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Krrb Meetups – Everywhere!

Krrb Meetups

Use the Internet to get off the Internet.

We’re hosting regular Meetups in our Brooklyn and Paris offices. Yay!

But please don’t let that stop you from starting your own Krrb Meetup! Get together with your neighbors for a swap of any kind, neighborhood sale or simply to meet other Krrb members and exchange ideas. Afterall, Krrb is about getting together with your friends, family and neighbors – locally and in-person.

Start or attend a meetup

Our mission is to create a fun, friendly and safe online venue that enables better and more personal face-to-face dealings between neighbors.

No other members in your area? Be a pioneer and host a meetup to promote the local use of Krrb. Getting the world to use Krrb—one neighborhood at a time—is our biggest challenge. We cannot do it without your help!

How it works

Start or attend a Meetup

Visit to see if there are any Krrb Meetup groups in your area. If so, join one! If not, feel free to create your own.

Start the conversation

Decide what kind of Meetup you’d like to host. Swaps are fun since many of us have clothes, music, movies, etc. that we’d like to get rid of in exchange for something ‘new-to-me’. Or maybe you’d like to gather your neighbors for a block sale? Or how about a cheap art party? Maybe even a craft sale at a local cafe? Click “Start The Conversation” on the Meetup page and put your idea in the details.

Spread the word

Invite your friends, family and neighbors. Using Facebook, Twitter or email, send them a link to your Meetup page and ask them to join the group and spread the word. Anyone can post comments and ideas on the event page, and help coordinate where and when to meet. Each time a comment is added, all of those members who have shown interest are notified.

Set a date and get a location

You don’t have to decide on a date and location right away because maybe someone in your group has an idea. You can do it at your home or maybe even at your favorite cafe, restaurant or bar – they’d love the business and might even offer a special deal for attendees.

Post to Krrb, offer free credits

Tell everyone to post their stuff to Krrb and share their corner on the Meetup page so everyone can see what they have – before the Meetup. Want to offer your attendees free credits? Get in touch and we’ll hook you up.


And don’t forget to take pictures so that we can feature your gathering on Facebook and our blog.

Sounds fun, right?

Meetup in Paris

Claire and Julia in post-Meetup glee after the latest Paris Meetup.

Want Krrb to sponsor your Meetup? Email us at and let’s chat!