Map of the Day — Worldwide View of Recycled Waste


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Graphic: Produced by the SASI group (Sheffield) and Mark Newman

In 10 years, we've become wiser to what's waste or not. Graphic: Produced by the SASI group (Sheffield) and Mark Newman

Each day over the next two weeks we’ll be posting maps that have caught our eye. You know, from charting David Foster Wallace’s characters in Infinite Jest to tracking food trucks in San Francisco, these maps will have you exploring.

Today’s map shows a world view of how much waste produced was actually recycled in 2002. At the time, the United States ranked seventh, recycling only 212 kilogrammes of waste per person per year. In the past decade, finding new ways to use trash and extending the lifespan of goods has become more mainstream. True to the Krrb way, we welcome a secondhand world.


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