Monday Morning, Making it Happen: Las Vegas, Nevada

Industrial Wall Reading Lamp by Logan Hendrickson

Bright lights off the strip: one of Logan Hendrickson's many lamps he has made recently.

The Vegas strip overshadows everything around it for miles and miles. That’s unfortunate. There are so many other bright lights that the Mojave Desert has to offer like the Neon Museum, Golden Steer Steakhouse, or the amazing Nevada ex-pats, Timothy and Laura Dahl, founders of the DIY sites Charles & Hudson and Built by Kids. And now coming across the transom on this sunny Monday is One Forty Three by Logan Hendrickson and his fiance Roxy in Henderson, Nevada.

Henderson, Nevada

Prepping for a driveway and a yard. The unassuming house holds a treasure trove of DIY delights behind its front doors.

One Forty Three is, as Logan describes it, the couple’s “Project Home. ” In 2008 they bought a house that had been started by someone else six years previous and they have been working on it ever since. In December of 2010 Logan started One Forty Three to document the process.

Logan and Roxy are enterprising and tireless to say the least. Not only are they finishing the house (floors, walls, ceilings, you name it) but they are building the furniture for it too.

lock miter

Lock-miter scrapwood bookshelf by Logan Hendrickson. Not bad. Not bad.

Logan is also making a slew of miniature furniture along the way. Logan explains on the site that his dad taught him “how to build cabinets, and in my opinion is the best at it. Everything else (welding, sewing, plaster, etc) I’ve learned on my own, by just going for it.” DIY at its best.

It’s easy to get lost in One Forty Three. Logan takes good photos of everything from the swing lamps he recently made to the Geodesic Dome Dollhouse he’s been working on and his documentation of each process is inspiring. While Logan doesn’t necessarily provide how-tos in the strictest sense he does reveal how he makes each piece in detail without overwhelming the reader. One Forty Three is the perfect read for those of you who checked the home-improvement box on the New Year’s Resolution form.