Elise Pelletier, the Art Teacher With Treasures Aplenty


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It is rare to catch Elise Pelletier standing still.

It is rare to catch Elise Pelletier standing still.

It hasn’t been much of a summer break for art teacher Elise Pelletier. The Brooklyn public school teacher is packing up for a move to Maine in between designing stationary and wedding invitations for her side business Foreshadow Press. With the school season on the horizon, Elise is working on a couple new lines of cards and bags and sewing projects that she hopes to finish before the fall. We’ll be sad to lose this Pratt Institute alumni to New England, but luckily, we’ve can get an idea of her latest projects on her Krrb corner. Read on to find out what’s on the radar for this artistic sweetheart.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where do you currently live?
I grew up in Colorado and currently live in Brooklyn, New York. In less than a month I’ll be moving to Portland, Maine with my husband and our two pugs. I’ve been a high school art teacher for four years, and really enjoy the challenge of working with teenagers and showing them how to be creative. When I’m not making art and designing stationery, I’m running and riding my bike all over Brooklyn.

What is the most awesome thing in or about your neighborhood?
It’s diversity. Clinton Hill is a great neighborhood to live and work in. It has great restaurants, bars, beautiful architecture, and it’s close to many other great neighborhoods.

List the top 5 places you go locally to discover hidden treasures.
Brooklyn Flea, stoop sales, RePop, the Salvation Army Store on Classon/Quincy St. and Krrb!

Some of Elise's recent wedding projects for Foreshadow Press.

Some of Elise's recent wedding projects for Foreshadow Press.

Did you go to garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores as a kid?
I definitely did. I remember riding my bike around the neighborhood scoping out yard sales. My mom and I would always make it a weekend routine. It was when I lived in Austin, Texas that I became really obsessed with finding great vintage clothes, scoping out small-town flea markets, and estate sales for good finds. It’s a thrill to find a great dress or trinket.

How often do you go to garage sales, flea markets, etc.?
I don’t make it out to stoop sales/flea markets as much as I used to. I find a lot of great stuff online. Flea markets in NY are really overpriced. Anytime I’m travelling outside NYC, I make a point to stop at a few thrift stores or flea markets. The smaller the town the better, especially if they are off the beaten path.

Her two preferred options for getting around.

Her two preferred options for getting around.

Any personal tips you’d like to share?
Always go with your gut, unless it’s really expensive. If I like how something looks and/or it fits well, then I will most likely buy it.

What blogs (design and otherwise) do you read right now?
Design SpongeThe Jealous CuratorTomboy Style, 3191 Miles Apart, and For Me, For You

Are you a hoarder or a minimalist?
I have bouts of being a hoarder, but the older I get the more of a minimalist I become. After living in small apartments for a long time, you start to value space over stuff.

Handmade, this lightbox holds a special place in Elise's heart.

Handmade, this lightbox holds a special place in Elise's heart.

What is your most cherished handcrafted, secondhand, vintage, upcycled object you possess?
My light box that I use to make screens for screen printing.

Tell us the story behind it.
My dad is an amazing carpenter and he built me a very large and heavy light box that I use to create my screens. He also built a special bed frame, just so the light box could be stored underneath my bed when I moved to Brooklyn. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love that my dad was sweet enough to make it for me. I will have it forever.

Oh, any other plans for this summer?
Moving to Maine and swimming in the ocean!

Thanks Elise!

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  • Really love some of these finds. It takes a special person to have the patience and passion to visit estate sales!