Meet Vanessa of Thrift Core and Hear Five Reasons to Curbside Shop


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Van of Thrift Core.

Van of Thrift Core.

Vanessa writes, crafts, takes pictures, grows vegetables in her garden and befriends the world wide web in the utmost genuine and friendly of ways. In addition to her copy-writing job by day, she also has a booth at the Southern Crossing Antique Mall in Jacksonville, FL (go check her out!). On her blog, Thrift Core (you know, like “hard core”), she brings to light the people and treasures she comes across in her on- and offline travels.  Luckily, we were able to nab her for a quick guest appearance on the Krrb blog and if you treat her real nice-like, she just might come back! For a start, learn some basics on curbside shopping from a pro

5 reasons to curbside shop

Curbside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Curbside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Are you a curb shopping virgin? It’s time you branched out and embraced the art of curbside hunting. You’ll find home essentials, save money, and rescue helpless vintage treasure. Below I’ve listed 5 reasons why you need to curbside hunt.

1. You’ll Be Amazed by What You Find
People throw away mint condition items. Once you start hunting, it’s natural to be alarmed by the amount of perfectly fine clothes, furniture, vintage knick knacks, and even valuable electronics you’ll find in the proverbial trash heaps.

2. Giving Items a Second Chance
There’s a feel-good green element to recycling trash. You’re saving valuable items from the landfill, and you’re literally giving groovy finds a second chance at life.

Thrifted and curbside finds

Thrifted and curbside finds.

3. You’ll Save Big Bucks
Try hunting college dumpsters and curbsides between semesters to find perfectly good cast-off furniture from students who couldn’t take items with them. Hunt around upscale apartment complexes and you may find high-end items renters didn’t bother to bring with them when they had to move. You’ll save big bucks on pricey home essentials when you curbside hunt.

4. Vintage Treasure Galore
I’ve found amazing vintage goods discarded on curbsides. It sounds insane in our second-hand-loving universe, but many people don’t like “old” stuff. They’re always out for the newer and “better”. That’s fine. We’re here to swoop in and collect their trashed vintage and give it the home it deserves!

Various books, all dumpster finds

Various books, all dumpster finds.

5. It’s Easy
You don’t have to go out of your way to curbside hunt. Take a walk around your neighborhood near trash day. Pull over when you see a particularly beguiling pile of trash while driving. You won’t find something you can use every time, but if you make it a habit you can save money and find amazing items in the long run.

There’s no reason for you to delay. Get out there and hunt for free treasures. And share the wealth by sharing and sourcing Krrbside find too!

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All photos courtesy of Vanessa of Thrift Core

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  • Diana

    Scavenger tip: lots of communities have spring clean-up days, aka put your stuff on the curb, and for one day the city will haul it away for free. Intervention possibilities if you look up the dates on your municipal calendar.

  • Ha, yes @photojenic! Following the trash days and especially those days where you’re able to put oversized stuff out are classic ways of getting the goods!

  • Photojenic

    Great post! I’d like to start curbside thrifting, but most of the homes in my town have alleys making it harder to figure out trash days. I may have to do some trash-day sleuthing. :)