Map of the Day — One-Eyed Willie’s Fortune, By Way of The Goonies

Map from the cult classic Goonies.

Map from the cult classic Goonies.

Each day over the next two weeks we’ll be posting maps that have caught our eye. You know, from charting David Foster Wallace’s characters in Infinite Jest to tracking food trucks in San Francisco, these maps will have you exploring.

Watching the 1985 cult classic  The Goonies is a return to childhood for many. It’s no surprise this adventurous tale of finding the fortune of pirate One-Eyed Willie remains popular. The center story about growing up and friendship is a relatable one as is the child’s like wonder and urge for adventure. If  the movie continues to be as much a part of your adolescence as ours, you can now get your own replicas of the chart because Goonies never say die.


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