Mother’s Day — Give Your Mom A Beautiful Bowl


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Get ready to shower your mama with love (if you don’t already!) because Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12! If you’re tired of the yearly flower arrangements, we’ve got a beautiful way to honor your mother. Make this year all about the presentation with a beautiful bowl.

Get a bowl. Buy, swap, re-use or craft a bowl that your mom can use and will love.

Fill it with something meaningful. Gather her favorite fruit, a homemade pasta, a garden-picked salad or tiny slips of paper with reasons why you love your mom written on them. Just fill it with something your mother will enjoy.

Give it to your mom. Take it to her, enjoy the contents with her, and then let her keep the bowl. Keep it simple and loving, and your mother is sure to love it.

This gift idea is really about spending time together. If your mom lives too far away, send her a beautiful bowl and a recipe and tell her you can’t wait to make the meal together next time you see her. We found a few treasure worthy bowls and treats to inspire your Mother’s Day gift.

Catherine Holm Bowl in Manhattan, New York


This classic mid-century piece is so striking. Fill it with bright, red fruit such as cherries, strawberries, raspberries and pomegranates seeds for a healthy, sweet treat.

Find the bowl on Xyz’s Krrb corner.

Colorful Enamel Bowl in Denver, Colorado


This Kaj Franck-style colorful bowl will brighten up any kitchen. Tuck it with everything you need for classic chocolate chip cookies. Pre-measure portions of flour and sugar and seal them in bags, then bring it all over to mom and ask for a family baking afternoon.

Try the classic New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe here or use your favorite.

Find the bowl on Embee’s Krrb corner.

Hand-Thrown Porcelain Bowl in Bronx, New York


This gorgeous sapphire blue bowl is hand-thrown and treated with a food-safe gloss. A handmade gift for your mother is a special way to show her she’s one-of-a-kind. We’d like to see a healthy noodle dish in something this bright and beautiful.

Go for something deep in flavor and vegetarian friendly with this spicy soba noodle with shiitake mushrooms recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Find the bowl on Kim Westad’s Krrb corner.

Teak Wood Salad Bowl in Chicago, Illinois


A handsome and substantial mid-century salad bowl has a simple design and classic shape. Fill it with a fresh salad. We love this twist on the traditional Ceasar salad with kale leaves, crunchy croutons, fresh parmesan, and dressing on the side.

Find the salad bowl on CushionChicago’s Krrb corner.

Turquoise Milk Glass Cabbage Bowl in Manhattan, New York


A beautiful pop of color makes this vintage milk glass candy bowl a darling gift. Fill it with homemade dark chocolate or bags of your mom’s favorite tea, and a little personal note. This one is perfect for wrapping up and mailing if your mom lives far away.

Find the bowl on Swirling Orange’s Krrb corner.

  • Falysha Trimboli

    The best idea, unique and personalized all the same. Great for a child. To make it more open to different age groups or to just add a touch of flavor, you could even design your own bowl. The best way I’ve read upon to do this is by taking any basic ceramic bowl. You wash it out, and draw and design it with Sharpie PAINT marker. This marker is sold at specialty craft stores, but is necessary for this DIY. After designing place the bowl in the fridge for 24 hours. Then put into oven, let it sit in the oven as it preheats, and put it to 375. Let is sit in the oven and cook for 4-6 hours. Take out and remove, it should be as permanent as possible. Cute addition to a perfect idea.