.

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Maps to Buried Treasures

Photo: Red Hook Flicks

September 11, 2012 — In works of fiction, treasure maps are depicted as hand drawn illustrations containing arcane clues that lead to buried treasure, a lost mine, a valuable secret or a hidden locale. We have goosebumps just thinking about it!

These days, it’s hard to get lost in a riddled world of mystery and intrigue. It seems that every square inch of our dear planet has been mapped, charted, explored, re-explored, and settled. But there is still plenty to discover around each corner; in every nook and cranny. It’s all how you look at it and in what you’re looking for – or maybe, more precisely, what you’re not looking for. So join us these next two weeks as we decifer the clues to finding local treasures on our daily adventures.

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From Paris with Love

Photo: Kemp Atwood

August 28, 2012 — Did you know Krrb is half French? Well, it’s true! In fact, this sweet little kid we’ve lovingly raised up the past (nearly) two years was born in the City of Love. As the seasons change and Paris sheds its summer heat, becoming more romantic by the day, we can’t help but turn our attention to our sweet sister city across the Atlantic.

For the next two weeks, stay tuned for photo galleries of the city’s best markets, delicious vintage finds, incredible tales of neighborly love, tips on French Kissing and a whole lot more. Ooooh la la, allez-y de bon Krrb!

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The Pursuit of Knowledge

Photo: Lindsey G (modchik)

Photo: Lindsey G (modchik)

August 14, 2012 — With the dog days fully upon us it’s time to start thinking about the welcome return to routine that the fall affords. True, this may have those boys (and girls) of summer wallowing in sorrow but for most of us this brings the opportunity to shake the sluggishness of the lazy days of summer and jump headlong into that time tested activity of the pursuit of knowledge. So pull on those cords, pull out that sweater, and join us these next two weeks in exploring all the living, learning, and neighborly love this fall has in store.

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The Sporting Life



July 31, 2012 — Summer presents the perfect opportunity to get outside and move your body. While the ongoing 2012 Olympics—with their photo-finishes and otherworldly athletic feats—can be inspiring, there’s no need to train like Michael Phelps or Lola Jones to enjoy a bit of the sporting life. So these next two weeks, why not join us and grab a croquet mallet, bocce ball, badminton raquet or simply strap on some hiking boots and get a bit of fresh air pumping through those lungs. A spring in your step will surely follow.

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Thank You for Sharing



July 17, 2012 — While the traditional economy remains mired in a seemingly never-ending recession, the Sharing Economy is booming! Aided by the wonders of the World Wide Web, people are exchanging ideas, goods and services like never before. From skillshares to car shares, flea markets to farmer’s markets, the tough financial times have upped the ante in collaborative consumption and have made being a good neighbor cool again. We couldn’t be happier!

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Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Photo: Cohetes Naranjas

Photo: Cohetes Naranjas

July 3, 2012 — We are so inundated with images each day that we often forget the power that the camera can wield. But the recent Olympic controversy surrounding Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh’s photo finish during the 100 meter qualifying round has turned our attention toward the subject of photography. With the images fresh in our minds we’re training our lens on topics as divergent as Janine Toro’s concise documentation of personal effects, to taking your digital images into an analog world, to how to take the best photos of your old lawn mower to sell on Krrb. So join us these next two weeks on a visual adventure and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for that perfect shot.

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Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever – Celebrate Summer Properly



June 19, 2012 — Officially, summer begins tomorrow, June 20th and it’s gonna be hot! Really hot. But we all know that aside from the sometimes extreme heat, summer is the coolest season. Al fresco dining and parties a plenty mean it’s the best time of year to reconnect IRL, so join us as we explore gatherings of all kinds, including, how-tos on throwing the bestest dinner soiree this side of Martha; getting that elusive permit for a block party to keep your neighborhood rocking; and even a primer on making animal balloons for birthdays young and old. And don’t forget to save the date for our own celebration, complete with a homemade food swap on July 26 – details to come! So come on and sing along…

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Summertime Rolls



June 5, 2012 — Summer kicked into high gear as soon as Memorial Day rolled around. Everyone’s favorite season means plenty of barbecuing, basking in the sun, stoop sales, and outdoor exploration of every kind. That’s just how we like it. After months of hibernation, it’s finally time to get out and about, say hello to thy neighbors and reconnect with the locals. So come along on our fantastic summertime journey these next two weeks where we’ll give you the Dos and Don’ts of Garage Sales; What to Bring with You to a Flea Market; Summer Essentials; yummy food for thought and much much more.

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Home is where the heart is… and we heart furniture.

Photo: Andrew Wagner

Photo: Andrew Wagner

May 22, 2012 — What’s a home without furniture? A cave, that’s what. And who really wants to live in a cave anymore? Sure they were chic for centuries but times have changed and your chairs have come to define you as much as the clothes you wear. If clothes make the person, furniture makes the home. So take a little time to explore the wonders that surround you—made of wood, metal, and plastic—on this journey called life.

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Travel Tales from the Hyperlocal to the Megaglobal

Photo: Rumsey Taylor

Photo: Rumsey Taylor

April 24, 2012 — We’ve always thought of second-hand hunting as an all out adventure—an opportunity to explore the far-reaches of the world that we might not get to visit in person but experience through the objects we collect. A simple treasure caked with layers of history can take you deep into the neighborhoods of Amman, Jordan or the rolling hills of Alhambra, California. Flea markets from Brooklyn to Paris to Austin can steer you down a road you never imagined, soaking up all the local flavors and reveling in the peculiarities of a place. We’ll call it Second-Hand Global Tourism. So let’s spend the next two weeks taking a trip together and prepping for a summer full of travel both near and far.

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The Language of (Our) Love


April 24, 2012 — As is surely obvious, we here at Krrb are rather obsessed with secondhand goods, vintage finds, thrifting the day away and embarking on flea-market forays that take us on adventures we never imagined. As with any exploration into foreign territory it helps to know the language. So, we’ve decided to dedicate these next two weeks to a thorough introduction to the mysterious lexicon of vintage vendors, thrift store crawlers and flea market explorers the globe over. Enjoy!

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Listen to Your Mother



April 10, 2012 — If you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s a wee bit of crunchy granola goodness eminating from Krrb central. We can’t help it. We’ve always been into recycling, upcycling, thrifting, eating right, loving thy neighbors and yeah, we’ve got a serious crush on Mother Earth too. Lately we’ve been getting to flex our hippy muscle a bit more than usual which is only appropriate considering the impending Earth Day on April 22nd. So check back with us often these next two weeks as we explore the ground beneath our feet and heck, while you’re at it, dig up that Grateful Dead bootleg and keep on Truckin’ with us.

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Bring on the Books


March 27, 2012While our stuff may not define us, it goes a long way in hinting at who we might be. And we’ve found that none of our possessions do this in such a visceral way as books—those dusty, musty containers of knowledge taking up so much dang space in our homes. Despite our physical constraints and the rapid fire ways in which new technology has begun to render printed matter extraneous, we’re having a hard time letting go. Join us these next two weeks in a deep dive into books in all their glorious shapes and sizes, and explore why we’ll never forget the printed page.

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Spring Clean Out



March 13, 2012 — Spring is in the air and it would be hard for us here at Krrb to be anymore excited! Spring means a fresh start. Spring means clean. Spring means, out with the old and in with the new to you. Spring also means a resilient device, typically a helical metal coil, that can be pressed or pulled but returns to its former shape when released, used chiefly to exert constant tension or absorb movement. But we digress…

Get a jump start on the springtime festivities by entering our insanely fun and super simple ‘Sell Everything’ Contest for your chance to win a brand-spanking new iPhone 4S!!! And with our freshly updated iPhone App, it’s never been easier to get your fresh start. So get with it this spring and sell everything you own, we double dare you darling!

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Scavengers’ Tales

Scavengers' Tales

Photo: Andrew Wagner

February 28, 2012 — Krrb grew out of a deep love of scavenging in all its many manifestations. Be it wandering the streets with eyes wide open hoping to stumble upon the next great street find or rooting through the bins at a Salvation Army, all of our hearts lie in the thrill of discovery. And every scavenger knows that each new adventure comes complete with a story that needs to be told. So over the next two weeks we’ll be digging deep into these tales of scavenging beginning with a trip to Lima, Peru, a scavenger’s dream city if ever there was one.

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Leaps and Bounds

Leap Year

Photo from

February 14, 2012 — Every four years something really special happens and it’s not the US presidential elections. No, we’re talking Leap Year—the practice of inserting an extra day into the calendar every four years in order to correct “astronomical drift.” Why not take this opportunity to correct your own “astronomical drift”? These next two weeks we’ll be exploring the idea of picking up new hobbies or learning new skills—like jumping headlong into an upcycling adventure or dumpster diving in Ridgefield, Connecticut for instance. It’s never too late to take a few new leaps and bounds (and dives for that matter). Join us!

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WinterActive 2012

WinterActive 2012

WinterActive 2012

January 31, 2012 — February is almost here. And though it’s been a remarkably mild winter (at least here in the Northeast) the temptation to hibernate—to crawl under our covers and awaken to a bright sunny day in April—persists. But take our advice and don’t give in. Embrace the season and get out in the world. You might be surprised by what awaits you: An unbelievable exhibit of upcycled, recycled, and reimagined consumer goods in Connecticut; DIY kits to keep you busy; and a whole lot more. Check back these next two weeks and see what WinterActive 2012 has in store for you!

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From Resolutions to Dreams

From Resolutions to Dreams

January 17, 2012 — A new year is upon us. Now that we’ve made a few resolutions reigning ourselves in, it’s time to dream big. Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. we’ve dedicated the next two weeks’ worth of Krrb missives to dreaming. We begin with a fascinating look at the words and the actions dreams can provoke (good and bad) and ways to interpret the visions within. Keep an eye out for more dreaminess in the coming weeks and in the meantime, enjoy some resolution reminisces and New Year’s wandering (and wondering).

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Secondhand (and Handmade) for the Holidays

Secondhand (and Handmade) for the Holidays

Photo credit: Thrift Store Addict

December 22, 2011 — Our celebration of the holidays continues and we’ve got some some real treats for you. Herewith (that’s right, we just used herewith) you will find gift guides (for the foodie, for the party people, for the kids, for the music lover) to help set you on the righteous path toward a secondhand (and handmade) holiday; a festive look at celebrations from around the world; and even alternative gift ideas that’ll keep your loved ones guessing.

We’re also throwing in some goodies about upcoming markets not to be missed—from Brooklyn Craft Central to the Holiday Indie Market in San Francisco —as we continue to Krrb Across America. So get cozy, dive in and enjoy Krrb’s ongoing love affair with the winter holiday season.

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Gifts Galore

Original artwork by Letterpress Delicacies. Find them on Etsy.

Original artwork by Letterpress Delicacies. Find them on Etsy.

November 29, 2011 — It’s no secret that we here at Krrb love the holidays. This time of year combines all of our favorite things—buying, selling, giving, getting, and yeah, even renting—into one power packed month of unbridled joy. Sure, sometimes all of this gift giving and getting can be exhausting but we are here to help bring the fun back to the holidays! Come join in the festivities by entering our 12 Days of Gifting Give Away. It’s simple and there’s only a week left to enter so get on it! Check out some of the amazing gifts we’re giving including, handmade holiday cards, all-natural skincare, upcycled homeware, original artwork, and even 250 big ones! After you’ve entered, take a quick preview visit to the Vegan Holiday Shop-Up and prepare yourself for this Sunday’s market. It’s all right here! Happy Gifting!

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Giving Thanks

Original artwork by Letterpress Delicacies. Find them on Etsy.

Original artwork by Letterpress Delicacies. Find them on Etsy.

November 15, 2011 — Yep, the best holiday of the whole lot (except maybe mother’s day. Wink wink. Hi Mom!) is right around the corner. Never fear, we’ve got you covered. In honor of all events that bring together friends and family from across the world we’ve compiled two weeks’ worth of giving thanks. Dig in to our Un/Traditional Thanksgiving menu; learn to say “thanks” in ways you’ve never imagined; get ready to Krrb Across America; and be sure to enter our extra-special 12 Days of Gifting Give Away. ‘Tis almost the season to be jolly but it’s always the season to give thanks!

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Going Once, Going Twice

Handmade, upcycled auction paddles created by Film Biz Recycling.

Handmade, upcycled auction paddles created by Film Biz Recycling.

November 1, 2011 — Sold! It’s enough to get your heart racing, isn’t it? Auctions, a centuries-old practice for buying and selling, is an adrenaline filled way to get your hands on some amazing secondhand stuff. For the next two weeks, we’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite auction-themed show featuring serious scavengers, how to keep your lips as loose as a professional auctioneer, profiling some of the best auction houses in the States and sharing some very awesome on-the-block items with you. Until then, we hope you’ll join us at our very own live auction this Thursday in Brooklyn.

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What’s For Dinner

Photo: Cherry pie with crumb topping baked in a mason jar, delicious image from

Photo: Cherry pie with crumb topping baked in a mason jar, delicious image from

October 18, 2011 — The fall harvest is here and we’re hungry for some local, creative and oh so yummy food. Whether you’re a big-time cook or a food-market groupie, we’ve all developed a more personal relationship to food in this squeezed economy. Over the next two weeks we’ll be unleashing a delicious contest with a small-batch Kimchi producer, a list of must-have full-flavored fall recipes, how-tos for unusual ways to work with food (that’s not eating), and an interview with a woman that inspires our local menu.

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What’s Mine Is Yours

A mural by ESPO, aka Steve Powers, as part of a city-wide public art project called, A Love Letter For You, commissioned by The City of Philadelphia. More at

A mural by ESPO, aka Steve Powers, as part of a city-wide public art project called, A Love Letter For You, commissioned by The City of Philadelphia. More at

October 4, 2011 — Cooperative, collaborative, communal lifestyles. Co’ing is the new economy and it’s not just for hippies anymore. More and more, everyday folks are seeing real value in sharing stuff, skills, resources and even their homes. For the next two weeks, we’ll be talking with people at the top of their share game, families that have opted for communal living, cooperative transport systems and collaborative creativity. It’s cheaper, greener and a whole lot friendlier so come on in – the water is fine!

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Once Upon A Time

Top Photo: Artist unknown

September 20, 2011 — The romance of a chance discovery at a garage sale, flea market, or the curb is cherished by the scavenger in all of us. Coupled with the thrill of the thrift and a dash of pride when we acquire a totally unique item, makes finding an Obsolete Object the holy grail. For the next two weeks, we’ll be examining and paying homage to all things obsolete. From kids’ creative guesses as to the purpose of a floppy disk and more, to an exploration of skills and objects made obsolete in the last 10, 20, and 50 years, we’ll be running the gamut of all things past, and how they are appreciated in our retro-loving culture today.

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Alternative Uses for Everyday Things

Artist Peter Dungey turns potholes into potted plants. Photo:

September 6, 2011 — Things. Everyday things. They have a way of entering our lives and accumulating over time. Whether it’s a one-purpose cleaning product purchased three years back, leftovers from last night’s potluck or a thingamabob gift from none other than Uncle Bob, tossing it just feels wasteful and keeping it just ignores the reality that you don’t want it. You can give it away on or find an alt use for it. For the next two weeks, we’ll explore alt uses for household things , how people are using the urban lanscape in alternative ways and hear from a community leader about how turning something old into something new can be an everyday activity.

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Fall Unfashion

Photo: Designer, Antonello Fuse created this hanger collection exclusively for the Italian company, Resign, as seen on

Photo: Designer, Antonello Fuse created this hanger collection exclusively for the Italian company, Resign, as seen on

August 23, 2011 — It’s back to school time and among other things, it means we’re sprucing up the fall wardrobe. For the next two weeks we’re talking individual style through reused, recycled and re-purposed fashion. We’re taking style into our own hands with a t-shirt transformation how-to and 5 sewing projects from BurdaStyle. We’re celebrating chance over choice with our favorite bloggers and their favorite sources for finding the unique. And we’re interviewing a shoemaker!! and other makers and hunters who add a little more “person” to our personal style.

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Green Music

Photo: By Jesper Skovdal Bertelsen on Sodiaz in Explosive Color.

Photo: By Jesper Skovdal Bertelsen on Sodiaz in Explosive Color.

August 9, 2001 — Whether you’re listening to or making music about being green, making by hand or refurbishing old instruments, or packaging your CDs with handmade treats, you’re part of the growing movememt of Green Music. As we have a love for all things creative and earth-friendly, for the next two weeks, we’ll be offering a sonic solute by talking with the artists and artisans on the scene.

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A DIY Summer

Photo: Texstar Home Repair

Photo: Texstar Home Repair

July 26, 2011 — The start of any new season is a time to think of new projects to work on, and with the summer in full swing, it’s high time we get our project and DIY fill. With that said, we’ll be spending the next two weeks talking about summer projects to inspire, sharing our summer photo collections, interviewing the best DIYers on the scene, and doling out a bunch of How Tos for the kitchen and beyond, not to mention offering up ideas for The Summer Clearance Contest to win yourself a new iPod in celebration of the new Krrb iPhone app(!).

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Taking It Slow

Photo by

July 12, 2011 — In a world of constant communication, over-scheduled calendars, and the tired cliche of wanting more hours in the day, sometimes it just helps to slow… down… We used to find pleasure in slowly discovering, but demand for instant gratification has prioritized choice over chance and waste over frugality. So for the next two weeks, we’ll be writing about how you can slow down so much that you’re doing nothing, the basics of the Slow Food Movement including a few recipes, how some people walk for days to slow down, and the glories of finding peace in your own place , all the while listening to our exclusive Krrb playlist with an ode to taking it slow.

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Living Green By Loving Trash

Living Green By Loving Trash

Photo by Kemp Attwood.

June 28, 2011 — We all do it. Producing waste is something that 99.9% of us just do. And the more that’s created, the bigger places like The Great Pacific Garbage Patch become – and it’s the size of Texas now! But there are things that we can do to help reduce the amount of trash that’s created. Instead of throwing everything away, show your trash some love by stretching the life out of everything you own, creating innovative upcycled designs and buying secondhand. There are numerous ways you can reduce your tiny but very important footprint by living a lifestyle that celebrates secondhand and the imagination of creating something new out of something old.

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Everything Summer

Everything Summer

Photo by Kansas Explorer 3218 on Flickr.

June 14, 2011 — Extended days and summer nights, cannon balls, bonfires and smores, fresh lemonade and BBQs, trips to the beach and long bike rides: ahhh, summer. We love you. For the next two weeks, we’ll be talking everything summer including how to keep your swiming pool green, awesomely strange things to BBQ, a list of beach reads , and so much more. Until then, get ready to head to the beach, just don’t forget that sunblock!

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Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live

Photo by Linda Yvonne on Flickr.

May 31, 2011 — In the Krrb universe, being neighborly is as fundamental an activity as breathing. So you could imagine how excited we were to hear that this past Friday was Neighbors Day in France. So, for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be focusing on the hood in all of its splendor. We’ll help you in finding your way to the perfect neighborhood and how to be a good neighbor once you’ve gotten there. We’ll take an in-depth look at a couple of neighborhoods we’re into these days and we’ll head back to France to check out how those crazy frogs are actually sharing cars with their neighbors . So stay tuned to the Krrb blog and celebrate living la vida local!

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Flea Market Mania

Flea Market Mania

Photo by The Opie on Flickr.

May 17, 2011 — These days Flea Markets are most everyone’s favorite shopping destination and sunny Saturday journey. What with the economy where it is and the explosion of DIY, handmade and culinary pursuits, it makes sense that it’s a perfect pleasure for city-dwellers and country denizens alike. For the next two weeks, we’ll be focusing on the explosion of Flea Markets and their history, inside the life of a flea market seller and curator, a profile on a new and innovative market and a sweet little video on the country’s largest Flea Market of all. So stay tuned to the blog cause tis the season and how!

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CSAs, Garage Sale How Tos and Fisherwomen

CSAs, Garage Sale How Tos and Fisherwomen

Photo by Natural Attachment

May 3, 2011 — Localize Your Munch! Whether you’re a veg eater or meat lover, it’s probably best your food is grown close to home and that’s where Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s) come in. Explore the in’s and out’s of CSAs, and some of our favorites around the country. In the next two weeks, we’ll bring you even closer to home with some gardening tips for small places and a How To for composting. We’ll also be writing about an amazing artist working in this arena and our favorite food blogs on the local scene, so stay tuned to the Krrb Blog!

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Biking, Recycling and Community Building

Biking, Recycling and Community Building

Photo by Jessica Blackman.

April 19, 2011 — It’s bike season and whether you’re a daily biker or occasional cruiser, there are tons of bike options out there – where do you even start? Find out what to buy and how to spruce up your wheels for spring.

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