Monochromatic Spaces — Pink and Green Bedrooms


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It’s a daring style choice, but a monochrome theme is a stunning way to decorate a room. Collect items in shades of one color and mix in pops of white and black so you’re not totally overwhelmed by the hue. Check out our ideas for both a pink and green bedroom.

Lush Green Bedroom

Bedroom in Shades of Green

Get lost in the forest of green shades in this eclectic bedroom. Start with an understated shabby chic bed in aquamarine. A huge cedar chest will store clothes and books. Repurpose a vintage metal dental cabinet into a bedside table. Add at least one seat, whether it’s a high-backed fireside chair or a floral club chair. Accessorize with details like wall plant pockets, antique botanical illustrations and a teeny terrarium scene. Illuminate the space with a vintage enamel barn lamp. Make sure to fill the space with plenty of green, vining plants for an earthy oasis.

Pink Power Bedroom

Pink Bedroom Update

We would create a room around this incredible spindle and spool bed. Light up the space with two table lamps or hang up an antique fixture. Hang clothes in a tall wardrobe and stash shoes or books in a half-sized cabinet. Take a seat in two cozy cane-backed chairs set against a lush floral trellis.

  • Vimal Chauhan

    I like Lush Green Bedroom and thanks for good blog
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  • CJ Lotz

    We love that too! Looks like it could hold a full season’s clothing!

  • Pink Caffeine

    I love the tall vintage pink wardrobe!